Love As Your Launchpad: Take Your Power Back Now, Overcome Fear & Thrive


Love As Your Launchpad

Take Your Power Back Now, Overcome Fear & Thrive

In a time of uncertainty and chaos, LOVE will guide you, it is the only thing that is real. For the last decade I have worked with women birthing their businesses in the online expert coaching realm.

They come to me because they have a story to tell, wisdom to
share, light to bring forth, and just don't know how to get it out into the world. Some women are tired of working in a JOB that they no longer connect with or feel passionate about.

They struggle with HOW...

How to get started, how to frame their messaging, how to put their program together—but more than anything else they struggle with being seen and heard. They struggle with that fear of putting themselves out in the world in a whole new way to share a whole new light. They struggle with owning their value, and how to birth this BIG vision they've always felt deep inside their hearts to be true but simply don't know how to bring it into fruition.

I know I was terrified of my purpose when I first started out, but I AM showing up! With this novel Coronavirus, schools closing, people not allowed to go to work, people being told to stay home, people in a panic about money… I see things very differently. Yes the world is changing—and for the better. YOU will be better than just alright! This is a time of great awakening for human consciousness.

Use the resources you HAVE to share your truth. We’ve been given an incredible tool—THE INTERNET! You can work from home. It’s time for you to reclaim your value emotionally and financially. There has NEVER been a BETTER time for you to use love as your launchpad and start your online coaching business to share truth, light and inspiration with the world.

The world needs you right now more than ever to show up and LEAD WITH LOVE!!! I AM here to help you get crystal clear on how take your power back now, overcome fear, and THRIVE! 

At Take Your Power Back Now we empower women to reclaim their feminine power of creation, dissolve the anguish, fear and pain of separation from self.



Vanessa Simpkins is a love leader—empowering women to Take Their Power Back Now, overcome fear, and thrive in changing
uncertain times. She stirs in humanity a global awakening, calling women to step into their divine creative essence and teaches how to ignite prosperity!

Featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television for her best-selling books “Take Your Power Back Now” and “From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops”, Vanessa believes every woman has a story to tell, wisdom to share, and light to bring forth into the world. It is her absolute delight and humble blessing to support women in love, expansion, and freedom.

In the Love As Your Launchpad Mini Course you will get:

This brand new program, inspired by current events and the need to help woman stand up and claim their power, I have put together 3 Power Packed Modules

Module 1 E-BOOK

My #1 Best Selling Book, Take Your Power Back Now, A Woman’s Ultimate Guide To Confidence. Get the E-Book version and read it right away!

Module 2

Heal Your Inner Child Training Audio's, Meditation And WorkSheet

If you find yourself pushing and forcing your way through life, exhausted, unfulfilled, overworked, doing everything for everyone else with little time, space and energy for YOU, if you feel constantly like life is a battle, unseen and unheard—your needs never being met... tune into this work it will be the greatest healing you can imagine!

“The decision to resist or lean in requires the same amount of effort”

Module 3

How to Reprogram Your Limiting Beliefs & Manifest Your Highest JOY (LIVE Coaching Example Included!)

This is an in-depth video to support you in awakening to discover the OLD stories hidden in your subconscious mind and a step-by-step system for reclaiming the power of your MIND. POWER to create your highest joy! Gooooood stuff!

Also includes a live coaching example of me walking a brave and courageous soul through this process and dissolving the distortion to return to love, return to peace, return to JOY! You can ALL do this!

The time is NOW! The world needs you to RISE as the love leader that you are!


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