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Next Evolution of You Monthly Conversations

Wisdom, Radical Reinvention, Evolution of Consciousness, Deep Spiritual Transformation, Awakening, Ascension, Inner Peace & Freedom ... of YOUR SOULS expression.

For light workers, spiritual warriors, mystics and awakening women ... this is for you!

Join this rad community of awakened SOUL SISTERS...

2 Years ago I saw a Psychic here in Mount Shasta who told me I was going through an awakening...pffff whatever. I kind of just put it aside and continued on my research and diving into different topics trying to figure out just what the heck was going on with me.

I wasn't fueled by the things I used to LIVE for anymore. Like at all! Like the machine had a new gasoline a new type of fuel. RADICAL reinvention time.

It was a process of of burning down the old and making way for the new. 

I am a visionary & channel. I am an intuitive healer, mystic and artist with consciousness, expansion & awakening.

Let's be HONEST... Awakening is jarring.

It happens not because there's nothing good to watch on Netflix. It happens through DESPAIR...  it happens through enduring grief, loss, death, PAIN, suffering and the only thing you can do is surrender to your SOUL to consciousness in it's full expansive awakening.

Ahhh the ART of Surrender ....letting go...it can be terrifying in the unknown. The separation ... the EGO's old identity. Gone. You trade it in for you SOUL... and this NEW creative expression this Next Evolution of YOU.

19 Major Signs You're Going Through a DEEP Spiritual Awakening ( Pinterest post)

The peace, serenity, love, abundance, connection, depth.... TRUST FAITH presence on the other side of all the pain and grief and suffering .... it's something to celebrate and also requires YOU to create space for... so let this be this safe space community.

I will also be inviting some of my friends and colleagues for impromptu conversations and workshops. I will host the space space container & conversations but this is not like follow the leader... we are ALL leaders in this community. My friends and colleagues I am SO dang grateful for I consider them ascended masters in their field, and I want to share their wisdom, healing and transformation with you BAD ASS & awakened loving people.


What you'll get:


  • Twice monthly calls with me around topics of interest. Mystical journey, Symbolism in every day life, Power Animals, North & South Node Astrology for Your Karmic Destiny & Purpose, Dream Analysis, Individuation, Art as a Healing Technology of Self Expression, Unlock your body's innate WISDOM & so much more.

  • We meet every first and third WEDNESDAY of the month at 11am PST.
  • Interviews with my colleagues, special trainings, ceremonies, rituals, online workshops.

  • Follow the pulse on my latest research & channeling. 

  • Rad community of like minded soul sisters to network and collaborate with.

  • Deepen your intuitive, creative capacities, understanding, self love, care, grace, and kindness for yourself and your reflections as you awaken.

  • Special discounts on cool offers I put out like the Goddess Gateway Personal Retreats happening here in Mount Shasta in my home.



The ART Of Surrender


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