I Guide Awakening Women in the Art of Radical Reinvention & Creative SOUL Expression 

  Take Your Power Back NOW: Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow, Share Your Story Launch a Movement. Let's overcome FEAR & THRIVE together SOUL SISTER!

 I Guide Awakening Women in the Art of Radical Reinvention & Creative SOUL Expression 

  Take Your Power Back NOW: Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow, Share Your Story Launch a Movement. Let's overcome FEAR & THRIVE together SOUL SISTER!




Your INTUITION Will Take You Everywhere You Want to Go!

My name is Vanessa I am intuitive channel, spiritual business coach and CREATIVE artist at heart. It's TRUE, my gifts have helped my clients breakthrough their inner blocks & launch 6 & 7 figure portable profitable online businesses they can rock in their BIKINI if they want to ... Radical MOVEMENTS by sharing their STORY that impact humanity in a positive way for well over a decade.


It's simply amazing what we can CREATE when we decide to really love ourselves & heal shame.


I'm FACINATED  with the JOURNEY of TRANSFORMATION, EXPANSION & GROWTH, and how CREATIVITY channels our PURPOSE our Divine SOUL Expression ...


Everyone's got a purpose & everyone is an artist in SOME way. Having the courage to SHARE our truth with love, to shine the light for others, to turn our messy stories of FAILURE our lemons into lemonade well.... that's What Movements Are Made Of.





Listen into Radical Honesty In Action: My Best TIPS for Overcoming Self Doubt, Self Judgement & Perfectionism ... Owning My Messy Creative Process

Discover my Best Tips on How to NOT Self Sabotage as a Creative Entrepreneur ...
Channelled Message Just For YOU SOUL SISTER! Allow Your Creative Soul Expression to Blossom!

How Did You Become A Women's Empowerment Leader,  #1 Best Telling Author, Transformational Healer, Spiritual Mentor & Artist? 


I Started Take Your Power Back NOW Because ...


I Never Wanted Another Woman to Suffer or Stay Stuck in a Lousy Relationship or Soul Sucking Job Because of FEAR or MONEY... Because That's WHY THEY STAY, That's Why Women Settle.


When you make your own money, you can be in relationship because of CHOICE and not because of FEAR.

That's WHY I started my company... that and a radical wake up call from God I simply COULD NOT ignore & finally surrendered to.

Real Talk …

I too was once stuck in a bad relationship ... one that nearly killed me in a hotel room one night. I sat on that story for 5 years... why?

Because I didn't want to deal with sharing the shame about addiction, my crazy ass childhood filled with emotional neglect, mental illness, declaring bankruptcy in 2006 ...I mean the list goes on… you could write a book about it. So I did.

Something amazing happens when we SAY YES to our God given purpose!

And t’s ALWAYS hidden in a big pile of shit, a big wake up call, loss, grief, suffering … I’ve had my fair share of those experiences. They become GIFTS.

God puts you in a pile of shit ... how you get out become your message to the world.

Millions of dollars in sales, thousands of Womens lives transformed. 

Who Would Have Thought...

That when we look FEAR square in the FACE and shower it with LOVE instead of judgement or criticism or avoidance... when we REALLY love ourselves and LEARN…

  • how to turn pain into ART & get it out of the BODY 
  • the skills to take ourselves off of automatic programming,
  • to STOP letting self sabotage & the EGO run our lives that keep us safe and small…
  • how to sit with heavy emotions & heal trauma, be the parent of the adult for ourselves & offer ourselves the nourishment we never received
  • how SOURCE ourselves with the ONE DANG THING we go looking outside of ourselves for in everything and everyone but never FIND OUT THERE... love
  • How to share our messy story, share our truth & lead with love
  • Simple online marketing strategies to INVITE and engage & convert ideal clients or students into radical transformation heading growth & expansion
  • How to stop beating ourselves up with harsh judgements & criticisms
  • How to end the compare & despair mode, overthinking ourselves, analysis paralysis, never starting or feeling good enough, worthy enough or ready yet... 
  • How to look at sales as a spiritual practice
  • How to end the learning without ever earning mode
  • How to LOVE ourselves through the process of GROWTH & evolution


We Discover That We Are Actually Conscious Creators, and That We Are UNSTOPPABLE!

 ... and that if we have the courage & WILLINGNESS to SURRENDER to that calling & GOD purpose, to do the scary stuff.... we discover that we can create JUST ABOUT ANYTHING!

Can I Let You in on A little SECRET?


I get VISIONS, visions that scare the living shit out of me! Seriously… why do you think I teach when about self love and self worth and overcoming FEAR,  making money and living our purpose and saying YES to our WILDEST DREAMS? 


Because I’ve had to face my OWN dang fear & failure again and again and again. I get a vision … burp fart digest… then once that’s done, I SURRENDER. ok God FINE, I will do it, I surrender…. gonna be a fuck ton of work but… you know you got me for life.

I got a job selling mops & lint removers after I went bankrupt and wrote my first book called "from Bankrupt to $900 a day selling Mops" in 2010.... all about the law of attraction and what I was learning on the mop stage about direct marketing, the art of engagement, sales, mindset and FAILURE... what a great teacher. 


I was $26,000 in debt investing in ALL th mentors, all the courses buying ALL the books trying EVERYTHING, investing everything I was earning in the mop job on trying to figure out how to get this online coaching thing, this purpose thing to work for me. I could have given up. Some people felt out TOLD me I should just stick with my unglamorous highly paying mop job. It’s a good thing I bet on myself and kept going because the company I worked for went bankrupt. 


And I took ALL that failure, all the lessons and launched a movement with it.


Failure is a lesson success is a lesson applied.


When I decided to stop looking at failure like failure, and when I looked at it as a GIFT, as a big pie of manure that contained THE PERFECT ingredients to CREATE something FABULOUS with… I stopped FEELING like a failure and things changed.

I actually got my training in making high ticket sales by selling my father’s art work in my twenties. He sucked at sales, low self esteem riddled with addiction but was a GENIUS artist. I have a soft spot for creatives, always have. 


And I believe every entrepreneur is really an artist at heart. We are all artists in some way.


When I get into my own creative process, it’s a full on death & rebirth cycle. NARLY that’s all I can say.


And everything feels IMPOSSIBLE… I’ve come to LEARN how to nourish myself really really well when that happens. Ok I’m in the pile of shit phase.


And ACCEPT that it’s just part go the PROCESS of creating great art. There’s ma pile of shit, I’m neck deep in it, everything feels like shit, smells like shit… check the box I’m right on track!


All great works of art usually come from excruciating pain, heartbreak or a big ol WAKE UP CALL! 


Don’t you just LOVVE those?!


The truth is it’s UTTERLY miserable around me when I’m in a creative FUNK or block like it’s the end of the whole world. Really. It’s tortuous. Suffering … I have a PHD in suffering, add that to the list of WINS, a PHD in suffering. 


Welcome to the duality of life here on earth… maybe all of that is changing now into this 5D new earth experience where all we see is ourselves reflected out there. 


Radical Honesty,

Radical Responsibility,

Radical SELF LOVE time!


It’s the INNER process that I built my company on. It’s something I come back to again and again and again … something I love teaching women how to ROCK, the journey of transformation & growth & expansion …. radical reinvention. Seems to be my purpose.


Anyways …. You know what’s REALLY radical? 


That we are only REALLY ONLY seeing ourselves reflected out there! 


Now that’s fucking RADICAL!


What a racial time to be alive! 


And creativity is radical too… what is it here to express if not the divine and where the heck does it come from? Have you ever really thought about that? Because I have… 


That STORY that I never wanted to share, the book I thought NOBODY would read ...  finding the COURAGE to speak my truth with LOVE inspires others to share their story too… 



When we can accept and love all the parts of us that fall into a self judgement, self doubt, fear, move through the perfectionism, the not feeling good enough, not ready enough, not smart enough….the story of feeling like a failure, too old, too young, the avoidance of those feelings, we NATURALLY open up and want to share what we EARNED… 


Wisdom Is Earned ...


You can’t buy it, you earn it.


And nothing and nobody can take it away from you.


YOU have your own storehouse of WISDOM that ONLY you have to share!


Money comes from sharing that wisdom, what we earned and it channels through our creative self expression.


My clients are some of THE MOST courageous love leaders, spiritual rockstars & women entrepreneurs I have ever had the privilege & blessing of knowing. The fact that they feel safe to share their story with me number one, is miraculous. People are always sharing their stories with me?!


DEEP wild stories, stories of shame, healing, heartbreak & triumph  … the human spirit, now that is something RADICAL and completely UNSTOPPABLE!


Let’s CELEBRATE that shall we?


What we endure here while we are here. Silly to think that life would be any other way. Ahhh but what about the PROMISE LAND & the BED OF ROSES, happiness without sorrow .. yeah roses are deliciously scented flowers and beautifully delicate & they have mother fucking sharp thorns!


Just like a GIFT. 

We’re all like that you know.


We come here with these individual GIFTS & talents & strengths…. And thorns or shadows we would rather NOT talk about to even think about or deal with. Too threatening to the EGO.


The fear of failure or looking bad is equated with the fear of death to that EGO. It’s the #1 thing that prevents growth, expansion & freedom for all kinds of reasons. We have reasons to fear failure & success, and all of that stuff is subconscious. Nobody would consciously sabotage themselves.


Everyone comes here with a Unique GIFT & Purpose.


None better than the other. So get over the compare & despair mode thinking … it’s what stops artists & entrepreneurs from getting started.


Everyone is a unique flower with a bunch of thorns.


So we are all delicately sweet & full of thorns at the same time. May as well accept it.


Acceptance you know is a VERY HIGH vibration. It’s the gateway…. to like everything… you could ever IMAGINE.

I’m getting all mystical here on your ass.


It’s 12:04 am…. I’m so not tired yet.


What am I doing? 


I’m trying to write out a freaking about me page on my website and it’s starting to sound like a freaking book, good GOD get to the point Vanessa.


What, the point of life?


I don’t know BUT… the one THING I DO KNOW is that when I’m focussed on my purpose like right now it’s 12:04 am and I’m in my bed snuzzled up writing to you, I’m not checking what the heck is going on in the news or television! I’m wrapped up in this FLOW of creative expression… it RIPS through me and won’t let me go until it’s done. Completely takes over my life.


I love it and I hate it.


Until I accept it.


Stock the fridge Vanessa … here we go again! 


The creative life … oufff. Beautiful breathtaking and MESSY. 

You gotta be willing to make a freaking MESS to create something beautiful... 


Control isn’t part of that equation. And yet we get SOLD that to be successful we need to have everything under control. 


Listen I grew a freight train of a business a purpose based business … in 2019 my business was generating $400,000 a month! A little bankrupt girl from Canada.


I felt like I was hanging onto a roaring freight train running 10,000 mikes an hour hooked on by an umbrella, hanging onto a MOVEMENT that has it’s own momentum you just hang on for the ride, you get to be part of it, witness it, watch it channel through you. The right people show up it’s a magic carpet ride or a freight train of love.


Anyways … I have paint on almost all my water faucets in the house…. I started painting a few years ago. What a holly battle of surrender to allow myself to do. Good GOD! 


Shit have I been to war with myself, the judgements, the harsh criticisms, the failure, a divorce, a move, a complete restructuring on my life and business, of my SOUL & psyche to ALLOW this Next Evolution of Creative Self Expression… good to let it out you know… after all thats what art is for. 


A safe space to express to get it out of the BODY to TRANSMUTE & ALCHEMIZE it so we don’t hold onto it. I am really good at holding safe space for women to alchemize, heal transform and grow. When we are seen in our messy imperfection and we don’t DIE…. We realize it’s all an illusion.


We can use ART as a vehicle for transformation & celebration. It’s a both and. 


There’s that duality again. 


Who are we without the story of good or bad?


What if we live in that question the next time our end comes in to try and beat us up with self judgment?


Guess what your business is? A vehicle for radical self expression and creativity.


So all you rockstar coaches & healers & mystics out there you get paid for being willing to share your messy story.


Guess where money comes from?


Sharing your art, so now we’re getting somewhere with this writing piece!


You know you sometimes you have to JUST START, dang it. 
















JUST START! There is magic in new beginnings. 


You think I know what the heck I’m going to write about when I sit down and open the computer? I don’t! 


Somehow it turns into something inspirational & people read it. Amazing!


I sit down I start, most of it is shit, I keep writing, I move things around I put what I began with at the bottom and end up with new stuff on top, there’s no order to it, I sleep on it come back in the morning edit it, come back a few more times, eventually decide good enough is good enough and get it done and then move ON!


My #1 best selling book has spelling mistakes. Your website has broken links in it a business manger once told me…. So fucking what?! Who cares! Really who fucking cares!


Don’t let anyone including yourself make you believe that it has to be perfect … because it doesn’t. My work is living proof. My aunt texts me EVERYTIME I fire an email out with spelling mistakes sometimes BIG ones too! Glaring spelling mistakes in the headlines. I think to myself I should hire her to proof red my copy she’s so dang good at it. Hire her.


Find people who are GREAT at doing shit you don’t like to do, are better at it and actually ENJOY it and hire them. Managing & leading people … mow that’s a whole other book. I realized if leading people cost me my creativity it was too dang expensive.


I also realized that if ANYTHING cost me my peace it’s also too dang expensive.

Standards & Serenity... 

What MUST die in order for something new to be born?

Healing Toxic SHAME is what prevents us from owning our WORTH, sharing our truth & our art with the world. All the built up judgements we have about ourselves and our evolutionary process.


Truth is something HAS to end before something NEW begins.

A new concept of self

A new relationship with self

A new body of work

A new form of self expression

A new level of WEALTH & prosperity

A new level of confidence & self love

A new level of inner freedom

A new way of seeing the world

A New way if LIVING in the world

A new level of consciousness

I’ve done a lot of work with women around healing toxic shame, over a decade of work in this arena. I read this instagram Quote that said give yourself permission to heal from the same thing more than once.


Had to share it with you. It’s a great reminder to be kind caring and compassionate with the self as it BREAKS and grows and evolves. Growth is like that, it’s like breaking. 


You ever try n crack an egg a hard boiled egg? You gotta crack it a few times to really break the shell into pieces so you can peel it off HOPEFULLY IN ONE FUCKING PIECE easily, rarely happens so you sit there swearing picking one tiny piece and another at the kitchen sink, holly good God how LONG is this going to take for shit sake I just wanna peel an EGG!


People have all kinds of tricks for peeling it easily in one fell swoop. I have those recipes too for spiritual women entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their confidence confidence & cash flow, growth, evolve & awaken. It involves cracking the dang shell and then leaving it behind so you can do something different with the EGG inside the shell, cook it ten thousand different ways. First you gotta BREAK the shell. 


People are this little orange nucleus of the egg hanging onto the shell for deer fucking life and life wants to whip you salt n pepper you mix you with add ingredients & cook you into something else. A good reminder for when you find yourself terrified & hanging onto the shell of your old life.


So I’m obsessed with quotes… they inspire me.


AND personal development… and NATURE and BEAUTY, and animals I love animals, and flowers… and FOOD!

My intuition is out of this world and channels rad copy, ideas, movements for women, authentic brands, marketing, healing all kinds of things. I just go with it trust it. Your intuition is a SUPER POWER! And you can’t hear it let alone trust it or act on it when you’re filled with emotions or stressed out. 


A lot of my clients come out here on retreat in Mount Shasta in Northern California, it’s beautiful majestic & STUNNING …  very very MYSTICAL! Sometimes just driving to the grocery store you want to cry because it’s SO BEAUTIFUL. 


My intuition hit me like a ton of bricks first time I landed here. It was the same thing with Hawaii. A lot of people know me as the Bikini Business Coach because I moved to Hawaii and you know did the thing, launched into the unknown LIVED my dream and figured it our along the way, how to create a life & business that I love.


 It’s never convenient but always worth it!


I’m still alive and Iived to tell… sounds like a Madonna song.


They say Mount Shasta is the root chakra and Kauai Hawaii is the third eye. Well we got all the chakras covered folks! 

Let’s add in a shit ton of online marketing & a LIFETIME of teaching sales as a spiritual practice … TRUSTING yourself, trusting GOD, BELIEVING IN YOURSELF … all this aint for sissies. I tell all my rockstar love leader spiritual warrior bad ass clients to strap your tities on tight! We’re going on a magic carpet ride of REINVENTION!


I make it sound fun but the truth is….


I struggle a lot with like … honoring my creative self expression and this whole “marketing thing” like throw your stupid script out the window man who the hell wants to read or listen or watch a freaking robot trying to read a script. People can TELL!




So I teach a lot of AUTHENTIC marketing & sales strategies too :) I’m known for it. And you know what that SAYS?




Confidence is what happens when you aren’t looking for approval, control or safety outside the self. It’s not ….eeep I hope they will like me. You don’t operate like that when you’re letting LOVE LEAD. You just don’t.


Love has its own momentum. And it doesn’t feel like work it just flows out of you. Ahhh the creative flow state. Thank GOD!


You got nothing to prove, so you may as well let love lead and strap your titles on tight for the magic carpet ride of your life!


Anyways long ass post here. 

You Know What Prevents Most People From Being Creative & Successful and HAPPY?

From ACCESSING The Creative FLOW?


You can addd wealthy to that list too, because it’s a given when you are creative you are prosperous in SO many ways. But you know what stop people from being creative? 


It’s not making the time & space for it, not being able to say NO to the things that we think we HAVE to do, should do, need to do ….AND not slowing down enough.


Standards & Serenity BABY. 


The courage to set new standards for ourselves and traverse the terrifying chasm of chaos & transformation to serenity on the other side. My favorite topic EVER!


Now we get into Trauma work. I love showing women how to heal from the inside out and have RADICAL big breakthroughs. The stories the decisions we make the mind records and plays back, all to avoid feeling PAIN, pain of the past, ou ou ou better worry about it NOT happening again in the future = suffering. All recording and play back mechanisms. A real fucker man, like HOW come they don’t teach this shit in school to people? Hello!

So I teach women how to LOVINGLY use discernment, one decision at a time to unhook from ALL of those protective mechanisms. You can do that you know. All it takes is a decision, then a commitment and then the EXPANSION happens but never before. 


Then we turn on LOVE, mmm not turn it on it’s always there, more like UNLEASH IT. When we TAKE OUR POWER BACK NOW we unleash love to do its thing and all the illusions and self imposed “bullshit” melt away. We see that real love is the ONLY thing that’s real & we let it do it’s thing.


Got that one tattoed on my forearm in case I forget “real love is the only thing that’s real” … I forget sometimes you guys, this EGO is a tricky little fucker man!


On the other arm I have “Surrender” and a butterfly the symbol of transformation. Vaness in Latin means butterfly. And aint that the journey of awakening… we go from crawling like a caterpillar worm on the ground to total darkness shut up in a small cocoon to emerging, sprouting wings and taking off in the AIR!


 … magic fucking carpet ride! 

My Dad Was a Famous Artist …


He visits me in butterfly’s now. He passed away 15 yrs ago but he visits me in mystical ways or channels through me & my sister sometimes. Grateful for his creative wisdom.


My mom was a nurse, and she’s psychic! I believe we get the GIFTS & the thorns …. Ancestral karma, and the GIFTS and the gifts, don’t forget the gifts.


What we decide to do with it while we are here… well that’s quite a story isn’t it?


A story worth telling …. Never convenient, always WORTH IT!


Love yourself… you’re worth it!  Might be the title for my next book… definitely the subtitle or something.




I know that when we are radically intimate with ourselves and others it is both terrifying and, liberating and REALLY REALLY engaging… it’s what makes for great relationships, starts with you though, the relationship we have with ourselves…. you know how I know… you’re still reading this thing! 


That’s how I know … radical intimacy in action throughout this entire page. Now, THAT IS GREAT MARKETING!


When we drop the judgements and self criticisms it’s no big deal to share our truth with love because we realize nobody out there judges us harsher than we judge ourselves. And when that war inside of you is over the war outside of you is over too. Peace & peaceful profits, expansion, creative SOUL expression, DEEP WISDOM… DEEP wisdom… EARNED lovers, it’s EARNED through radical honesty, racial responsibility & radical self love and maybe the courage to bet on yourself ONE MORE TIME.

Now that’s something to celebrate!


Alright lovers, I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully found some fun inspiration in here along the way … I’m going to eat something yummy n go to bed.




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Expect the spelling mistakes so you won’t be disappointed! 



I hope it inspires you to share your art imperfectly, start BEGIN, there’s magic in new beginnings!


Here’s to your Love, Expansion & FREEDOM

Thank you for reading :)

Big SOUL Sister Hugs