Ways we Can Work & RISE Together...
It's your time to rise & shine lover! 
There are MANY ways to partner and rise together... work sounds so boring! 

We offer a full suite of programs... If you want to access our courses and work at your own pace or join a soul sister community with lots of support and accountability or get personalized mentoring .... we got you covered! 

Check out our offers to see what you like...

We work with Awakening Women:

- Coaches 

- Healers, Initiatives & Psychics

- Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs

- Authors, Speakers & Course Creators

- Women who are READY & RECEIVING overflow and are looking for creative inspiring solutions for business growth & the Next Evolution of YOU.

1-1 Personal Mentoring With vanessa
You're a total bad ass business babe, awakening woman who's looking to unfold into the next evolution of you in relationships, in business and live in alignment with your truth and still serve in a way that honors this Next Evolution of You. 

Join me on this magic carpet ride of reinvention!

Check out this video for more information about this 90 day private mentoring program with me. I have space for 6 women only.

10k in 30 days Digital Course
Now you too can have access to my signature program that has launched thousands of women to skyrocket their confidence and cash flow in record time!

Hit consistent 10+ months, get crystal clear on your high ticket coaching offers, heal your energy leaks, breakthrough your visibility blocks and set up your sales attraction system.

Many of our subscribers have been asking for strictly the DIGITAL course without the hefty price tag of our mastermind so here it is! 

Get instant access to the 10k in 30 day membership site. Do it at your own pace, get instant access to the course that thousands of women around the world have used have  to take their power back now and THRIVE!

This is only the digital course, not the mastermind or community component. So many women are using this offer as a launchpad to get ready in joining us in our 10k in 30 day soul sister mastermind. 

the 10k in 30 day Soul sister mastermind experience...
90 day high level support and accountability mastermind. You've been praying for guidance, mentorship and a tribe of experts and other soulful leaders and THIS IS IT!

Over 1400 women have taken this signature program and blown the roof off of there limitations! It's the ONLY program that combines DEEP healing and reprograming your subconscious with solid business building frameworks and a shit ton of support. 

Creating the next level of visibility, wealth and impact can be really really scary and you don't have to do it alone.

Work closely with me and my team to skyrocket your confidence and cash flow with the 10k in 30 day mastermind experience. 
embody your feminine essence dance retreats in Mount Shasta CA & Kauai Hawaii
If you know me WELL and are a dear friend and soul sister you KNOW I LOVE dancing.

You also know my French stripper name "Louise"... truth be told I believe dancing is the most fun and liberating way to heal our nervous system, release the past, move stuck energy and replace the gym! lol 

A night of sheer unbridled dancing can change your life, imagine what 5 days can do? 

I've had the blessing of living and working ANYWHERE in the world I want - FREEDOM and I seem to be attracted to HIGH VIBE places. I believe these natural vortexes aid us in birthing the new, shedding the old and embodying our divine feminine.
Synchronistically they are also close to volcanoes, have electric light and some of the most pristine natural beauty I have ever seen.

Come join the magic of sisterhood in luscious nature, nourishing food and relax and renew your soul. #NextEvolutionOfYou

I've been invited to collaborate with outstanding women to begin offering feminine embodies dance retreats in Mount Shasta CA and Kauai Hawaii.

Tap the button to learn more and get on the wait list!

Channeled Copy personalized session with Vanessa 
One of the GIFTS I truly enjoy sharing with my clients is channeling rad copy for their offers, their programs, angles for new video's, defining their niche and creating rad social media posts and email copy to get the word out about their amazing services.

Clarity is power in my books! When you get crystal clear on how to position yourself in the market place and align your core message so your audience can understand who you are and what you specialize in...your business takes off!

I'm offering a limited number of these so grab yours while you can!

I packaged my services and booked a client for $12,000, next time I’m going to double it!
- Valerie , Leadership Consultant
After signing up with Vanessa and implementing a few things I literally went from owning thousands of dollars having my hydro electricity cut off … into making 10k in 30 days, freaking mind blowing! 

I’m making money in my business I get to be home with my kids, I get to be present with them, she teaches you exactly how to dodo that. 

I took my kids traveling, bought a new car I mean the results have been incredible. And one more important thing… Vanessa is really about collaboration not competition. 
- Tanya, Empowering Women - Empowering Kids Mentor
Not only have I mastered the techniques to bring in leads like…making video’s and Facebook and social media, all that stuff that Vanessa teaches you, how to have sales calls and actually sign people up for my program. 

It’s been amazing! 

I now have a thriving coaching business. I definitely made my investment back 3 fold. 

This has been a truly life changing experience for me!
- Dara, Fitness & Empowerment Coach 
I hired Vanessa because I wanted a feminine embodied business woman who understood business building and funnels and all of that good stuff without the masculine hustle. And that's exactly what I got! My biggest month ever $73,000 ...
- Violet, Relationship Coach
$85,000 this month and I'm closing in on my dream home in Florida! It all started with your 10k in 30 day program. You Really do change lives!  
- Cindy , Travel & Biz Coach 
$26,000 this month while our skiing! How does it get any better than that! Thank you 
- Miranda, Business Coach
My whole business has completely changed, before working with you I was working 50 hours a week, too many one on ones, launching every month I was earning good money but to the expense of my sanity. I hated my business and I hated my life.

I was in a miserable marriage I mean everything has changed. Everything has changed for me EVERYTHING.

So far this month we've closed 28,597 in business ( and it's only the 7th of the month). Oh and I've been on vacation with my kids.... going for 60k this month.
- Erica, Soul Biz Coach
Now after a year out of the program I have manifested a house with 5 acres of property for my company's retreats and my own joy.

I have manifested recurring revenue and clients that are incredible.

I have now been on several high end podcasts and hosted my first retreat... manifested the partner of my dreams and it doesn't stop there.

I am getting into my power more every day, your programs projected and quantum leaped me into the highest timelines. I truly wish I could have the words to thank you and your team for changing my life.

I would not be where I am today if I took that money and invested in college instead of joining your programs. Thank you for what you have crested! 
- Vanessa, Soul Activator & Alignment Coach 
I just wanted to thank you for teaching us all that we can all be successful. 

Without attending your program seriously I would not do what I am now doing. It is so life changing, I hope you keep going and keep doing what you do! We love you Vanessa.

I am now hosting my own television show and interviews on ABC television, launched my brand in a big way and empowering my clients to be visible with their own books and speaking events.

- Nim, Former Yoga Teacher
Rocking it in Nashville now, we have expanded and have an office set up here.

I'm on track to make my first million this year. 

Not without your powerful work, it changed my perspective on money and the world. Gratitude always.

- Tina,  Assisted Care Consultant 
The support that I receive in the program and surrounding yourself with other high vibe women, feeding your brain that this is normal is so important.

I did so much inner work but never replaced  something in there after all the inner work.

Now the price of my mastermind is doubling! 

I've earned 30k per month after doing your programs and I can't thank you enough. 

Even my husband is blown away at the changes he's seen in me. He's always believed in me. 

We have 3 young kids and doing this work I am able to work from home. I can't thank you enough!

- Tanza, Modern Mystic Mama 
I was a teacher before working with you and your team. I made 24k in your 10k in 30 day program and quit my job!

I did all the lead generation courses, funnels courses, business building courses before working with you and none of it worked. I was told my all the Guru's my brand would never stand out.

I've created my intuitive mastermind program and built a team and generated 40k months in sales. 

Your programs are truly life changing I can't thank you and your team enough! 

- Trisha, Deeply Intuitive Coach 
I’ve got two paid speaking engagements NOW! From here on in IM ONLY charging for my events! 

Vanessa you really helped me see my worth and that I’m capable 

Your program has given me so much confidence!!!

A big heartfelt THANK YOU to you and your amazing team!

- Angela, Transformational Speaker &  Coach  
My income more than doubled the month I joined your program. 

As a matter of fact I was so on fire after the first call I packaged up my services like you suggested and made 4 new high ticket sales within 24 hours JUST by offering it on social media to my exciting tribe. 

It was THAT FAST! 

- Jolanta, Inner Transformation Coach  
If you combine my signature program income and my yoga studio offers I started your program in November just a few short months ago and I’ve brought in over $30,000 - simply amazing! 

- Cindy , Yoga  Studio Owner & Coach 
Hey All. Well, here I am with a celebration! 

I signed up to work with Vanessa around mid October last month when I was feeling very stuck and unmotivated about my business. 

It was such a big decision for me to invest money in the business and myself (as I know it has been for many people in this group). However, I just signed a deal!!!!!!! 

I just signed off on a deal to run a yearlong leadership programe for the princely sum of £37,200!!! 

Overall feels like a brilliant opportunity to get back out there and shine. Thanks so much Vanessa Simpkins for all your help!

- Lisa Mitchell, Leadership Trainer & Consultant

I tripled my income in 28 days - from just one simple strategy from Vanessa. She is street-wise, worldly-wise and business way beyond her years! 

Vanessa has a big heart that guides her to give all she can to help her clients succeed - and they do! 

You will most certainly make a big leap in your business by working with her.

- Kala H Kos, Become Magnetic to Love & Money Coach 

Celebrating another success! 

Vanessa Simpkins I just signed up participant #4 for my VIP Soul - Naked Bali Retreat! 

Only two spots left. 

That brings my month up to $16,000! How’s that for a first month in spetembr? 

October 2nd and created $6150 for October! BOOM!

- Janick Lemieux, Life Coach 
I was trying to do the business thing but it really was absolutely not happening for me before I did this program. 

And now it’s amazing I set up mob website got my Facebook group going, I have two high paying clients t’s so exciting Im so happy I did the 10k program it’s so great! 

 It’s totally working and Im booking sales calls to get new clients every week - your system is just spot on!

- Sarah Evans  - Clutter, Relationship Coach

I had never taken a vacation before aside from a few rad trips where we stayed with family. 

And so it was a really big desire of my heart to be able to say yes to my children and have fun doing it endnote have the typical parent money worries. 

So we went to a lego land vacation and stayed in a hotel and went to there ocean - because I have now high paying clients coming into my business. It was so fun to create anything you can put your mind to! I had a sales the night before I left on vacation with my children and another sale right when I got back. 

I've been able to take some girlfriend trips too! So I’m traveling more and doing things that I love.

And because I am boundaried now I have more time to be at home with my kids in the evenings, Im making dinner more regularly which they love. 

Things that I love which I never had time or energy to do before that were important to me. And now Im writing a book with all this new inspiration! THANK YOU

- Nicole Ronningen, Healing Arts Therapy

I was waiting for Vanessa’s program for years trying to launch my business and put it all together. 

AS SOON as I launched my 30 day video challenge I picked up 12 new cliens! Incredible results and the best part is it’s structured in a way where I can maintain and deliver the highest quality of service instead of struggling the way that I did before.

I can not say enough about Vanessa’s 10k in 30 day program! You absolutely HAVE to do it! 

Take the plunge and just GO FO IT! Her guidance, her energy, her feedback, her wisdom … it is just packaged perfectly. I needed a system to get me to where I needed to be and it catapulted me and my business even further than what I would have assumed. 

I mean I would have been happy with just 2 clients and now I have a Rolodex of tools and systems to draw from. I want to invite you to work with her. You will be so glad that you did. 

And Vanessa Thank you so much for everything you have done for me I am whole heartedly appreciative and look forward to continuing this incredible relationship together.
- Jessie Payne, Total Life Make Over Coach

Before working with you, my webinar wasn't converting... and now $32,000 is a SLOW month!

I have FINALLY an amazing sales rep and things are lining up with ease and flow the more I tap into my feminine!

- Jasmin, Biz Coach 
I used to charge $497 for 4 private one hour sessions with me. It didn't matter if people were working on there personal lives or business with me.

Since joining Vanessa's program Im mainly working with CEO's and entrepreneurs Im charging $8000 for my 90 day program and have a higher level $13,000 program as well!

This is the most money I've ever made in my entire life! Thank you God and Thank you Vanessa Simpkins!

- Amy, Leadership Coach 
I've signed two clients into my mastermind program for the tune of $12,000 in the last 30 days! HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT?!

Thank you for your guidance soul sister. I finally decided to just go for it!

I also have seeking engagements lined up. Fabulous xx HUGS 

- Gigi, Transformational Coach 
Vanessa Over-Delivered on Her Promise

I'm a Soul Evolution Accelerator and have been leading transformational retreats for women for several years. I hired Vanessa because my own Spirit was calling me to serve at a higher and more personal level, but I didn't know how to do that. 

Before working with Vanessa, all the marketing methods thats worked well in the past, stopped working. 

And I needed an instant make-over that could up-level my sacred service and bring me a quick and consistent cash flow.

Following Vanessa's simple sales attraction system and savvy sales guidance, within a week I put out an offer to my tribe, booked 75 appointments and have a waiting list of 50 people who want to talk to me about my sevices! Wow!

Vanessa helped me breakthrough my aversion to sales and helped me realize that sales is really helping people breakthrough their fear of change.

Vanessa's challenge is 10K in 30 days, but my results have been DOUBLE that. 

Her sales training is called Skyrocket Your Confidence and Cashflow and that isa exactly what she does. 

Hiring Vanessa was the VERY best thing I have ever done for my business. Don't try and reinvent the wheel, I just follow Vanessa's recipe and you're sure to get results you will be happy with!

- Suzanna Kennedy, Soul Activation Coach 
I have really expanded my business and taken it to a whole new level that I was shaking and trembling to move forward with. 

Vanessa has just been a wonderful guide she’s helped me start my private retreats and asking thousands of dollars that have already paid for her program ten fold. It’s just been incredible to work with her.

Vanessa is spot on with what you’re issues are, with there people who dance around it she just cuts to the chase and she’s very gentle though and loving in guiding you through your fears, and through your trepidations and clearing your beliefs that are standing in the way and she just walks you through it with a gentle guiding hand. 

She takes you by the hand and says you can do it - cheers you on, a great cheerleader, a great confidant and a great CHANNEL, for amazing inspirational guidance. She’s just tuned in, tapped in and gets this inspired message and just helps you get the word out there about who you are and what you’re here to do in the world and expand your business.

I’ve worked with other coaches and they really just didn’t get me at all because they really didn’t have the spiritual aspect and they didn’t understand that part of me. So when I would talk about my spiritual side I do dolphin energetics… which is healing sessions in the ocean and on the water massage table… and the only comment I would get from these other coaches was “Oh you help people with back pain” and Im like uh no that’s not what I do.

Vanessa understands me and understands the spiritual side of what I do because she’s very spiritual herself. She’s been in the healing arts, acupuncture she’s been there done that and really understands me. I’ve been on fire out here on Kauai! I’m now doing personal healing retreats and getting ready to teach my healing energetics course. Whooo hoo! 
- Jeanne Marie Russell - CEO Dolphin Touch Wellness, Retreat Leader &  Founder of Reiki Energetics Certification 

First off Vanessa Simpkins, thank you for pushing me, guiding me, challenging me because wow did I get results today.

Soooooooo drum roll...

I made my first $9K deal in my Spiritual Mentorship.

Thank you, so much so so much, I feel on top of the world and i'm just getting started. I'm honored to be an example of the brilliant work you do. 

Celebrations !!!!!

whooot whoop whoop BAMB
- Lisa Lajoie, Psychic Intuitive Healer & Founder of Tapping Into It

Soul Sister Mastermind Experience - Kauai Hawaii 

Meet My Amazing Rockstar Team Of Experts...

Kimberly is our head mindset mentor here at Take Your Power Back now working with thousands of amazing women birthing courageously into the next evolution of themselves as wealthy & worthy business owners - you're in great hands with her lead. 

She brings with her over 20 years of corporate, non-profit, and small business experience to the table. She is dedicated to supporting women to rise out of trauma and shine. 

Kimberly loves teaching success habits and strategies to help small business owners thrive. She is a pillar of support for our clients as they leave the old behind and make way for the new. 

Our clients LOVE Kimberly's ability to focus in on the right next steps for confidence & cash flow!

Our clients LOVE Kristine.. she is practical and caring and super patient with clients learning new tech and social media advertising skills.

Kristine uses her background as a corporate trainer with a specialty in analytics and marketing to help clients get their advertising campaigns visible and successful online.

After climbing the corporate ladder, she found her true passion aligns within more intimate entrepreneurial settings. She loves the story data tells and enjoys breaking it down into an easy to understand model for our clients.

Nicole Washburn is a marketing expert and copy editor at team Take Your Power Back Now™.
She is excited to be able to offer many years of experience in these areas to assist clients with copywriting, creating engaging rad copy for Facebook ads and social media posts that position you as the experts people want to hire. 

She's also a testament to our programs success after graduating our 10k in 30 day program and joining the Bikini biz Coach program Nicole has a in depth understanding of the process of transformation every woman entrepreneur goes through to reinvent themselves a new.

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