Online Sales Attraction System For Coaches

Discover a Simple 3-Step Client-Attraction Formula We Teach Our Clients to Generate 5-Figures per Month!

EVEN if you're not a computer whizz or have a big fancy website


Do any of these “internal scripts” sound familiar?

“I’m not ready to start coaching”

“I’m not worthy enough.”

“Who am I to be fabulous and rich…”

Thoughts like these hold back - or even completely stop many women’s ability to become an impactful coach or successful entrepreneur.

But you know what? That doesn’t matter now. 

Because I’m about to show how my simple 3-Step client attraction system empowers coaches, professionals, and entrepreneurs of all types to effortlessly attract the clients they need… and manifest the life they desire from the inside out.

The system that took me on a wild journey from selling mops to owning a multi- million dollar women's empowerment coaching empire.

You see, a 6 or even 7 figure business doesn't need an award winning website...
It doesn’t need thousands of social media followers…
Or a 15 person team working behind the scenes on ads, sales funnels, and email campaigns.
So whether you’re just getting started, but don't know how or where to find your first client... 

Or they’ve been coaching for a while, but now want to scale and stop trading time for money…
Then my 3-Step Client Attraction System is the key to unlocking ultimate business success and a life of abundance.
Take Silvia for example:
Before working with me and using the 3-step system, Silvia felt stuck. Trapped in an endless cycle of busyness.
She sacrificed fun. Skipped meals. Neglected her health, self, and loved ones. 
Sound familiar? 
“I was tired all the time...had no energy and constantly worried about where the next sale would come from.”
But soon after implementing the 3-Step system...
Now Silvia spends more time connecting with her friends, cherishing her family and achieves even better results at work!
In her words...
“I am creating, fully aware and living now! I feel alive and excitement everyday at what will show up next!”
And she DIDN’T get to skyrocket her coaching biz by building a fancy website… hiring a marketing agency… or spending all day on Instagram…
She simply focused on my 3-step-system I’ll tell you about today, and the rest fell into place.
But Silvia is just one of hundreds of women the system has helped...
Consider Nina, a brand new coach who had no IDEA what her “angle” would be, or how to stand out from the crowd:
She didn’t even know WHAT she wanted to coach... 
But after working with me and applying the 3-step system...

Art Therapist and Reiki Practitioner Briana is another inspiring example of the women the 3-step system has helped.

Briana, was working long hours each day running her business, pumping out emails to build a list. She was frustrated and exhausted.
Problem was, she didn’t know how to stand out from the thousands of other coaches both on and offline. So, despite her grit and commitment... 
More often than not, she was barely covering her expenses.
But after working with me and following the 3-step system...
So you can see why I’m SO excited for the 3-step system to soon guide you and your business through an equally profound transformation. 
Excited because the 3-step system answered a key question for me, one that EVERY coach asks at some point..:

"How Can I Get Enough Clients To Go Full - Time as a Coach?"

You see, I’ve been where you are.

Passionate about helping others grow and achieve …to heal and feel fulfilled.

But unsure how to turn my passion into a sustainable business.

I followed countless online “Guru’s, who each told me something different.

Tony Robbins might need to bother with funnels, launches and joint ventures, but what about “normal” coaches? Isn't there a way to just get started simply.

But despite that, I had nowhere else to turn.

So before I knew it, I’d spent $26,000 on websites, books and marketing systems before I generated ANY sales in my “coaching business”.

Spending so much … with so little to show for it was distressing… but it led me to a key realization every current and aspirin coach should know …

A Great Coach is a Great sales person. A great coach is a great marketer, otherwise HOW are people going to find out about the epic transformation that you provide?

AND ... you don't need to mislead people!

This realization led to the easy to follow 3-step system I’m telling you about today.

The same system that allowed me to trade in my red shovel for a red bikini and leave the bitter Canadian winters behind and live my dream in Hawaii.

The system I created is not complex. It’s not fancy.

But with the 3-step system safety in hand, a successful coaching business and your first 4 figure client is almost certain.



50k Per month Results ( Video )

Sales attraction System Masterclass (Training )

Shooting Video on Your Mac or PC ( Video )

Shooting Video on Your Smartphone Simple Set up ( video ) 


BONUS COURSE: 30 day Video Challenge ( PRICELESS!) 6 Video Series 

✔️ Video 1: The 30 Day Video Challenge Thousands of My Clients Have Used to Generate Ridiculous Sales in Record time with 5 minutes a day shooting simple video’s from your iPhone or smartphone

✔️ Video #2: How to Choose Your Video Topics & Headlines includes Workbook PDF with TONS of prompts you can model & adapt to any audience

✔️ Video #3: How to Craft Your Video Content & Make Offers, Calls to Action Examples. What happens after yo hit GO on the video, introducing your topic, patterns interrupts, engaging stories, proven video formats & more!

✔️ Video #4: How to get more views to your video’s including where to post and share them and my $5 a day boosting strategy using paid ads.

✔️ Video #5: Mindset for success & starting your challenge

✔️ Video #6: Turn everyday experience into teaching opportunities. LIVE 1 hour coaching call recording on how to do this SOOOO POWERFUL!




✔️ Go through the training in as little as a few hours.

✔️ 3 modules, each with video training to watch and a worksheet to go through.

✔️ I'll also throw in a few free gifts revealed below...

✔️ 10 questions to hone in on your ideal client (hint: it's not always the person who can benefit most).

✔️ "Fill-in-the-blank" ad templates to shape your message and laser-target prospects on Social Media

✔️ How to present yourself and your brand. Answer the dreaded question, "What do I call myself?". 


✔️ How to design Social Media pages that attract our ideal audiences and tell them about our services.

✔️ 25 examples of video topics my clients and I always use in ur marketing. NEVER run out of things to say.

✔️ My battle-tested step-by-step, line-by-line video script you can use to make offers to your audience. Record, post, and watch the sales roll in.

✔️ Screenshots of my posts to give you inspiration and working examples to use in your business straight away.


✔️ Why our belief-system is the #1 thing holding us back from greatness.

✔️ How to reprogram your beliefs in minutes and make success almost automatic.

✔️ Reprogram your bellies workbook: an honest guide and questionnaire to dig out and transform your most painful beliefs and blocks.




If you're still on the fence ...

I get it, becoming a coach is a big decision and it's easy to let that little voice in your head get in the way... so I've decided to something to make this a complete NO brainer :

The Trainings & BONUSES Here in This Mini Course Are Hand Picked From Inside of My Coveted 10k in 30 Day Mastermind Program! 


 🎉 30 Day Video Challenge 🎉

✔️ ( Value $297 ) Included 

6 Part Training Course Including Step by Step Action Guides, Prompts, PDF's Workbooks, Headlines & Live Coaching Examples to Get You Views, Eyeballs & Engaging With Your Audience using Video to Generate SALES!!  



30- Day 100% No Questions Asked

Money Back Guarantee 

You Will Attract Your Ideal Clients and 10 x Your Visibility

I’m sure you’ll be utterly delighted with the Sales Attraction System for Coaches Online Training … like it has for hundreds of women from nearly al walks of life…

But if you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever in the next 30 days we will happily refund your money.

My ironclad, 100% satisfaction guarantee means you have absolutely nothing to lose.

That’s the only way I ever want to do business. It’s the way I wish other companies treated ME. No risk. No nonsense.




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