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Take Your Power Back Now

Take Your Power Back Now

Hosted by: Vanessa Simpkins

Take your power back now overcome fear & thrive. Skyrocket your confidence & cash flow coaching for spiritual women entrepreneurs, women's empowerment & healing, personal growth & mindset tips for...

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What's Your Relationship With Your Father? With GOD ...

A friend of mine proposed a FAR out concept about how our relationship with our father shapes our perception of God, mirrors our relationship with God. Been chewing on that one for a few weeks and a friend of mine...
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Feeling the Most ME & The Most FREE | Accessing FLOW States of Creativity That Defy TIME | Jumping Timelines | Harmony The Gateway That OPENS us to the ALL

How do we open the floodgates on creativity and reflections on the gateway to FLOW states, the times in our lives that defy TIME where everything gets done... you know what I'm talking about. Yesterday was an...
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Death & New Beginnings | Birthing New Bodies of Work Or Self Expression | The Paradox of Strength & Flexibility | Reflections on DEATH & How it INSPIRES Life

I had the most incredible experience on the ski hill the other day I had to capture it here. Reflections on where strength comes from and how it allows for flexibility. Thoughts on how facing death opens us up to...
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The Symbology of the Spider: Deep feminine wisdom, Creativity & Weaving The Light & Dark, Mystical Connections

Inspired by a YouTube video ( also posted below) on the INDIVIDUATION process & ancient wisdom we gleam from the depth of the psyche, connecting and befriending our darkness, the shadows, or the trauma … mystical...
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The POWER of I AM: Magic Carpet Ride for Life, Manifesting a CREATIVE LIFE & Being a Conscious Creator

Sharing some inspiration from one of my favorite books & INNER alchemy process of conscious creation, tune into this wisdom from my couch podcast. Stories about UNLEASHING creativity & the FLOW of LOVE,...
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Athena The Goddess of War & Wisdom, Jesus on The Gospel of Love, Transmuting The Collective Shadows & Awakening Retreats in Mount Shasta It's ALL in here Lovers! Channelled message for you this morning

  Inspired to share this wisdom with you lovers this morning ... Athena the Goddess of War & Wisdom the journey of transmuting collective shadows and our own personal shadows THAT internal war that leads to...
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You Don't Know How POWERFUL You REALLY Are! [ Channeled Message ]

I woke up at 3:27am the other night and decided to hit record to capture these ideas and well it turned out into inviting you on a journey of radical reinvention with me in setting new STANDARDS with yourself and...
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The Mystical Journey of Awakening To Your Purpose & Prosperity

This conversation started out as a testimonial but ended up being a rad share on the journey of awakening mystical gifts, presence, the reflection of awakening consciousness, what happens when we strap our tits on and...
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Cleaning House the Radical Journey of Sobriety & Healing Addiction With Cat Caldwell Myers

Real talk for a minute ... Life is rigged to make everyone an ADDICT ... to avoid feeling, to numb out, to disconnect because... well let's be honest it's a lot easier to manipulate a population that's DISCONNECTED...
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The Symbol of The Snake, Kundalini Rising, Awakening, Death & Rebirth ... My Story

I struggled with so much self judgment around how to even find the words to share the radical experience of awakening. I share some of my thoughts in here about the INITIATION humanity is going through now and has...
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Understanding Your MOON In Astrology & The Most POWERFUL Manifesting Time For You Individually

Alright lovers are you aware of the importance of your MOON in astrology? Discover what your moon sign has to say abut how you NOURISH yourself and others. Do you think what you are NATURALLY gifted at and talented at...
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Business, Marketing & Sales in 2024 and Beyond: Here's What I See & The Courage to Re-Create Your Business On Your OWN Terms

After investing 2.3 million dollars of my own money into paid advertising and online marketing efforts growing an empire, and helping empower women for the last 15 years to turn their lemons into lemonade and start...
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