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The Art of Surrender

23 Mini lessons & Personal Stories About the Journey of Awakening, Surrendering to Creativity & Feminine Expression... Your Souls Ascension Journey.

A mini course like buffet of radical awakening ideas, practices, links and personal stories about the Art of Surrender, Ascension, Awakening to the Next Evolution of YOU. My journey of awakening has been a magic carpet ride... and brought about by pain, greif, loss, heartbreak, death, endings ... such as awakening happens it doesn't come about because there's northing good to watch on Netflix lol.

There are many many roads to Rome but the truth is the truth. How you get there, no good or bad right or wrong ways.

My invitation & intention in creating this mini course is to open up those ways for you to explore the journey of ascension and your SOUL expression, healing and awakening.

My journey had it's expression in very different formats dance, photography and artistic expression.

That was radical for me to digest. And trauma must come OUT of the body. This is my stab at trying to put language and format and words to an experience that is beyond words.

This is a 23 mini lesson, audio's, some video's lots of stories about the various pathways I explored on this journey of awakening consciousness and expansion of intuition, art and expression, healing. It is a real and raw capture of the messy journey of awakening. 

I've always believed sharing your truth with love is the way to unshackle yourself from past shame, failure, perceived failure, trauma, and move through pain, loss, greif to healing.

This time around it didn't want to come out in a course or a podcast or a movement it wanted to express itself through embodiment, art, dance, photography and SURRENDERING to these new forms of expression was a holy war battle inside me. 

This is an invitation for YOU to explore this next evolution of you birthing & emerging ....


What People Are Saying:

I have had profound openings through listening to these vulnerable shares & the reflections it has provided me. Vanessa's work has always brought a lot of deep personal transformation which has lead to me feeling not so alone and more FREE. Free in my expression, more willing to share & be seen as the transformational leader that I am. At the core all of our work is creative self expression. Thank you you for your willingness to be real & raw & messy ... showing us we can all be imperfect and valuable & relevant.

Helena Das

I am so proud that I have just continued forward trusting that things would eventually come together. They are coming together now indeed and I am shining my light and it feels natural and wonderful. #gratefulheart THANK YOU! She also models a different way to show up in the world, is vulnerable and courageous in sharing the growth that she too is going through as she works through her own wounds and healing right along side of everyone else...I feel like she’s extending a hand and lifting others up who are ready to move forward while she continues her quest forward. She shares value and information freely and generously and I'm grateful that our paths have crossed. Thank you Vanessa! xo, Sherri-Lyn

Sherri-Lyn Shaw