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Located below are podcast interviews, people interviewing me as well as other podcasts interviews from my "Radical Intimacy" series that I post sometimes on Youtube. Enjoy!

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Unveiling Brilliance with Vanessa Simpkins... 

I was interviewed by one of my ROCKSTAR clients in this RAD podcast where I unleash it ALL sales psychology MINDSET, being a conscious creator. How it all began ... overcoming FAILURE and what to DO with that if you want to LAUNCH a movement! Listen in lovers.... this one's FIYA 🔥🔥🔥

March 2024

In this captivating episode of The Balanced Visionary, we dive deep into the inspiring journey of Vanessa Simpkins, a remarkable entrepreneur whose path to success is paved with resilience, authenticity, and a profound commitment to personal growth.

From facing financial adversity to manifesting her entrepreneurial vision, Vanessa's story is a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's unique strengths and the courage to overcome obstacles.

Join us as Vanessa  shares her invaluable insights on overcoming limiting beliefs, harnessing the art of sales as a force for positive impact, and the significance of aligning with one's core values.

Her approach to entrepreneurship goes beyond conventional success, emphasizing genuine connections, personal fulfillment, and the ripple effect of empowering others.

In a powerful conversation with our host, Jennifer, we explore the pivotal moments of Vanessa's journey, her strategic mindset, and the emotional resilience that propelled her from uncertainty to a life of abundance and purpose. Jennifer's reflections add depth to the dialogue, highlighting the importance of self-investment, the courage to pursue one's calling, and the transformative impact of self-realization on professional growth.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, seeking to elevate your career, or simply in pursuit of personal transformation, this episode offers a treasure trove of wisdom, strategies, and encouragement to empower your path. Discover how embracing your authentic self and leveraging your inherent strengths can unlock doors to success, fulfillment, and a meaningful impact on the world.

Tune in to "The Balanced Visionary: With Jennifer Nunez Empowering Your Path" for an unforgettable journey of resilience, authenticity, and entrepreneurial triumph with Vanessa. Let her story inspire you to unveil your brilliance and embrace the journey of becoming your most empowered self.


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Facing Your Fascinating Fears with Cat Caldwell Myers & Vanessa Simpkins

August 2023

Join me for a new eye-opening podcast interview with Vanessa Simpkins, a transformational coach, and artist, as she shares her incredible journey of awakening and self-discovery over the past five years. Vanessa reflects on her decade-long career in business coaching and how she chose to step away from it to pursue a more profound sense of self and healing.

Vanessa dives into the challenges she faced during her transformative journey, including sleepless nights, a move to Mount Shasta, and a healing journey following a divorce. She explores the complexities of success and the shadows that can come with achieving high financial goals.

The conversation touches on various topics, from the importance of living authentically and embracing one's unique path to the power of intuition and the profound lessons that animals and nature can teach us. 

Throughout the interview, Vanessa shares personal insights and experiences that will inspire you to embrace your own journey of self-discovery and live a life that aligns with your true purpose. Tune in to discover how you can embrace your own unique path and lead a more authentic and fulfilling life.


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Creative Growth and Healing with Vanessa Simpkins

My take on Mysticism, Spirituality, Business, Healing & Growth 

I was just on the Becoming More Me Podcast and I had a wonderful conversation with Host Theresa Lear Levine that covered so much ground! We covered so much ground as we chatted about:  Human Design and the Duality of Life  Movement and Music for Embodiment  How to move Traumatic Energy  Physical Manifestations of Emotions  Turning off Intuitive Guidance with a Burger and Fries  Plus lots of great stories to bring it all together! Catch the video version on YouTube here.

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WE Wild Women Podcast

“The mind is simply a recording and playback device.” What REALLY holds women back in business from being FULLY expressed, seen and heard? Dive into this podcast where we look at shame, judgements, the payoffs for staying small n safe ALL the things... 

What it means to be a WILD woman:

“Meeting yourself fully in every moment. To be fully expressed and creative. Tuning into ourselves and having deep intimacy with ourself allows us to show up in our wildness.”- Vanessa Simpkins

 Tap here to listen into this juicy podcast! #WilldWomanPodcast with Renee Warren & Vanessa Simpkins 

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How to Show Up For The Life That You Want With Vanessa Simpkins

Are you satisfied with your life? Is there something missing? In this episode of the Confident Woman Podcast, Rachel and Erin chat with Vanessa Simpkins. If you’re looking for inspiration and insights on self-discovery and owning your self-worth, this is the transformation story for you.
Rachel, Erin, and Vanessa talk more about:
• Being brave enough to go deep and get vulnerable with yourself (because that’s where true transformation begins)
• Recognizing when to let go of the things that are no longer serving you so that you can move forward and make room for something new
• How life is a reflection of your inner self
• Masculine and feminine energy and the problem with always operating in your masculine energy
• Creating new beliefs for yourself and healing old wounds
• Learning to figure out what you want and then asking for it
• Excavating shame and guilt and embracing your worth

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How to Take Your Power Back Now With Vanessa Simpkins - Real Girl Talk Podcast

Real & Raw conversation about how grief, loss and hardship can be a blessing when trusting the divine plan for our lives and purpose. Not easy or convenient living your purpose but so worth it. We talked about divorce, starting over, and trusting the magic of new beginnings. Great podcast! Tap here to tune in and listen #RealGirlTalkPodcast with Cherie Rickard & Vanessa Simpkins

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Taking Your Power Back Now With Vanessa Simpkins How to Be SuccessSoul

How to Be SuccessSOUL” with the talented artist / entrepreneur @vickyjpaul where we discussed the kind of lemons life throws at you and how to turn those lemons into lemonade. How to live your purpose with soul, how to NOT let resistance, fear and doubt take you out of the game and how to stay true to yourself on the way to living your wildest dreams in life, love and business. Rad interview… rad accent too Vicky is from Scottland and I love accents! Check out the latest podcast episode & this JUICY conversation. Leave a review, hit like and share it with someone you love.

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Hugs xx Vanessa

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Go All In Show ABC Television w Nim Stant 

I am so honored and can't wait to interview my mentor Vanessa Simpkins! She has been a great example for me on how to being a successful woman entrepreneur. If you are trying to figure out how to scale your business but also really want to tune into your spiritual self, tap this link to watch this interview on my #GoAllInShow on ABC television show! With Nim Stant & Vanessa Simpkins

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The Powerful Female Leaders Podcast

The POWER of radical responsibility, the EGO versus ledding with love... SOOO many juicy juicy nuggets on this podcast about launching yourself into 6 or 7 figures online as a coach or woman entrepreneur and how to avoid all the pitfalls tap this link to listen into the powerful female leaders podcast episode #26 with Ana Patricia Bourgeois & Vanessa Simpkins

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The Tea on Taking Your Power Back Now With Vanessa Simpkins - House of Lo Podcast

Today's episode is with Vanessa Simpkins - CEO & Founder of her company - Take Your Power Back Now Women's Empowerment. Vanessa and I dig deep on taking our power back, deeper healing, activating our feminine power and how we find our true selves through our deepest expansion.Tap here to tune in and listen The House of LO Podcast with Lauren  Guerrieri

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How to Stop Abandoning Yourself & Take Your Power Back Now With Vanessa Simpkins - Intuitively Guided Podcast

How to STOP Abandoning yourself and Take Your Power Back Now. Today we are joined by a fellow online Coach Vanessa Simpkins who shares a story she never wanted to tell. Vanessa found herself struggling in a narcissistic relationship, where she was letting her wounded inner child run the show. She tells us how she built the courage to "burn down the old, to make way for the new."

Tap here to tune in and listen On the Intuitively Guided podcast with Holly Finucan.

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A Radical Look in The Inside of Self Love with Vanessa Simpkins

The into this RADICAL look on the inside of self love on this podcast interview with Kellie Ann from Women's EmpowerHerment Junkie 

I share about my healing journey from divorce, deep diving into shadow work, duality, my adventures into crypto, new beginnings and the journey of letting go of the old to make way for the new. I loved this conversation!

Tap here to tune in and listen.


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Radical Intimacy Podcast With Vanessa Simpkins

Hey Lovers, this is a podcast show I host with awakening women on all topics I love, healing, life, love, business, confidence, creativity... RADICAL intimacy opens the door for massive transformation & growth and it starts with you! Tune in and enjoy!

Healing Trauma & Stress in the Body Danielle Sadhana Sokol & Vanessa Simpkins | Radical Intimacy

Healing Trauma and Stress in the body with somatic trauma informed expert Danielle Saldana Sokol as we discuss how to heal from breakups and past relationships where you’ve lost parts of yourself. How to heal, live your best life and reclaim your authentic self. Tap here to catch this special livestream training replay.

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Host Your Own Healing Retreats in Hawaii with Jeanne M. Russell From Dolphin Touch Wellness & Vanessa Simpkins | Radical Intimacy

Want to host your own healing retreat in Hawaii or take your rad self on a retreat in Hawaii? Check out this livestream replay I did with Jeanne Marie Russell from Dolphin touch wellness center on Kauai Hawaii as we discuss over 20+ years of nuggets we've gleamed from hosting retreats. Tap here to listen into this info packed podcast! All about hosting transformational retreats and creating safe space for BIG fun work with your clients.

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Hack Your Healing: How to Overcome Addictions, Self Sabotage Using Plant Medicine w Juniper Soulfire 

How to Hack Your Healing: Overcome addictions & self sabotage with plant medicines. Join me and Juniper Renee Soulfire, transformational and spiritual healer from Hawaii as we dive into this approach to awakening consciousness on your healing journey. Tap here to listen into this livestream training replay!

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Highly Sensitive Women And Love Podcast w Karyn Aymee Quantum Love Coach

DID YOU KNOW..  that highly sensitive WOMEN & highly GIFTED women LOVE differently? This was a rad interview I did with Karyn Aymee Quantum Love Coach on How Highly Sensitive Women & Highly Gifted Women Love differently. Tap here to tune in and listen 

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Health Business in a Box: Become a Preventative Holistic Health Practitioner With Kendra Duquette & Jenni Wise

How to create a 6 figure health coaching franchise business with just 6 clients a month? Join Kendra Duquette & Jenni Wise founders of the preventative health institute and authors of the book “No More Bandaids: Finding Answers in a Broken Health Care System” for a deep dive conversation into how to use their proven system to help more people heal and never compromise your morning routine for JOB ever again. Tap here to tune in and listen.

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Phone Calls To Heaven With Psychic Medium Sarah Manning

Ever wondered what it would be like to connect with a loved one on the other side? Want to tap into your intuitive gifts? Catch this rad interview with Psychic medium Sarah Manning. She has extraordinary gifts and  has helped connect people to their loved ones who have passed.  Tap here to tune in and listen.

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3 Myths That Make You Suffer in Life & Love in This Sensual Expansion Masterclass Livestream Replay

- 3 Myths that make you suffer in life & LOVE and how to overcome them.

- RAD inspiration about breaking through your VISIBILITY blocks ( I'm going through this myself right along with you #NewEdge )

- How to claim & unleash your divine fem for peaceful profits without the hustle, WAY more pleasure & creativity.

- Some fun NEW offers including Private & Group Retreats w me in Mount Shasta California this summer n Fall ( SOO many women have been asking for this).

- How to tap into my network & audience for a VISIBILITY BOOST

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