Ways we Can Work & RISE Together...
It's your time to rise & shine lover! 
There are MANY ways to partner and rise together... work sounds so boring! 

We offer a full suite of programs... If you want to access our courses and work at your own pace or join a soul sister community with lots of support and accountability or even a complete done for you funnel build/ rebrand.... we got you covered! 

Check out our offers to see what you like...

We work with Awakening Women:

- Coaches 

- Healers, Initiatives & Psychics

- Spiritual women entrepreneurs

- Women who are READY & RECEIVING overflow and are looking for creative inspiring solutions for business growth & the Next Evolution of YOU.

Done for you FB & YT Ads, Funnels & Branding... embody the next evolution of you!
You're a total bad ass business babe, with a proven scalable high ticket program, you're easily hitting 6 figures per year & 7 figures and want to get your time freedom back.

You don't want to have to deal with hiring and outsourcing ads managers, designers and tech people to set up your funnels and run traffic to your offers... not to mention MANAGE all of that OMG what a headache...  you've got better things to do!

Like actually coaching your clients and enjoying the FREEDOM your business was intended to create.

We've got you covered. Find out more about our white glove done for you monthly offering.  

10k in 30 days Digital Course
Now you too can have access to my signature program that has launched thousands of women to skyrocket their confidence and cash flow in record time!

Hit consistent 10+ months, get crystal clear on your high ticket coaching offers, heal your energy leaks, breakthrough your visibility blocks and set up your sales attraction system.

Many of our subscribers have been asking for strictly the DIGITAL course without the hefty price tag of our mastermind so here it is! 

Get instant access to the 10k in 30 day membership site. Do it at your own pace, get instant access to the course that thousands of women around the world have used have  to take their power back now and THRIVE!

This is only the digital course, not the mastermind or community component. So many women are using this offer as a launchpad to get ready in joining us in our 10k in 30 day soul sister mastermind. 

the 10k in 30 day Soul sister mastermind experience...
90 day high level support and accountability mastermind. You've been praying for guidance, mentorship and a tribe of experts and other soulful leaders and THIS IS IT!

Over 1400 women have taken this signature program and blown the roof off of there limitations! It's the ONLY program that combines DEEP healing and reprograming your subconscious with solid business building frameworks and a shit ton of support. 

Creating the next level of visibility, wealth and impact can be really really scary and you don't have to do it alone.

Work closely with me and my team to skyrocket your confidence and cash flow with the 10k in 30 day mastermind experience. 
the Bikini business coach mastermind elite year long experience...
Where millionaires are made. 

So you've hit your 10k per month income as a coach... now what? 

Well that's up to you, perhaps your want to dial in your automation and scale to 50k-100k per month, launch your  own mastermind program and begin working with your own team to create a portable profitable online coaching biz you can rock from anywhere in the world including your bikini. 

This is the safe space container for you to UP LEVEL in a big way, work with me closely & my ads mangers, copywriters and team to build your brand and funnels with outstanding support.

This is not our white glove done for you offer - this is a learn as you go, for women who want to join a tribe of thriving coaches without the masculine hustle.

For women who want to design and launch and grow their mastermind programs and get support with ads, funnels and wealth creation.

Join us on the inside of the Bikini Business Coach Mastermind Program.
embody your feminine essence dance retreats in Mount Shasta CA & Kauai Hawaii
If you know me WELL and are a dear friend and soul sister you KNOW I LOVE dancing.

You also know my French stripper name "Louise"... truth be told I believe dancing is the most fun and liberating way to heal our nervous system, release the past, move stuck energy and replace the gym! lol 

A night of sheer unbridled dancing can change your life, imagine what 5 days can do? 

I've had the blessing of living and working ANYWHERE in the world I want - FREEDOM and I seem to be attracted to HIGH VIBE places. I believe these natural vortexes aid us in birthing the new, shedding the old and embodying our divine feminine.
Synchronistically they are also close to volcanoes, have electric light and some of the most pristine natural beauty I have ever seen.

Come join the magic of sisterhood in luscious nature, nourishing food and relax your soul.

I've been invited to collaborate with outstanding women to begin offering feminine embodies dance retreats in Mount Shasta CA and Kauai Hawaii.

Tap the button to learn more and get on the wait list!

Millionaire in the Making copy & branding personalized session with Vanessa 
One of the GIFTS I truly enjoy sharing with my clients is channeling rad copy for their offers, their programs, angles for new video's, defining their niche and creating rad social media posts and email copy to get the word out about their amazing services.

Clarity is power in my books! When you get crystal clear on how to position yourself in the market place and align your core message so your audience can understand who you are and what you specialize in...your business takes off!

I'm offering a limited number of these so grab yours while you can!

Meet My Amazing Rockstar Team Of Experts...

Kimberly is our head mindset mentor here at Take Your Power Back now working with thousands of amazing women birthing courageously into the next evolution of themselves as wealthy & worthy business owners - you're in great hands with her lead. 

She brings with her over 20 years of corporate, non-profit, and small business experience to the table. She is dedicated to supporting women to rise out of trauma and shine. 

Kimberly loves teaching success habits and strategies to help small business owners thrive. She is a pillar of support for our clients as they leave the old behind and make way for the new. 

Our clients LOVE Kimberly's ability to focus in on the right next steps for confidence & cash flow!

Our clients LOVE Kristine.. she is practical and caring and super patient with clients learning new tech and social media advertising skills.

Kristine uses her background as a corporate trainer with a specialty in analytics and marketing to help clients get their advertising campaigns visible and successful online.

After climbing the corporate ladder, she found her true passion aligns within more intimate entrepreneurial settings. She loves the story data tells and enjoys breaking it down into an easy to understand model for our clients.

Nicole Washburn is a marketing expert and copy editor at team Take Your Power Back Now™.
She is excited to be able to offer many years of experience in these areas to assist clients with copywriting, creating engaging rad copy for Facebook ads and social media posts that position you as the experts people want to hire. 

She's also a testament to our programs success after graduating our 10k in 30 day program and joining the Bikini biz Coach program Nicole has a in depth understanding of the process of transformation every woman entrepreneur goes through to reinvent themselves a new.

Jen brings her expertise in leveraging internet marketing & Facebook Advertising to help clients dominate their competition online.

After launching her career with America Online, Inc. (the first true dominant internet company), she went on to sharpen her skills with other leading technology companies, managing upwards of 2 million dollar per year advertising budgets..

She's on her A game with what's working now in paid advertising and funnels and is the secret sauce to our clients success online.

Jen's got incredible determination and a skill for aligning women business owners to rock their sales by positioning their offers in front of the right audience. 

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