I Guide Awakening Women in the Art of Radical Reinvention & Creative SOUL Expression 

  Take Your Power Back NOW: Let's overcome FEAR & THRIVE together!




Your INTUITION Will Take You Everywhere You Want to Go!

My name is Vanessa I am intuitive channel, spiritual business coach and CREATIVE artist at heart. It's TRUE, my gifts have helped my clients breakthrough their inner blocks & launch 6 & 7 figure portable profitable online businesses they can rock in their BIKINI if they want to ... Radical MOVEMENTS that impact humanity in a positive way for well over a decade.

It's simply amazing what we can CREATE when we decide to really love ourselves & heal shame.

I'm FACINATED  with the JOURNEY of TRANSFORMATION, EXPANSION & GROWTH, and how CREATIVITY channels our PURPOSE our Divine SOUL Expression ...

Everyone's got a purpose & everyone is an artist in SOME way. Having the courage to SHARE our truth with love, to shine the light for others, to turn our messy stories of FAILURE our lemons into lemonade well.... that's What Movements Are Made Of.


How Did You Become A Women's Empowerment Leader,  Transformational Healer, Spiritual Mentor & Artist? 

That's a long ass answer, involving NOVELS not just chapters. I've always been an artist, art has many forms like writing books, creating deeply impactful transformational courses, renovating houses, gardening is an art, cooking is an art, story telling is an art, raising kids is an art... all of life is an art, in the way you live it.

Like EVERY great work of art, this latest chapter the last 4 years of my life healing trauma after divorce, moving to a new spiritual community of Mount Shasta, navigating the pandemic, completely reinventing my life, business and relationships, gutting and remodeling a physical house very reflective of my own INNER HOUSE.... started with PAIN. 

The BODY keeps score. You can't outsmart the body. In 2019... on the OUTSIDE I had a ragingly successful online coaching business that generated millions of dollars per year. At one point I had 30 amazing people supporting my work empowering thousands of women around the world in my masterminds and online courses and retreats BUT on the INSIDE I felt trapped, the pressure of it all and resented the lack of time and space I did not have for creativity... the very thing that kicked off all of this success I was void of.

What I NEEDED was time and space and peace for creativity. Here I had this ragingly successful career that felt like a death trap. Everything I worked so hard for I didn't want anymore. Not only didn't I want it anymore, the stress of it all was going to kill me.

What's the cost of CHOSING yourself and setting healthy boundaries... of ya GUILT. Oh man did I sit with GUILT.

I literally thought I would die from a heart attack, from the stress of it all. I remember driving home from a yoga class thinking "maybe if I got hit by a car it would be a good way out of this MESS called my life". Ouuuff...THAT was a wake up call.

On top off that my neck was breaking every year for 4 years in a row. My neck would JUST snap, completely break down on me. All of a sudden it would feel like someone was playing me like a puppet like a marionette. I could not sit down, or stand or walk without taking 3 IB profins every 3 hours just to make it through the day and function.

This went on for months. I got fat, frumpy, I felt old, and was unable to work out or do the things that I would normally do to feel good. Enter the ART of Surrender....

My body was TALKING and it was fucking going to have it's way with me so I could either listen and surrender to what it was saying or keep fighting, pushing through it. That was another battle. I dove into looking at the CONTRADICTIONS within the self, the parts the dissasociated parts of myself, the fragmented parts that were in direct conflict with one another. I call that the HOLY WAR.

The throat is the chakra associated with creative expression I later discovered, and boy was I blocked there, like BIG TIME! I was also terrified of surrendering to this creative aspect of myself emerging it required the total destruction of my former self, life, structure, business, relationships. Everything. 

The things that normally FUELED ME, gone. I went to a well that I previously would PULL this force of nature energy to propel my drive and ambition and just energy and lo and behold I come to discover  tthe well was DRY. Nothing there, empty. That was terrifying and then liberating all at the same time.

My marriage I discovered like my business reflected all the rescuing I was doing to keep love close to me. The people pleasing, the "helping" others instead of helping myself, the conflict avoidance, the "overachiever" or performer ALL of it.

The same that trauma coping mechanisms and adaptions survivors know all too well. I began to see my ex husbands chaotic & dramatic past marriage reflect and play out in his children that lived with us full time. I dove into healing trauma because I was seeing reflections OF MYSELF everywhere. Nothing separate anymore.

I entered a new relationship with a sexy mountain man shortly after I got separated from my ex husband, who lived with me for a year. When that ended I it triggered some of the most intense greif, the rejection, self worth I mean I had already DONE this before?! WTF! ....a new cycle began.

I really saw myself reflected in that relationship, the light and the darkness the shadows. The Savior and the Shaman. He asked me on our first date... are you afraid of the dark? No I replied. We went to visit caves. VERY reflective of that journey into the shadows we went! 

I woke up one day and realized in my marriage and in my business it felt like everyone was getting their needs met except me and I was working like a fucking dog to keep it all together.... until my body started breaking down. My neck was the first sign. Every spring ( when I got married) my neck would break. Every year for 4 years in a row.

So hired mentors, trauma specialists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, Ayurvedic massage therapists to help move the emotions out of the LYMPH our "sewer system" in the body. I lived with human DESIGN teachers, joined new communities, tried different things to generate income that would allow me more time and space to BE and well, got to work. It's been two years now that my neck does not hijack me in the spring. Progress.

The inner work, healing and researching and immersing myself in new studies that I WANTED to explore ... and guess what? Not having my needs met... NOT A FUCKING option anymore because I was learning to meet them MYSELF!

Dream analysis helped me bring the conscious to the unconscious vivid dreams I was having that kept me awake for the better part of 2 years.

Dance, art, photography allowed me to express and process out some of the things that simply couldn't be put into words. ART is an incredible practice of meeting yourself in the UNKNOWN in healthy and explorative ways via self expression.

My work didn't want to come out in a podcast or course or online work like it had the past as much as I wanted it to or clung to my old identity it was just flat out dying and man oh man did I have an inner fucking battle with that one. Also mirroring the inner battle with he new feminine and masculine energies taking shape.

Rest, reparenting the inner child, sitting with DEEP grief, cleansing my body, and making a new more expansive HOME for my SOUL to emerge is what followed. 

I started doing all of the things I always wanted to do but was too afraid to do. I studied and immersed myself into things I always wanted to study AND explore like astrology and human design, art as a healing technology, Jung and the process of individuation, dream analysis & the mysteries of the unconscious, music, gardening ... the reflections. A new consciousness emerged ONE I believe we are all navigating, exploring ALL OF LIFE in every moment as the compass. 

I burned down my business and all of the parasites and patriarchy that had me operating in ways that were counter intuitive to my BEING. It was agonizing.

There were many days I wished and prayed to DIE, questioned why I was here, GOD, I mean the emotional pain I endured and sat with was astronomical. I wake up every day and think to myself... well Vanessa, you are still alive! What a fucking miracle just that.

I believe the trauma I encountered in my family that of emotional incest not physical or sexual but emotional incest is what kicked this all off.  AND I believe we have all been KICKED into and forced into a collective midlife crisis with this scamdemic. Or INITIATION?

The more investigation and research I do and it doesn't matter from which angle come at it from truth is truth, there are many roads to Rome but truth is truth. How you get there is GOD.

So I ... slowly began working with a few private clients on healing trauma, core wounds with sensuality and sexuality, relationships the masculine and feminine dynamics in relationship to ourselves and others. I was attracting clients who had deep sexual trauma sexual abuse and who had also had developed heightened spiritual & psychic gifts.

The relationship we have with our BODY became a focus, because the wisdom is in the body ... our feelings are like the sign posts. If you're numbing out with various addictions you can't FEEL the body or hear its wisdom. Cleansing helped A LOT and made my intuition just EXPLODE.

I ran a few retreats both here in Mount Shasta in my home and in Kauai Hawaii my spiritual home but mostly worked on myself and gave myself the time and space to explore my own emerging creativity and new channels of expression.


I didn't make art to sell or show people I made it because it had to be made and I had A LOT of judgments around it. Same same with sexuality. I mean creativity is so closely related with sexuality it is our creative life force after all. I was invited to show case my art in my first show here in Mount Shasta in the summer of 2023 AND THAT started having me share the stories and experiences I was having. 

What I discovered through the deep dark surrender to the unconscious, to the feminine consciousness was like a cycle or spiral of layers, going back to my childhood that all got to be revisited or played out again in cycles. 

I even had my dead father visit me at the lake one day in a reflection of a musician here in shasta in the summer of 2022. It was wild. 

I began seeing all of life as a reflection. That took some time to get used to.

I believe as we are all waking up and ascending this new consciousness, 5D awakening, individuating, becoming whole, embracing our gifts, navigating deep greif, loss, death and rebirth it's important to really HEAL and become whole because that is HOW our SOUL emerges.

Integrating our shadows, taking radical honesty, radical responsibility & radical self LOVE to a whole other level. Love yourself YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What manifests is living a life that is RICH and deep with meaning, unafraid but embracing the unknown, deep connection to the earth nature, Mother Nature and each other...it is conscious not reacting with flying projections, where LOVE is the essence and expression. It is being LOVE and expressing it as a way of life.

And is necessary and so needed at this time when we are at war with I don't even know what to call them, deep state, AI, reptiles, fucking aliens who the fuck knows what they are the 13 blood lines of Hollywood pedophiles. Yeah those ones... let's call them what they PARASITES! 

If there was EVER a time to take your power back now... it's RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

We're going to need a lot of awakened love leaders and spiritual warriors leading this time on earth. And it's not even new, we've seen this before this cycle of warfare and evil pure fucking evil on the planet, there's just more people now. More ways to communicate and SEE more. 

The shaman visits the underworld of the unconscious through the bottoms of waterfalls, lakes, river and the roots of BIG trees. I am obsessed with big trees and waterfalls. I live very connected to nature and animals visit me DAILY and bring profound and radical messages. So there's that.

The shaman also LOVES to share enlightening stories... I'm one hell of a rad story teller, I have been blessed to LIVE, not just read about in some fairy tale but actually LIVE a fucking extraordinary life most simply dream about.

I do all of the things I say I'm going to do. Always have always will. I don't just talk about shit. I do it. ALL the way or not at all. 

My work is helping liberate and expand consciousness as it evolves and grows and transforms so that other spiritual leaders, women can heal, can express themselves fully shine their light in the world without FEAR, judgement, without the limitations of trauma.

My astrologer and many others call me a channel at my core I'm all about FREEDOM. So I don't like fucking labels and I don't like being put in a box either.

Although I don't personally see that, maybe I have been doing that with my art, maybe that is how it is channeled. But then again everything is art. Writing is art, singing is art, dancing, making food, renovating a house. It's ALL art! Best healing technology around right after nature and GOD.

I've dedicated my entire life to KNOW thyself, to inner FREEDOM, healing, awakening, leading myself, and navigating the unknown with care, kindness and compassion. It is my honor and blessing to hold safe space for others on this journey of radical awakening. Welcome to the Next Evolution of YOU lovers!

Hear What My Previous Clients Have to Say ...


Who Are Your Clients?

I work with a lot of mystics, healers, spiritual women and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Women who are committed to doing the DEEP inner work... leaders, light workers, shamans, coaches.

I don't look for a certain level of success so much as I look for a level of WILLINGNESS to grow & expand and evolve.

Many of my clients are:


  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Authors
  • Reiki Masters
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioners
  • Health & Wellness Consultants
  • Speakers
  • Massage Therapists
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Sales Professionals
  • Natural Born Teachers
  • Photographers
  • Image Consultants
  • Artists
  • Creative and Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • Solo-preneurs on a mission

What Makes You Different From Other  Coaches?

I'm not so concerned with TEACHING you things... as I am with teaching you how to KNOW & LOVE thyself.


The world is full of THINGS. I am more interested what YOUR BODY, what your PSYCHE, your unconscious and your REFLECTIONS in the outer world are trying to AWAKEN in YOU... to bring your awareness, kindness, care, grace, compassion and LOVING awareness to. 

This is how awakening & ascension, radical reinvention begins. LOVE has it's own agenda and works through a WILLING channel. When we allow and open up to this energy BIG Breakthroughs happen!


I love sharing my radical gift of intuition with my clients. It always amazes me what comes forth, what business ideas, strategies, what it picks up in ROOT issues & stuck points, areas we have been traumatized or hurt, betrayed, abandoned, denied, neglected. The stories we tell ourselves about the past, the things we desire but elude us... lots of information here.  


I tune in and guide you to those parts of yourself that are requesting love, kindness, care, compassion and grace. I like to guide people in how to access & unlock their own healing potential. And to TRUST it implicitly.


It is a WILD gift to be an intuitive channel & to able to instantly FEEL what is going on inside others. 


When we heal ourselves we become that reflection and light house in the world. We can hold pain or channel love. The more we raise our frequency by letting go of the pain, the painful stories and events, life becomes increasingly more peaceful and magical. We attract at that frequency all cooperative collaboration, reflections and opportunities. 


Many of my clients have told me that they LOVE the authenticity with which I bring to the world. I am humbly human, there is nothing perfect about me. I try and share my journey as honestly and with as much integrity and TRUTH as I am aware of. I am honest with my clients because I am honest with myself. I will tell you what I feel and what I see.


I honor my channel of intuition. It is my deepest GIFT to share with you.


What Type of Personality Do You Work Best With & What Is Expected of Me?

This work is for advanced spiritual women. It's not for whiners or complainers, for people who aren't serious about healing ancestral trauma and ending the cycles of self abuse, addiction or pain.

People don't wake up one day and just DECIDE to awaken or send or heal trauma because there is nothing good to watch on Netflix. NO.

Most people change, transform, awaken and ascend when they hit a wall really hard, have a wake up call... in the form of a death of some kind, death of an identity, job, career, death in the family, loss of relationship, or they see the trauma play out in their children and don't want to have the cycle repeated before they finally decide  to INVEST in their own healing and say  "OK it's time to put ME on the top of that long ass priority list of things"... this inner work aint for sissies let me tell you. It's DEEP and painful and enlightening.

At this stage of my life I am interested in reciprocal relationships. I am interested n people who take their healing seriously who are committed and devoted to KNOW THYSELF. And hey... I am not for everyone either.

In my work I am authentic, not perfect. It's triggering to some. Be it as it may. I won't sensor myself or put on a mask to make other people less uncomfortable.

I don't have anything left to prove to anybody anymore either.

That is why I started a community. $44 a month to get started cancel at anytime.

If you can't or won't invest $44 a month into your own spiritual emotional physical health, growth and expansion I really won't entertain you as a possible client. 

I decided you know what Vanessa, if you want other people to acknowledge your worth and value and mastery in the healing arts arena STOP giving your shit away for FREE. Just STOP IT. So I did.

I decided to stop the parasites in my life. The mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual parasites from leeching off of me. If you want to learn and grow and expand invest in yourself. I am not interested in entertaining people as clients who just watch dee shit or sit on an email list for 6 years and won't in something. Where is reciprocity in that? No. I have some VERY different views in online marketing. I earned that. Wisdom is earned. 

What's expected of you? Show up... show up shit scared, show up afraid, sad, mad, I don't really care how you show up but show up with a willingness to look and sit with yourself without judgement but with curiosity.  A willingness to suspend judgements about yourself in the process of healing & reinvention. To try new things, to learn new things about yourself, and to SURRENDER to the self or your SOULS expression. That my friends may involve a lot of DEATH of the old before something new can be born. The Next Evolution of YOU.

What Type of Professionals Are Your Programs NOT Going to Work For?

Please know I’m very selective in who I work with and I cherry-pick my clients, choosing to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my private coaching / mentoring / retreat programs and won’t get the results for which they would have signed up for. (It wouldn’t be fair to them.)

  • Private mentoring with me starts at $10,000 USD Investment and goes up from there. I do invite women to do a combination of online work as well as in person worth with me in Mount Shasta or Hawaii in retreat private or group retreats. I feel this immersive work in NATURE, the REWILDING of the instinctual feminine happens in nature, we visit spiritual vortexes, connection & body work, somatic healing, art therapy, cleansing, astrology, human design ALL the things.
  • Private retreats are FULLY customizable and are 5 nights & 6 days $15,000 USD and include private ongoing mentoring. Private mentoring without any in person retreats happens online via zoom packages start at $10,000 USD. I don't do sales calls or free calls or any of that. If you want to talk with me and explore ways to work with me. You can purchase a 1 time session with me here. I don't do DM's I don't have time for that. Pls do not expect me too connect with you on any topic if you aren't willing to acknowledge the depth of my work, my commitment to it or devotion to it. That's a solid boundary a healthy one for me that protects my peace and creativity. I invest my time DAILY and intensely looking within I don't have time to DM people who don't can't or won't invest in themselves. Not a reflection of me at all. The amount of time energy and money I invest into my own healing work would blow your freaking socks off.  I won't spend any of my time proving that either. I don't have to and I REFUSE to martyr myself to support or help anyone that can't or won't respect my needs. So I reinvented my  entire life and business as such. Not reciprocal, well guess what.. it's a NO. That's how I roll folks.


  • If you want to dip your toes into the water, try the Next Evolution of You Conversations COMMUNITY access $44 a month, that would be a great way to start. I created a community so other women can connect and collaborate, expand, heal & grow, stay up to date on my latest research and discoveries as well and twice monthly trainings, workshops, Q & A' options, challenges and more. Try it out! It's a total experiment and so far I'm really enjoying it! Great way to connect with awakening women who are JUST as committed and self aware as YOU!


  • Or consider purchasing one of my self study courses on my site here's a link to the STORE. I created several low ticket high value offers in the store to get you started achieving results without the hefty price tag that comes with hiring me one on one or joining a high end mastermind program with me.  



Doing these three things will really help you get primed for our work.

When you’re ready, consider joining the Inner Circle Soul Sister Mastermind group coaching program ( coming soon along with my Next Evolution of YOU Online self Study Course Fall 2023) or joining a more private container with me and we’ll get you started. 

Other types of personalities I won’t work with (without exception) are the whiners or the chronic skeptics, as well as individuals who consistently make excuses for not committing to themselves, their dreams or investing in making them happen. 

If you are one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you not reach out and I hope you understand why. We’ll probably just not work well together and I wouldn’t want you to waste your time or money. Is that fair?

How Exactly Do You Work With People?

Since the work that I channel is very unique to each individual, I meet you where you are at and we we go from there. Some key area's we may look into together: 


 #1. Honoring the THE BODY’s Deep Wisdom


We examine what your body is desperately trying to tell you. The body keeps score it does not lie. In this patriarchy lead OLD world society women have been trained to be men, to operate as men to live in their heads, cut off from the deep inner wisdom of their body's, shamed for their sexuality, called WHORES if they embody it... I mean there is SO much here to unpack just right here. Mystery illnesses, migraines, rashes, it's all symbolic of a deeper emotional issues, relational issues how we relate to our bodies how we love our bodies, judge our bodies, or shame our bodies.

Together we look into deciphering what the body is trying to tell you through it's expression of pain disease or discomfort. And you learn to honor it, validate it and tend to it, nourish it, EMBODY its full expression. CLAIM IT and celebrate it instead of avoid, push through, numb out or check out.

We also look at ways to cleanse the BODY from the effects of addictions, addiction to sugar, alcohol, drugs the list goes on and on. Cleansing your body of PARASITES and other toxins, cleaning all the SHIT out of it so you can CHANNEL your body's wisdom is crucial. If you can't hear what the body is saying, if you won't listen it and honor it... that's quite telling in itself. Layers of armoring, layers of trauma, SHADOW WORK, the parts of yourself you may abandon, repress, judge, avoid, reject... yeah THOSE ONES.

So much power in integrating our shadows! It all lives in body and nervous system. Deep transformation goes through all levels from physical to emotional and energetic levels. We can work from the inside out or outside in is what I discovered.


#2. Healing Trauma & Self Worth 

Business expansion, birthing a new idea or vision happens when we feel SAFE to expand and share our voice, talents & gifts WITHOUT the judgements from the past or others, without fear of condemnation. To be able to take the RISKS and lead with vulnerability & authenticity and requires a peak under the hood at what is and isn't SAFE for us. 


A lot of my work is with spiritual women entrepreneurs around the area of SELF worth, worthiness and deservingness, the subconscious mind, what is records, accepts and reflects in the outer reality or 3D world.


Manifesting, trauma, our emotional bodies, the psyche, our SOUL all of these things interweave and play together.


We look at where and what occurrences, experiences happened in childhood, how trauma affects the nervous system and body, how it LIVES in the body and how to process it out of the nervous system.


You will discover ways to reparent yourself and reparent your inner child to show up for yourself the way you needed your parents to and create your own sense of safety in the body, safety with money, safety with being seen and heard, safety with responsibility, safety with your intuition. It's all tied together.



#3. Rewilding Your Natural Instinctual Feminine Essence


The feminine consciousness is one of CYCLES, connecting with nature, trusting our deep intuition, trusting the process of death and rebirth, the nature of duality it's all in NATURE. Reconnecting with the WILDness of your spirit is crucial and so deeply nourishing on this inner journey to wholeness. We look at various ways to connect and nourish in nature, as well as TRUSTING your intuition and instinctual nature of the feminine.

The cycles in nature, the grass under your feet, the sun on your body informs us with wisdom beyond comprehension with the logical mind. Soaking up the sun is a daily ritual for me I get my BEST ideas while soaking in the sun or working in my garden hands in the dirt. Making sure your BODY and aura is not being depleted by EMF rays and all of this dang technology.

REWILDING women to SLOW down and honor their natural rhythms and deep inner wisdom is a priceless GIFT.


#4. Dream Analysis & Archetypes ... The DEEP Unconscious


We’ll spend considerable time looking at your DREAMS. The DEPTH that you crave can only be experienced through looking at the unconscious. It speaks to your dreams. You will develop a practice of bringing your conscious mind to look at the unconscious and deciphering your dreams. I will give you AMPLE evidence of where you are in the individuation and maturation process of your psyche as the masculine and feminine evolves into wholeness. You will be able to identity which stages you are at, which archetypes you are embodying there is no good or bad here. There is no better level. There is just where you are at. You also can not rush or push or force this process.... it is a total SURRENDER to the SELF. To understand and bring awareness to the various stages helps so much. We will look into the Maiden, the Mother The Witch or Priestess, the Whore and the Crone archetypes.


#5. KNOW THYSELF: Astrology & Human Design


We’ll look at your astrology & human design chart. I believe like Confucius said to KNOW thyself... is paramount to taking your power back NOW!

When you can not be conditioned by your expectations of others or your parents, society,  the government, the patriarchy, by external forces, when you OWN your gifts and talents unapologetically! Magic happens!

I love combining Human Design, astrology and various typology tools in my work with women entrepreneurs. I've worked with some brilliant men as well and it's always so confirming. Blows my mind! I LOVE human design & astrology! 


#6. ART As a Healing Technology & Creative Expression


My work as a women's empowerment coach holding safe space for women to be seen and heard in sacred safe space container both online in my masterminds and in hosting retreats for over a decade has taught me a thing or two about how trauma MUST get expressed from the body. It will come out in either the form of addictions, promiscuous behavior, illness, hiding out or ART. In my previous programs I had my students go through a writing process... it was cathartic and so healing it opened the way for women to be SEEN & HEARD.

To see and hear your own story is profound. Sometimes just be become aware of it is a profound step in healing.

Wether it is photography, painting, music dance, or journaling we create your own vehicle(s) for expression to get trauma out of the body.

In my retreats I take women with me on my art adventures wether it s photoshoots in waterfalls, art in the goddess gateway garage, dancing in the kitchen, CREATING... the physical acts of energy in motion of emotion in expression is liberating.

I share very openly in my art the journey of transformation, awakening and asenction journey I went through. It is pivotal crucial and necessary to have healthy means for expressing sometimes what is difficult to express in words.

Entrepreneurship is also a form of ART, it is completely dependent on your creative expression and harnessing your masculine energy without it bulldozing or shadowing your feminine. If you want to skyrocket your success in business, open up to new channels of abundance this channel of creativity needs to be FREE to express itself, be seen and heard.


#7. Integration | Balance  & Harmony. Feminine & Masculine Energy EMBODIMENT 



We are both feminine and masculine energies. The goal here is wholeness, maturation and individuation which leads to a MUCH LARGER more integrated, unified, expansive experience of consciousness. A life filled with deep meaning, magical, connected, FREE, untethered, loving, RICH with meaning ... this happens when we fully embody and integrate the feminine and masculine energies within the psyche.

Together we will look at how these two forces can be at war with one another as the maturation process occurs and how to bring these energies into balance and expression in healthy whole ways. The BEING, open, receptive, flowing, intuitive, DARK, sensual, sexual, WISE, feminine... yes embodiment requires the FULL spectrum of the rainbow folks not just the white light rainbow  unicorn farts.... the feminine is ALL. The WOMB of creation begins in the darkness. 

And the masculine is the CREATIVE ACTION, freedom, adventure, protection, provision & DISCERNMENT. We get to work through these energies and find balance within and embody BOTH. This is the way to have peace within the psyche, within our selves.

To bring HARMONY to the PARTS that are in direct conflict with one another. This leads to massive breakthroughs. MASSIVE.

The process of healing and maturing the psyche is about finding balance as these two energies ascend in consciousness.

It's not an overnight thing, it's not one and not the other, it's one and then the other and then the other one and then the other and eventually there is a coming to balance with the two. You need both in life. Integrated & Embodied.


#8. Ceremonies, Rituals & Soul Sister Containers


When I was 20 years old I spent a year and a half in Asia teaching English in Japan then went onto to travel through China, Vietnam and Cambodia finally wound up on a small island in Thailand, Koh Tao  where I lived-in a $4 a nigh beach hut bungalow doing yoga for 3 hours every morning before breakfast with this guy who looked like Osama bin Laden. My first Big deep spiritual awakening. I've had 2 more since then.

ANYWAYS... what was profound about that trip was JUST how much more ancient ASIA is. They have rituals and ceremonies for everything, coming of age ceremonies things we just don't have in America.  

We need ceremonies and rituals for the BIG things, big changes in our lives, and yes even for things like death itself.

Together we will create ceremonies and rituals and safe space containers for your process of change, reinvention letting the old things die so the new can be born and bring back the sacred in your life.

In retreats I often lead women in safe space containers in SOUL SISTERHOOD where we make markers in the psyche through ritual and ceremonies.

A ceremony can be something really simple you can do on your own as well for example, the symbols in your homes and places of work, what does the SPACE reflect? Do you have sacred space and altars, how do you place things in your home, the symbols ... everything in our lives in our space informs the conscious & subconscious.


#9. Opening Up & TRUSTING Your INTUITION


We’ll focus a lot of our time on tuning in and listening to what the body, dreams, and your own innate intuitive hits have to say about what is right for YOUR life for your journey. Often times we KNOW we just might not want to know what we know or face it, or want to face it. 

Setting boundaries with self and others, standards and serenity the journey of both setting boundaries and unhinging our own self imposed boundaries is scary AF and also so liberating. FREEDOM.

Working with and trusting these deeper levels of intuition brings fruitful abundance, deep meaning and profound connection and peace in our lives. 

Many of the women I have worked with have experienced deep trauma but also have deep intuitive GIFTS. We get both sides of the spectrum here on earth. The dark and the light in equal measure. 

Honoring our gifts and bringing them out in the world is how we turn our mess into a message into a movement into meaningful service.


#10 Business EXPANSION | Systems | VISIBILITY & IMPACT | Networks 

 I have a natural gift for GROWTH & EXPANSION.

A business is simply an energetic extension of you ( SOUL ) with systems and people around it. I love exploring and uniting women with ways to EXPAND their gifts, reach, talent, wisdom and impact with the world.

We can discuss ideas you have & things you want to try. I will always give you my best advice on what I know from 15 + years of online marketing, sales, leading masterminds, retreats, writing books, funnels, visibility, paid advertising, speaking.  I will also let you know I can't help you and who I can connect you with who CAN!

I have a lengthy roster of INCREDIBLY talented experts in a variety of industries. I am well known and respected. That's what a stubborn Capricorn drive ambition and commitment to mastery brings you in any domain. Respect.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE connecting my clients with the right people. It's one of my all time FAVORITE things to do, let my intuition connect people.

I am a sacral generator and attract the most mystical radical and loving people. Many of my clients have made life long friendships and business partner with the people they connect with inside my courses and programs, events & masterminds. 

Does It REALLY Work?

Yes! If you put in the work the results are yours. Nobody can do this work for you really and nobody can ever take it away from you either! I can show you how it's done, and do it with you. Eventually you will want to continue it because it feels so good.

You will get what level of commitment and integrity you come at this inner alchemy process, this reinvention process, healing process with.

I am great at holding safe space for people to heal evolve and transform.

I don't do it for you. I do it WITH YOU. I show you how to do it for yourself until it becomes a habit. Radical honesty, radical responsibility & radical self love in action.

See what thousands of women have to say about my work you can watch some testimonials video's and read more about their results here See Testimonials.

What Results Can I Expect?

You can expect to:

  • Take your power back NOW, stop leaking your energy OUT there in projections, new found levels of peace, freedom, a life deep and meaningful and RICH , magical instead of mundane, one that honors your wisdom, expansion & inner growth. 
  • Heal & honor grief, let the OLD die and create a NEW relationship yourself 
  • Tap into your divine feminine creative flow & embodied wisdom, grace & intuition. FEEL your SOUL emerge in its full expansive splendor depth & radiance.
  • Learn proven techniques for releasing your internal resistance and self-sabotaging tendencies so you can take action and start living your passion and purpose with ease.
  • Heal trauma trapped in your nervous system, overcome old programming, over working & people pleasing tendencies so YOU are at the top of your priorities list.
  • Open up new levels of creative expression, feel SEEN and heard, safe to express your needs and wants, safe to RECEIVE, a deep level of honor and TRUST in your SELF.
  • New relationships, new relationship with self and others, new levels of respect, integrity, new ways of experiencing LIFE and the relationship you have with everything and everyone around you.
  • Presence PEACE and FREEDOM, inner freedom.
  • New levels of WORTHINESS, radical abundance, transformation, a re-emergence a next evolution of YOU, awakened, conscious, connected, rooted and grounded as LOVES expression
  • Out of this world intuition and nuclear levels of creative expansion & flow
  • An end to the war within the psyche and body. Many clients work on their addictions, addiction to love to people, to work, food, alcohol and other addictions. This however was never a focus point of our work but was something that came as a result, an end of active addictions.
  • Alignment. Living a life that is right for you, that honors YOU your wants and needs and deep SOUL purpose.
  • Reciprocal relationships, feeling seen and heard, and met.
  • An ability to find wonder and adventure in the unknown instead of terror.
  • Renewed gratitude for the mystical, profound SOULS journey here and your process.
  • Connect and collaborate with a tribe of awakened SOUL SISTERS & LOVE Leaders, many of my clients say this is worth the investment alone!


    Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it’s like to work with you?

    Yes, I encourage you to! Please go to the Client Testimonials page and view all of them. See which ones you feel drawn to, either because the person has gotten the results you want to get too, or perhaps because that person is in a similar profession. Then feel free to email or call them and ask what they got from working with me and my programs.

How Quickly Can I Expect Results?

That depends on how quickly you can make those inner shifts, the level of commitment and integrity you bring to your own transformational process. Some clients are ready to go and are able to make profound leaps in awakening and healing very quickly others take more time. It's not a question of how fast it's a matter of how DEEP.  It also depends on how far along you are in your healing embodiment journey, your dedication to change and transformation is the key.

The biggest breakthroughs come from the willingness to START begin, there is magic in new beginnings! 

Vanessa, Based on Everything I've Heard About You I Know You're The One I Want to Work With. What Are My Options to Get Started With You?

Congratulations on making a decision to evolve your consciousness, heal, expand and grow!

I’m happy to work with you to achieve your goals… There are several ways to work with me. 

I prefer to work one on one, in groups as well as online communities and in retreat formates with my clients to really help them integrate FASTER results.

Whether you want to work on inner work, cleansing, healing trauma, individuation of the psyche, or creative blocks, relationship issues balancing the masculine & feminine parts of yourself, taking your power back now, brining more SOUL to life or various business growth projects ( I am known to help women birth epic online movements )  the best thing to do is book a call with me here.

If you prefer to follow a course pick up one of my self study courses I’ve created for you here.

Join my $44 a month Next Evolution of You Conversations & Community if you want to dip your toes in the water it's a great place to start. 

Ok, I'm READY to do This For Myself, but I do Have a Couple of Additional Questions. Can I Call You? 

Good, sounds like you’re ready for this RADICAL journey of awakening and the Next Evolution of YOU! Yes, if you have a couple of questions, and want to talk with me personally you can purchase a one on one session with me with me here where we will jump on and you can chat about your ideas, ask me questions, dive into your journey or ask me questions about business if you like and EXPERIENCE what it's like to work with me.


I have made limited time slots available each month.  I can’t wait to see what signs and synchronicities led you to this truly deep & transformational work.


Here's to the Next Evolution of You!


To Your Love, Expansion & Freedom 

Vanessa xx

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