Dial in Your Sales Attraction System, Your Rad Offer, Course Or Next Million Dollar Movement! 

Millionaire In the Making Workshop With Vanessa Simpkins 

FAST path to cash flow steps specifically for you in your business ... I've helped THOUSANDS of women just like you skyrocket their confidence & cash flow with ALIGNED messaging & SIMPLE sales attraction systems.

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"But the funnels, social media and all the options OMG so overwhelming!"


You know you're great at what you DO and have rad information, healing skills and FEEL this huge PURPOSE knocking on your heart that really transforms lives ... it's the MESSAGING & LANGUAGING of your CORE offer the marketing and putting yourself out there that has you stumped... 


You've GOT loads of mad skills you could put into a DIGITAL course... but how to put it together and SELL the thing has you pulling your hair out.


You're DONE with the dang resistance, and getting in your own way, done with the learning without earning your FULL potential, DONE with the visibility blocks.... YOU JUST need some expert advice & guidance on how to go about languaging and CRAFTING a program offer & marketing that FEELS aligned and will actually convert into SALES. 


You're overwhelmed with all the possibilities online to market yourself and ready to work with someone who's been there done that and can take a look at where you are and JUST give you the next 3 action steps to see results you can take to the bank. 


You're constantly flip flopping with should I run paid ads, should I do social media for traffic... what's the BEST simplest way to market my services & digital courses & programs?


You don't want a 6 month coaching program you're ready for RESULTS TODAY and want to skyrocket your confidence & cash flow and enjoy more FREEDOM & ease in your business...


You understand the POWER of CLARITY in life & business and are ready for some LAZER coaching with an expert like me with 15 yrs experience coaching women JUST like you on how to breakthrough the resistance and make it rain sales!



I totally get it...

There are SO MANY ways to get the word out about your coaching business, courses, launch programs, masterminds ... write books, host live events and drive sales as a service provider.

I've had the privilege of sharing my GIFT of channeling marketing with thousands of women on the inside of my high ticket mastermind programs which generated over 12 million in sales in the last 15 years of being a digital marketing goddess :)

SOMETIMES ... you don't need a whole 6 month program you just need a FRESH perspective, some SOLID direction and guidance on the HOW & exactly what to do next.

I LOVE helping women strategize their fast path to cash flow and visibility strategy which leads to SALES.

I'm REALLY great at helping women START and launch themselves in the online world... wether it's a digital course, a purpose based movement, a mastermind program or retreat my marketing brain always sees money opportunities that are often times left on the table and helps you dial in your simple sales attraction system.

I can't help it my brain just works that way. It's made my clients MILLIONS!

It's a GIFT. I channel MILLIONAIRE movements ... I have been doing it for YEARS!

I love helping healers, mystics, coaches dial in their messaging & marketing to create rockstar results with their online biz because it allows them to work HOW & WHEN I want, with whom they want, and generating the income they want.

And now it's time for you to do the same because I truly believe you've got what it takes Goddess!

You've got what it takes Goddess ...

You just need the CLARITY on what to hit GO with & a simple road map & support to make it happen

Our 60 Minute Deep Dive Into Your Copy, Messaging, Marketing Together Will INCLUDE ...


An Audit of Your Funnels, Website Social Media: Show me ALL the things, bring all your ideas, drop your links have have me go over your webinar, your sales pages, your ideas, copy anything you've got going on or want to create and I will give you my 15+ year expert advice on the fastest way to bring it to market or DIAL it in so it converts better.


We will meet on ZOOM: We'll record your session so you can access all the IDEAS, strategies, channelled copy that will come through to help you grow your brand & your sales.



My Offer Bible Vault & Wealthy Coach Stories That Sell Training 

( $ 497 Value ) 


No more worrying whether or not your copy can convert and no need for expensive copyrighter. Exclusive access to THE OFFER BIBLE & Stories that sell training ...100 pages of my TOP converting social media POSTS, video ideas, canvas templates to make your posting effortless... thousands of my clients have used to generate sales from social media + the email scripts, copy conversion tips and sales psychology that’s made my clients STAND out online & SELL online with ease.


MINDSET & Manifesting Mastery

( $497 Value But REALLY ...Priceless!)


If you want to grow your income to $10,000 or $50,000 or more ( which MANY of my clients have done) you're going to need an overhaul on your WORTHINESS & deservingness ... you're going to need to stop letting FEAR, doubt, unworthiness, shame, and those mindset gremlins / limiting beliefs and stories from the PAST stop you from taking ALIGNED action as this next evolution of you bad ass business owner.

THIS COURSE is the secret sauce to reprograming your subconscious mind for success AND the reason so many of my clients have made MILLION dollar movements with their work.


What You'll Learn ... What We'll Work on Together

Phase 1

Craft & Language Your Offers & Core Marketing Messages 

  • The art of copywriting can make you millions, just saying. Words have power! 
  • Languaging and naming your offers, programs and courses they becomes a no brainer, people understand what they get when they enroll.
  • How to Price Your Offers
  • Put Vanessa's millionaire in the making rad channeling gift to work for you wether you are transitioning an offer, want to create one from scratch or get feedback on your marketing copy. Her clients have created millionaire MOVEMENTS by following her guidance and soul savvy simple marketing & sales strategies. 

Phase 2

Dial In & Create Your Simple Sales Attraction System & Funnel 

  • Get exclusive access to Vanessa's experience of helping every coach under the sun dial in a simple sales attraction strategy, she'll look at what you've got together and help you convert more sales from your funnels if you already have something going.  
  • Pick her brain on how to run coaching masterminds and group programs, creating digital course sales, retreat sales ... you name it... get your most pressing questions answered. 
  • Set up your social media to operate as a simple sales attraction system that converts into sales DAILY.
  • Free video, mini trainings & content to drive people into your DM's where all the sales happen! Sales has gone social after all. 

Phase 3

Fast Path To Cash Flow  

  • Get a fresh set of eyes on your TOP income producing activities to create a quick cash infusion in your business.
  • Don't leave mine on the table. Stay on track and in action with just the next 3 steps to take in YOUR business to generate sales.
  • Create a fully customizable marketing action plan together with Vanessa to take you from where you are at to where you want to go ... just the next 3 steps so you don't get overwhelmed and stay focussed like a fox to get it done and make it rain sales!

I'm a Firm Believer ...

You can create your life & business EXACTLY the way you want it to be!


More free time, more income and more fun transforming lives with your rad gifts, services & offers.


Get your business out there already in a BIG way.


You can live a FREEDOM lifestyle, rock your biz in a bikini  all day long if you want, work 3 days a week if you want and STILL impact your clients and transform lives in a soul fulfilling way.


I want to help you get there!


How It Works ...


  • As soon as you enroll, you can jump right in and get started on the Offer BIBLE & Wealthy Coach Stories that Sell, get your MINDSET ready for MILLIONS with the I AM A CONSCIOUS Creator course in the training vault... get your creative juices pumping with my rockstar canvas offer templates to make your social media effortless, and discover SIMPLE ways to begin getting the word out about your business. All content is waiting for you inside.


  • I’m ready to strap my tits on and get to work helping you get your COPY, funnels, marketing, sales attraction systems pumping! We'll work on whatever needs attention in your business during your 60 minute 1-1 exclusive MILLIONAIRE in the Making Session with me. 


  • If you want me to take a peak at your human design just pop in your details on the intake form so I can best guide you to a marketing model that will be ALIGNED w your strategy & authority and not burn you out! ( I am a sacral generator 4/1 cross of Ambition 54/53 & 42/32 Juxtoposition ... I bring heart to business, help you with SOLID foundations, create EXPLOSIVE growth and millionaire movements. I am a GIFTED networker... I play with left angles & right angles and enhance anybody I come into contact with. It's like having a wild card a JOKER in your hand at a poker game or card game. It's like having the winning ods stacked in your favor.)


  • After you check out you'll have the chance to select a time in my calendar for your exclusive 1-1 time with me and drop the links in that you want me to look at, audit want my feedback on on the form.  Get ready for CLARITY & a solid action plan, COPY for your business that we'll cook up together! 


  • You'll have the zoom link ready in your calendar and email sms reminders for our call time. Just show up ready to rock!

Real Results From Clients Who Invest in Working With Me & My Programs ...


Vanessa is tapped in tuned in and just helps you get the word out about your business. She's helped me charge thousands of dollars for my retreats that have already paid for her program ten fold!

"I have really expanded my business and taken it to a whole new level that I was shaking and trembling to move forward with.   

Vanessa has just been a wonderful guide she’s helped me start my private retreats and asking thousands of dollars that have already paid for her program ten fold. It’s just been incredible to work with her.
Vanessa is spot on with what you’re issues are, with there people who dance around it she just cuts to the chase and she’s very gentle though and loving in guiding you through your fears, and through your trepidations and clearing your beliefs that are standing in the way and she just walks you through it with a gentle guiding hand. 
She takes you by the hand and says you can do it - cheers you on, a great cheerleader, a great confidant and a great CHANNEL, for amazing inspirational guidance. She’s just tuned in, tapped in and gets this inspired message and just helps you get the word out there about who you are and what you’re here to do in the world and expand your business."
- Jeanne Marie Russell Owner of Dolphin Touch Wellness Center Kauai Hawaii 

So far this month we've closed $28,597 in business... and it's only the 7th of the month. EVERYTHING has changed!

"My whole business has completely changed, before working with Vanessa I was working 50 hours a week, too many one on ones, launching every month I was earning good money but to the expense of my sanity. I hated my business and I hated my life.

I was in a miserable marriage I mean everything has changed. Everything has changed for me EVERYTHING.
So far this month we've closed $28,597 in business ( and it's only the 7th of the month). Oh and I've been on vacation with my kids.... going for 60k this month."
- Erica,  Soul Biz Coach

I've earned 30k per month after doing your programs and

I can't thank you enough!


"The support that I receive in the program and surrounding yourself with other high vibe women, feeding your brain that this is normal is so important.

I did so much inner work but never replaced  something in there after all the inner work.
Now the price of my mastermind is doubling! 
I've earned 30k per month after doing your programs and I can't thank you enough. 
Even my husband is blown away at the changes he's seen in me. He's always believed in me. 
We have 3 young kids and doing this work I am able to work from home. I can't thank you enough!"
- Tanza Mystic Mama, Biz Coach

I am now hosting my own television show and interviews on ABC television ... without attending your program seriously I would not do what I am doing now...

I just wanted to thank you for teaching us all that we can all be successful. 

Without attending your program seriously I would not do what I am now doing. It is so life changing, I hope you keep going and keep doing what you do! We love you Vanessa.
I am now hosting my own television show and interviews on ABC television, launched my brand in a big way and empowering my clients to be visible with their own books and speaking events.
Nim - Influencer, Television Host, Speaker, Author and former Yoga Instructor

Everyday coaches are turning their GIFTS and SKILLS into high ticket programs, online digital courses and making it RAIN Sales ...




Don't let overwhelm, a lack of clarity or DOUBT rob you from the most fulfilling, fun & freedom lifestyle biz around. I want to help you dial it all in so you never wonder where you next sales is going to come from ever again.

I love to connect my clients with rad people, systems and sales... the confidence & cash flow strategies to turn your big dreams and movements into reality!


Let's go Goddess!


Who is Vanessa Simpkins?


Vanessa is the founder of Take Your Power Back Now a 7 figure women's empowerment company and the name of her #1 best selling book - the book that launched a global movement sharing the story she never wanted to tell about healing from a toxic relationship, overcoming FEAR and THRIVING. 

Her work has been featured on FOX ABC CBS and NBC television & the huffington post as a spiritual business coach, skyrocket your confidence & cash flow expert. She’s known as the “Bikini Business Coach” for teaching women how to create a portable profitable online coaching businesses they can rock in their bikini if they want to.

Vanessa is as an intuitive healing artist helping healers, authors, coaches, and other women’s empowerment leaders breakthrough their inner resistance, visibility blocks, intimacy blocks, heal shame, and get the clarity, confidence & cash flow that comes from owning their value and getting their important work out into the world. 

She's passionate about letting love lead, embodying your feminine essence, healing trauma, and trusting the magic of new beginnings which leads to explosive & creative growth.