Get The Exact System We Used To Empower Over 1500 Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs to Skyrocket Their Confidence & Cash Flow In Their Portable Profitable Coaching Biz That Generated 10k in 30 Days ( and MANY for the first time ) ...

Plus The Ultimate Mindset Mastery "I AM A Conscious Creator" process that allowed my students to Take Your Power Back NOW Overcome FEAR & THRIVE! OWN your value, breakthrough stubborn visibility blocks & enroll clients like a BOSS! 

Watch My Free "How We Did It" Video + See How This Has Worked For Other People Too

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This is for you if you want to exit the "rat race", be self-sufficient, perhaps live ANYWHERE in the world with your laptop lifestyle.

To live more in alignment with nature, design & create a life & business you LOVE on your own terms.

And to skyrocket your confidence & cash flow as a highly paid coach / influencer / speaker / online course creator and give your boss the pink slip! HA!

Or to live really live your GOD given purpose and launch a GLOBAL MOVEMENT like a I did and many of clients have.

To build your legacy and leave an empire.

Some of my students have their on ABC television shows, run a top 3% podcast and own their own publishing company now.

Over 2 billion people are doing this right now around the world, becoming influencers, entrepreneurs, offering coaching consulting, speaking, spiritual awakening … the world really NEEDS your services right now more than ever!

We offer step-by-step guides, an online community, time tested & proven results oriented trainings, a RAD course to help you take your power back NOW, overcome Fear & THRIVE.

STEP 1: Get Your FREE "How We Did It" Video Instantly + Claim Your Free Gift Before It Ends

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1. Get A Free Video With Actionable Info On How We Did This (No Time Wasting)

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Many of my students & clients like Cyndi started out NEVER having sold high ticket coaching consulting before in their life!

Erica hated her business, working too hard, so she completely REVAMPED the whole dang thing from scratch and enjoys $70,000 months now with less work and more FREEDOM to enjoy being a mom to her two kiddos.

This program changes lives.

This Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Program Was Born Because Of Broken & Incomplete Systems...

Because most courses teach you mindset, they focus on JUST THAT, or marketing take another program on marketing & social media over there, systems & funnels in another course, sales yet another program, speaking take another high end mastermind program, manifesting take another course…. I mean it when I say I was $26,000 in DEBT taking course after course after course trying to figure out how to make my coaching business generate a profit!

All the dang GURU’s have THE BEST system. Pffff 

I created a mastermind program that wrapped everything into ONE…. It was SO successful I ran it FOR A DEACDE!

My clients I can’t even COUNT how millions of dollars they've generated in their businesses. I’ve also had the privilege & blessing of watching their continuous growth & success over 15 yrs after applying the mindset mastery I teach, A MUST for every entrepreneur looking to DO SOMETHING NEW they’ve never done before!

I created this program to teach women how to take their power back NOW overcome FEAR & THRIVE so they could be a choice in relationship and not stay in lousy toxic relationships ( like I had) because of fear & money because that’s why they stay, or in lousy JOBS that just aren’t fulfilling their God given purpose ( did that for WAY too long too!)

Imagine ACTUALLY having a lap top lifestyle and not EVER having to sit in traffic, or go to work for someone else EVER again!

Imagine creating your own income, working from anywhere in the world and actually helping people transform their lives!

And when I figured out how to generate an income sharing my story, I moved from Canada to Hawaii and became ‚ÄúThe Bikini Business Coach‚ÄĚ teaching other spiritual women entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches and healers other mystics and women‚Äôs empowerment leaders how to create a life & business they love on their own terms!

Imagine no more settling for someone SELLING you on the value of your time?!

Imagine taking your kids on a RAD all expenses paid luxury vacation for MONTH just because you CAN! And spending more quality time with the people you love, doing the things you love!

Or buying your dream home as a single mom or on your own like MANY of my clients & students have.

Having a sales attraction system bringing you leads & clients ONLINE all day everyday, automated sales attraction machines bringing you leads & sales ALL DAY LONG!

That’s living the dream lovers. I believe every woman can create this for herself and hr family if she so choses to. And I believe EVERY woman should make her own money!

I created the skyrocket your confidence & cash flow programs throughout the years as mastermind programs teaching women the INNER confidence & creative mindset mastery tools as well as the marketing & sales strategies to take their business EXPANSION and create serious prosperity, wealth & abundance.

That's why I show you how we did it and what we've learned, with actionable systems and step-by-step guides.

The same knowledge that over 1500 other clients are using to achieve this.

We have clients who bought tons of high end courses and NEVER made a stinking sales before joining my program, in debt up to their eyeballs and then generate $24,000 in sales their first month. 

I should let you know that I started this journey with no credit, practically no money after declaring a bankruptcy in 2006.

So if I can do it, if so many others are doing it, so can you. How? That's what I'll tell you on this page and in the free video on step 2.

I wrote a book sharing a story I NEVER wanted to tell and it launched a global women’s empowerment movement and got my work featured on FOX, ABC, NBC & CBS television.

That Take Your Power Back NOW BOOK & BRAND went on to generate over 12 MILLION dollars in online sales … me a little bankrupt girl from Canada moves to Hawaii & launches global movement, with spelling mistakes in my book and broken links on my website :) HA!

Another example my client Nim a yoga teacher working her AS* off earning $25 an hour running all over the place teaching 5 classes a day at various gyms, no time and no energy left to make dinner for her kids, packages up her services, got her mindset & marketing on RIGHT and generated $15,000 in sales in 8 weeks. Now she runs her own live events & owns a publishing company!

Or My client Vanessa ( same name as me) who decided to invest in my program instead of going to College at  ...I can’t remember 19 or 21 yrs old … bought a dream property, skyrocketed her income, started generating passive income, started doing retreats, got invited to partner with all kinds of rad people and opportunities. Good thing it didn’t take her 7 years of schooling!

All in her 1st year.

Your life can change in under a year and this course will show you how.

How ordinary folks can have a truly extraordinary impact, while living a life that feels aligned to you.

How to get it to pay for itself so you don't need to wait 10 years of working a day job. 

It is absolutely necessary to have real world examples that are working right now (not a bunch of YouTube videos).

Real action-oriented guidance gathered from experience is what we provide. 

Here's What You'll Learn In This Program

Learn the step-by-step strategies to master your mindset, create BIG breakthroughs with your  business & skyrocket your confidence & cash flow living your God given purpose like THOUSANDS of my students have in the easiest, fastest timeframe possible.

1.  Master Your Mindset & Pave the Way For Radical Abundance & Prosperity To FLOW


  How to Hunt Out the Limiting Beliefs & "Gremlins" of The Mind & Reprogram Your Subconscious With Your NOW Vision for Success.

  POWERFUL Meditations to BECOME bigger than your EGO so you can bypass all it's shenanigans as well as specific meditations to call in clients and CASH FLOW ... it works like gangbusters!

 How to ACCESS and impregnate your new beliefs in the "oneness field". Meditation 

 How to breakthrough your internal resistance to HAVING more, more money, more visibility, more peace, pleasure, RECEIVE more and feel SAFE to do so :)

 How to use your mind instead of IT USING YOU.

 How to uncover what's currently inside your subconscious programming and uproot it for good like a dang weed so you can grow beautiful OUTRAGEOUSLY stunning flowers in your garden!

  Real live coaching examples of me walking my students through the process you can watch and follow along

  The I AM A CONSCIOUS Creator QUESTIONS... specific process for FINDING what is actually stopping you from HAVING all of the goals you set PDF & video trainings.

2. Create Unshakable Confidence & Integrity With Yourself And In Your Ability to Learn New Skills, Apply Them, Expand & Prosper 

"Heal Your Energy Leaks" Process

 THIS is the process to show you EXACTLY how to KICKSTART your confidence so YOU FEEL like a freaking Rockstar everyday! Before you begin REFLECTING correctly in the 3D world you first have to have confidence in yourself. You gotta feel REALLY REALLY good about yourself. That's the trick. 

¬†‚ÄčDiscover how to clear disappointment ENERGY to make space for HIGHER frequencies and to FEEL REALLY REALLY GOOD ... slather the topic of MONEY with good FEELINGS!

 In this course I'll show you how to re-build confidence and integrity with yourself quickly so you can get to the manifesting more of your hearts desires and big goals faster than you thought possible.

#3 Discover How to Package & Language Your Offers in A Way People Want to BUY


 What people actually BUY Discover the 10 things people actually want to buy and align your offers with THAT! ( stop struggling with this marketing piece ).

 "Own Your Value & Charge What You Are Worth .... coaches struggle with this one BIG time because you are not selling a house or a car or a couch you are selling YOU!

  Create Your Signature Program that is irresistible to your ideal clients.

 Price your programs, get crystal clear on WHO your ideal clients are and WHAT you're actually offering them. Clarity = POWER!

  Enroll your first 3-5 high ticket coaching clients then transition out off one on one coaching and fill a mastermind group, sell one to many instead of one on one if you want to.

 How to FEEL really really GREAT about what you're offering so this comes across NATURALLY in all of your marketing & sales strategies and people literally THROW money at you!

#4 Build Your Simple Sales Attraction System & Create Consistent SALES, Fill Your Programs, Masterminds & Retreats & Courses

 Dive into one of my 3 RAD business building courses and set in motion my "FAST PATH to CASH FLOW RECIPE" 3 courses you get to chose from as a SPECIAL BONUS from my 10k in 30 Day Mastermind.

 Discover the simplest way to begin being visible, delivering value & making offers on social media & generate SALES. Proven templates, worksheets, and bluerprints, swipe files and processes to up-level your marketing & sales skills.

  Build our sales attraction system & turn leads into sales everyday! Even if you've never made a high ticket sale before for your coaching business, no website  no problem, even if you don't have a website. You don't need one, what you need is the right system, and the right offer to the right audience.

  Discover how to CREATE your offer, own your value, price your services in a way that really benefits your clients AND honors your expertise. You'll discover how to AUTHENTICALLY brand and  promote & sell your services in a way that FEELS amazing & true to you!

 What people actually BUY so you can "Own Your Value & Charge What You Are Worth .... coaches struggle with this one BIG time because you are not selling a house or a car or a couch yo are selling YOU!

 My "Sales As a Spiritual Practice" and "Soul Savvy Sales Training" to help you get your mindset on straight about making offers & actually helping people with real TRANSFORMATION.

#5 Bust Through Stubborn RESISTANCE, Self Doubt, Anxiety, Fear & Dissapointment With This POWERFUL Breakthrough Technique 

 Learn how to release the dense and low vibrating emotions like fear, grief, anger, jealousy, SHAME and turn the power of LOVE onto any emotion, story, past experience that's still lingering causing havoc and less than desirable THINGS to show up in your world.

¬†‚ÄčPave New NEURO pathways NEW beliefs by Getting CRYSTAL CLEAR on how you Want to FEEL about Your Biz/ Love life / Insert Area of Your Life Here in this Step by Step Proven System ... and KNOCK out Your RESISTANCE to HAVING IT NOW!¬†

 How to NOT bypass the ugly lousy crappy feelings but how to identify them and lovingly LET THEM GO... alchemyze them, transmute them into LOVE so they don't clog up your energetic system with heavy dense vibrations.

  2 x 90 Minute + not 1 but 2 of my ALL time favorite meditations to listen and follow along and practice this FABULOUS inner breakthrough technique.

 How to TAP IN & Open up to the power of LOVE on REPEAT. Listen THIS IS the POWER lovers and it lives inside you ( everyone CAN learn how to do this ) and doing this on repeat ... you BECOME an unstoppable force of nature. Game changer right here!

#6 My Personal Morning & Night Time Proven Manifesting & Productivity Rituals For Busy Women Who Want to Keep IT SIMPLE! ( SOLID GOLD)

  Exactly what I DO each day... in the morning & night to program my subconscious mind & set my frequency, before I even get out of bed.

  Specific writing, planning, and productivity SCRIPTS & worksheets I do EACH week to cross shit off my list like a fucking BOSS. Serioulsy these simple processes applied will have you hit ALL of your goals in record time!

  Discover THE habit and the HOW to infuse your MIND with possibility instead of worry or fear or pain and suffering. Wealth & abundance are also habits I discovered and I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to wield your power as a conscious creator by MASTERING this habit! 

 THE exact 3 step process to get your subconscious mind to  ACCEPT without resistance whatever you put in .... ( HINT it ONLY gets programmed in 3 very specific ways ) I go into depth here with you lovers and show you ALL my tricks.

 It's SAFE for me to BE RICH - meditation.

 Inspirational real life stories that will blow your socks off! They certainly DEFY "reality".  I went from a bankrupt girl in Canada to selling mops to multi millionaire women's empowerment leader. SOUL SISTER ...If I can do it... SO CAN YOU! I love empowering women to THRIVE and I've dialed it down to a rinse and repeat science!

 #7. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK NOW! Learn How to Use Your Mind Instead of it Using You!

 Every time you make a DECISION you Take Your Power Back NOW!

  How to use affirmations the RIGHT way and why some people have difficulty using affirmations & exactly what to do about it.

 Discover my simple 3 step process to achieving any goal you set ( I was on National Television FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC sharing these tips! )

 How to use STEP up affirmations, and WHY THIS WORKS SO WELL.

 A list and I mean over 40+ PAGES of my all time FAVORITE affirmations ( throughout the YEARS ) that you can model and use right away that are PROVEN ... time tested and proven, again and again to invite more money, miracles and opportunities to come flying in out of thin air and into your reality #MagicCarpetRideForLife

 "The 4 keys to your FERRARI"... the 4 affirmations that turn ON your mind so you can take your rockstar self out of the garage and enjoy a spin around the block!

 Solid Gold Applications, Trainings & HOW to Impregnate Your Subconscious For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Breakthrough Visibility Blocks. You could be the BEST kept secret in your industry but if nobody can see you - what good is it? 

#8 BONUSES: Community, Connection & Resources

 Connect with like minded awakening women on the inside of my Take Your Power Back NOW, Next Evolution of YOU community HUB for weekly inspiration calls to support your growth.

¬†‚ÄčAsk questions, attend live weekly Wednesday Q & A's via zoom, FREE for 30 days.¬†One of my FAVORITE things is holding safe space for women to get inspired and into action achieving their BIG audacious goals & dreams!

 Member only content & special bonuses like art as a healing technology challenges, Take Your Power Back Now HEALTH practices ( for parasite cleanses, keeping your channel and your BODY temple OPEN clean & clear), mindset & manifesting fun activations, ideas and rituals, productivity hacks, feminine leadership and whatever else I'm researching & applying in my life & business that WORKS! 

  Private Kajabi Community portal to connect n with other women who lead with love, network & share resources 

 Get inspired, stay active in your commitments to love, expansion & inner freedom

Here's What You Get n This Program...

  The Full Course: Everything Above & Our Step-By-Step Guides & Strategies We Used To...

  Empower over 1500 spiritual women entrepreneurs to generate 10k in 30 days & create their own portable profitable online coaching business ( MANY without having a website to start). 

  Master your mindset, become a conscious creator and achieve ANY GOAL you set!

  Get clear on your offers, audience and marketing strategy with proven templates thousands of our clients have used.

   Create your simple sales attraction systems online & offline and start being visible delivering value & making offers pekoe can say YES to!

   Authentic marketing that shares your story and ignights sales by sharing your expertise & vulnerability.

  Own your value & charge what you're worth! Leave the self doubt, resistance, fear and worry behind your won't need it! HA!

   My #1 courses students paid over $10,000 to access! 

  Instant access to the #1 Best Selling Book ( Ebook & Audio Version) Take Your Power Back Now The Ultimate Confidence Guide for Women

   30 Days of FREE community access & once a week live Q & A calls for inspiration, clarity, and confidence in my Take Your Power Back NOW, Next Evolution of You Radical Reinvention Spiritual community. Connect With Likeminded Women Taking Real Action And Get Support!

   Video Lessons And Instructions On how To Customize My Blueprints For Your Unique Business & Offers

   Actionable Strategies, Tips And Advice To Save Hundreds Of Thousands Of $$

   Optional Upgrades For In-Person Workshops or Masterminds, Personal Consulting, Our Pre-Filled Out Business & Sales Training, And my 15 + Years of RAD connections


Go to Step 2 for a Free video, Instant Access, & Join the Take Your Power Back Now Community With Sign Up

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What Our Clients Have to say About Working With Us ... 

What Else Do We Offer? Make The Journey Easy & Fast


There is a huge knowledge gap and skills gap in the entrepreneur world with INFLUENCE, sales & marketing and spirituality.

How to set goals, INFLUENCE your subconscious mind, to surrender & OBEY your God given PURPOSE ( God's INFLUENCE expressed) and the INFLUENCE of marketing & sales attraction system part of the mission.

EVERY woman entrepreneur MUST get her mindset on right and LEARN how to become a conscious creator FIRST and foremost or nothing else works!

Don't let the self doubt and FEAR stop you from doing NEW THINGS like invest in building kick ASS funnels & sales attraction systems that actually WORK!

I AM addressing that by creating the Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow BUNDLE Course to give you the knowledge and skills you need to make this happen as easily and quickly as possible.

By taking this course (on Step #2 of this website) you're opening up access to this Wealth of knowledge and my personal help.

I’ve been empowering women and teaching mindset mastery, manifesting SALES & marketing, leadership, growth & spiritual expansion for over 15 yrs now.

Women had to invest over $10,000 to get access to my I AM A CONSCIOUS CREATOR course( included in the Skyrocket Bundle ) … until now.

The I AM A CONSCIOUS Creator Course is a prerequisite to the several other programs and services we offer, to make your prosperity journey as easy and fast as possible, and to help you enjoy the ride Rockstar!

You can take these additional programs with us: Soul Savvy Sales Training, The Next Evolution of YOU Radical Reinvention & Inner Alchemy Soul Expansion, The Soul Sister Mastermind.

(Note: You can join these at anytime after signing up for the Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Bundle These are available to members only.)

Take Your Power Back NOW: Next Evolution of You Community Calls | Gives You Personal Support & Inspiration

4 live video zoom calls per month with Vanessa where you get to learn from other peoples questions too and connect more deeply.

Safe space for women to EXPAND & GROW, get inspired & STAY inspired. Making sure you feel fired up and fabulous and apply the content you get access to while celebrating everyone’s success will motivate you in INCREDIBLE ways!

Get the community access for FREE for 30 days then $97 a month if you want to continue. The Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Course BUNDLE is priced as low as $137 payments or $397 upfront (regularly my clients and students paid upwards of $10,000 to access this content and any kind of live calls with me, but we're trying to make this affordable for everyone).

You get access immediately to the community live calls AFTER you sign up for the Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Course.

It is a prerequisite to the Take Your Power Back NOW: Next Evolution of You Community Calls.

Soul Savvy Sales Online Training Portal : Overcome Your Resistance to Sales & Selling

Sales IS after all the ART of transformation. It is. If you want to be a leader and actually help people and transform their lives, you need to learn how to sell. It's a skill everyone can learn.

 I decided to package up my BEST sales scripts, trainings on overcoming objections, sales as a spiritual practice, understanding what you are actually selling as well as live coaching calls, and sales call recordings throughout the years.

Brush up on your sales skills. I've taught more housewives how to become millionaires with this training only previously available to my mastermind member at $10,000 USD premium to access.

The Soul Savvy sales Training Portal is available for purchase as an add on after checkout for JUST $397. 

You're welcome.

Next Evolution of You Radical Reinvention Course

 In 2020 I divorced, started healing trauma, got sober and dove into shadow work & SURRENDERED to a whole new level of creative self expression.

I moved to this sacred mountain magical vortex of Mount Shasta California. A VERY mystical place and began reinventing my life, a new house, peace, big ass flower garden, even had chickens and crazy rooster for a minute.

Completely reinvented my life from the inside out. This is a course for you if you want to learn about human design, gene keys, astrology, dream analysis, alchemy, shamanism, healing and hear a very real and raw journey of redemption, radical rebirth and creative reinvention.

What happens when we lose our inspiration? Where does creativity come from?  What happens when our SOUL comes online in radical new ways?

All of the things I dove into on the journey of SOUL expansion, individuation of the psyche, ascension, mystical revelations, out of this world intuition, navigating the collective unconscious.

It's a beast of a course with 87 lessons, like a buffet you chose what you want to dive into an invitation to let your intuition guide you on a radical journey of DEEP meaning and profound expansion of consciousness.

This is my Take Your Power Back Now 7.0 course, welcome to the Next Evolution of YOU Radical Reinvention.

Pick it up as an add on at checkout for just $397. 


Soul Sister Mastermind: Get Inspired, Get The Clarity You Need & Get Into Action

I offer a high level mastermind which includes weekly zoom meetings, a private group and more in depth one on one attention with me on your mindset, funnels, creative expansion, feminine leadership, sales, alchemy & inner transformation.

 2 Levels.

SOUL SISTER GOLD: Option #1 is online group calls. Yearlong mastermind I give women the option to join in 90 day chunks. My goal is to give you the support you need to THRIVE!  

SOUL SISTER VIP: Option #2 includes 5 day personal and or group retreats with me at my house in Mount Shasta California. Much easier and faster and so much more enjoyable to get HANDS on support with your biz in a relaxed environment WITHOUT daily distractions.

I share my network with my tribe and often work on copywriting, offer creation, overcoming visibility blocks, re-designing business structures, kick ass funnels, starting from scratch hit your first 10k months and beyond!

This mastermind is for women who want more personalized help & support in launching their movement and growing their brand, sales, online presence and inner freedom.

More info available on pricing and availability on the inside of the community  after check out.

 "The Goddess Gateway" 5 Day in Person Retreats &  "Nail it & Scale it" Business Building Retreats

I LOVE transformation both the inner transformation of SELF, healing shame, body image & expressing your divine feminine beauty & unleashing creativity. Listen that's where are the best ideas & INSPIRATION & prosperity come from.. your creativity and for ME that happens in NATURE! )

I invite the members of my SOUL SITER mastermind to join 2 live in person retreats with me per year.

One is more focussed on creative self expression, healing, dance, embodiment "The Goddess Gateway" and the other is a straight up dial in your funnels, offers and sales attraction system immersion with me "Nail it & Scale It" Bikini Biz Coach style it basically means in a relaxed environment infused with the BEAUTY of nature while we work on your growth & expansion.

Transformation LIVE in person is something to experience. Big breakthroughs, inner alchemy, first class support in real time on dialing in your business systems, tech issues, sales pages, funnels, aligning your business brand. I mean some of my clients are still using the photo's they received from me & my photographers from like 8 years ago from attending a Soul Sister Mastermind! 

Retreats happen in Kauai Hawaii & Mount Shasta Northern California - two of my ABSOLUTE favorite spiritual vortexes and incredible NATURAL BEAUTY!

Chat about dates and options within the community after sign up!

‚Üí Click Here to go to Step #2

What People Say That Have Experienced Working With Me … Implementing My Mindset & Simple Sales Attraction Systems


Online and offline strategies work, but first you gotta get your MINDSET on right!

Create your dream business & lifestyle with more confidence & cash flow!

5 New High Paying Clients & 3 Referrals From Vanessa's Workshop Profit Secrets System!

"I just recently hosted my first full-day branding workshop for 50 entrepreneurs. What an incredible experience! In my preparations for the event I referred back to Vanessa’s Workshop Profit Secret System and applied some of her strategies. 

 I found it so helpful to have her secret formula on hand to help me structure my talk and my sales pitch. The results were amazing! I walked away with 5 new high-end clients and 3 referrals from attendees!  

The best part is that people told me it did not feel like a pushy sales pitch.

Thank you Vanessa for all your work in helping women entrepreneurs be more visible and get out of their comfort zones. Mentoring with you is what kick-started me and opened my eyes to the world of possibility. I’ve got big plans and I’ve only just started!"

Christine Joy Decarie

Branding Specialist / Graphic Designer

 My Dreams Came True!

"I was able to bring to life the Juicy Women’s Journey 1 day Womens Empowerment Event with Vanessa’s inner breakthrough work and soul savvy sales strategy’s!

It’s been a dream come true for me, to create real transformation and bring empowerment to women on a global scale.

We had over 140 women at the event and I’ve been asked to host it all over the country!

Hiring Vanessa was a HUGE turning point in my career and I am so grateful!"


Sharon Cohen

Naturopath, Women's Empowerment Leader & Speaker

Vanessa Simpson

Spiritual Transformation Coach

"Now after a year out of the program I have manifested a house with 5 acres of property for my company's retreats and my own joy.

I have manifested recurring revenue and clients that are incredible.
I have now been on several high end podcasts and hosted my first retreat... manifested the partner of my dreams and it doesn't stop there.
I am getting into my power more every day, your programs projected and quantum leaped me into the highest timelines. I truly wish I could have the words to thank you and your team for changing my life.
I would not be where I am today if I took that money and invested in college instead of joining your programs. Thank you for what you have created! "


Michelle Moore

Former Hairdresser Now Transformational Coach
"I gained clarity with the mindset which was phenomenal! I got clear on what I wanted and it came to me. 
I enrolled my first high paying clients at my highest price point ever $4500! 
I made offers and I have results. I NOW am charging what I feel I deserve which is amazing! THANK YOU!"


Trisha Condo

Spiritual Medium & Intuitive Coach 

"I was a teacher before working with you and your team. I made 24k in your 10k in 30 day program and quit my job!

I did all the lead generation courses, funnels courses, business building courses before working with you and none of it worked. I was told my all the Guru's my brand would never stand out.
I've created my intuitive mastermind program and built a team and generated 40k months in sales. 
Your programs are truly life changing I can't thank you and your team enough! "


Tanya Clark Marinelli

Women's Empowerment & Fitness

"After signing up with Vanessa and implementing a few things I literally went from owning thousands of dollars having my hydro electricity cut off … into making 10k in 30 days, freaking mind blowing! 

I’m making money in my business I get to be home with my kids, I get to be present with them, she teaches you exactly how to dodo that. 
I took my kids traveling, bought a new car I mean the results have been incredible. And one more important thing… Vanessa is really about collaboration not competition." 


Inner Transformation Coach

"My income more than doubled the month I joined your program. 

As a matter of fact I was so on fire after the first call I packaged up my services like you suggested and made 4 new high ticket sales within 24 hours JUST by offering it on social media to my exciting tribe. 
It was THAT FAST! "


Therapist & Coach

"I overcame my barriers to making offers and signed up 3 new clients! I doubled my income, it all happened very very fast it was phenomenal!

Your program has given me so much confidence!!!
One of those wonderful value packages you advise me to design - which I did … and before hand I would have never DARED asking for so much money in advance and actually they like it, and they are happy and they are willing to pay. 
Women out there really undersell themselves, it’s a really BIG issue and I’m a therapist and I know my value but even that made it difficult to ask for money. 
What I loved about your program is that you are this spiritual person, you totally understand the subconscious mind, but at the same time you are this business woman and its that combination which is wonderful."

 Tina Buchanan

Aging Care Specialist

"Rocking it in Nashville now, we have expanded and have an office set up here.
I'm on track to make my first million this year. 
Not without your powerful work, it changed my perspective on money and the world. Gratitude always."


 Founder of Mystic Mama & Biz Coach

"The support that I receive in the program and surrounding yourself with other high vibe women, feeding your brain that this is normal is so important.

I did so much inner work but never replaced  something in there after all the inner work.
Now the price of my mastermind is doubling! 
I've earned 30k per month after doing your programs and I can't thank you enough. 
Even my husband is blown away at the changes he's seen in me. He's always believed in me. 
We have 3 young kids and doing this work I am able to work from home. I can't thank you enough!"



Fitness Coach

Not only have I mastered the techniques to bring in leads like…making video’s and Facebook and social media, all that stuff that Vanessa teaches you, how to have sales calls and actually sign people up for my program. 
It’s been amazing! 
I now have a thriving coaching business. I definitely made my investment back 3 fold. 
This has been a truly life changing experience for me!


Vanessa Over-Delivered on Her Promise

"I'm a Soul Evolution Accelerator and have been leading transformational retreats for women for several years. I hired Vanessa because my own Spirit was calling me to serve at a higher and more personal level, but I didn't know how to do that. 
Before working with Vanessa, all the marketing methods thats worked well in the past, stopped working. 
And I needed an instant make-over that could up-level my sacred service and bring me a quick and consistent cash flow.
Following Vanessa's simple sales attraction system and savvy sales guidance, within a week I put out an offer to my tribe, booked 75 appointments and have a waiting list of 50 people who want to talk to me about my sevices! Wow!
Vanessa helped me breakthrough my aversion to sales and helped me realize that sales is really helping people breakthrough their fear of change.
Vanessa's challenge is 10K in 30 days, but my results have been DOUBLE that. 
Her sales training is called Skyrocket Your Confidence and Cashflow and that isa exactly what she does. 
Hiring Vanessa was the VERY best thing I have ever done for my business. Don't try and reinvent the wheel, I just follow Vanessa's recipe and you're sure to get results you will be happy with!"

Suzannah Kennedy

Soul Activation Coach

Who Is Vanessa Simpkins?

At 15 yrs old Vanessa was obsessed with late night infomercials, dreaming of what it would be like to travel the world and escape a highly dysfunctional alcoholic family.

One night she saw a commercial about ‚Äúfreedom 65‚ÄĚ and thought to herself, that‚Äôs ridiculous you could be in diapers at 65! Who the heck is going to wait until 65 to retire and THEN actually start living?!

She was told her dreams of becoming a model would never happen she was too tall.

She was told she should get a good job and JUST be thankful.

She took off teaching English in Japan at 20 yrs old by herself and spent 6 months living in Thailand in a $4 a night beach hut bungalow doing yoga before breakfast every morning for 3 hours with a guy that looked like Osama bin Laden. So much for getting a normal job.

While in Thailand Vanessa met a 26 yr old guy with a tiny smart phone, running an online business traveling the world with his friends and made a decision right then and there that SHE TOO was going to one have one of those, an online business that provides REAL freedom.

Vanessa got a job selling mops and lint removers and tested out her law of attraction studies, travelled across Canada in a camper trailer with $160 in her bank account and no credit and became the best sales person in that company. 

She published her first book from Bankrupt to $900 a day selling mops in 2010, spoke an a TED stage about it and later in 2014 published Take Your Power Back NOW: How to overcome FEAR & THRIVE… the book that launched a Multi million dollar women’s empowerment company about overcoming a toxic relationship, living your God given purpose & embodying your feminine leadership.

She’s been empowering women ever since to own their value & live their purpose, master their mindset, create sales attraction systems to get your work out into the world in a BIG way & skyrocket your Confidence & Cash Flow. 

These days you can find Vanessa in her garden in Mount Shasta Northern California growing gigantic dahlias ( semi-retired ‚Äúfreedom 45‚ÄĚ ) or out ripping down a mountain on her ski‚Äôs or doing epic photoshoots in exotic locations, sun tanning in Hawaii or making home made sourdough bread :)


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