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Radical Reinvention...


Gene Keys, Human Design, Astrology, Typology to KNOW Thyself Lovers ...


Combine that with BUSINESS building and systems and you got a WINNING combination  your unique gifts & strengths & a form of creative self expression & expansion that you won't want burn down to the ground. 


Because let's be honest everything works in business the question IS, is it going to really delight you and bring out your NATURAL flow, expertise, wisdom & let others see you for your REAL talents.


I definitely want to peak into your charts and give you some insight here you can tap into your correct way of BEING, your PURPOSE, marketing message, your super powers, HOW you process energy and LIFE through your system for explosive growth & transformation.





I'm a creative channel, it just flows through me weather it's for healing, business ideas, I sense & feel so many things, where people are stuck, what needs attention love, kindness & compassion and ad ass marketing copy, languaging ... I am multi multi talented.


Women who work with me have EXPLODED their confidence & cash flow because well ... I can't tell you how I know things I just do.


I get a lot of psychic dreams as well, I know this might sound radical and hard to believe but when I work with people it's like their soul comes knocking in the dream time, and I like to share what those dreams & visions are with my clients. It's profound insight, awakening & EXPANSION.


My mother's side of the family is psychic. My father side all famous artists. Fun combination of healing arts meets creative self expression, and super abundance!



Heal Your Energy Leaks, Healing Trauma & Shadow Work ... Strap Your Tits on & DO The Inner Work Lover!


We take on VOWS, agreements and karma from both our experience here in this world and from WAY back in our ancestry NOT to be persecuted, abandoned, denied, judged and BETRAYED.


The 5 sacred wounds of LOVE ... our SOUL is here to walk every reflection we have HOME.


Radical time of awakening on the planet. When we CLEAR our the energy in our system we pave the way for a more effortless, allowing of our greatest intentions and soul work here on the planet. We allow ourselves to OWN our gifts unapologetically, receive in new and wonderful ways, love forward fearlessly in the world and shine our LIGHT with love. 


SO much POWER creative essence gets unlocked & unleashed when we work with the shadow!




Big Breakthrough Mindset Work & Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow 


We'll dive deep into how you've been UNCONSCIOUSLY trying to avoiding pain...  and stop giving your power away to externals, for love, safety, control and approval the EGO hooks that separate us from our divinity and union with GOD source.


We'll look at where it started and how it ENDS right here right now.


You'll learn some radical self love mastery tools & emotional intelligence tools to MAKE IT SAFE for you SHINE online.


Radical REINVENTION within all your relationships starting with your relationship with SELF.



Share Your Story, Launch a Movement


I love supporting women birthing their movements and mission in this world. Sharing your story, speaking your truth, overcoming the fear, doubt, or lack of clarity.


When we are vulnerable & intimate with our story, when we can share that with others it instantly creates the ultimate deep connection with your ideal clients.


The story BIG scary purpose comes knocking on your heart type of deal... I help a lot of women LEAD by sharing the story they never wanted to tell.


Diving into that STORY gives us everything we need to HEAL, to take our power back now & lead with LOVE as a guiding light for others in the dark.


I thought NOBODY would read my book. It launched a global women's empowerment movement! Imagine that!



Dial In Your Marketing & Authentic Sales Attraction Systems


I also love systems and unblocking the channels for ease and flow with your natural creativity, wealth and abundance to flourish wether that is an internal energetic thing or online expression of that. Everything is a reflection.


I like to figure things out... the other day I created a shop store only to realize don't need it. But I can work with technology in a variety of ways.


And systems are what ultimately get the word out about your business, brand, message & movement.


Whether it's an organic social media thing, a speaking on stages thing, paid advertising thing, when we get unstuck and unblocked within our PSYCHE the MIND, and we come to the root of the visibility blocks and deal with that, the putting online systems and funnels together is easy and effortless.


I love building funnels too :) Authentic marketing funnels for growth & expansion.



Love, Expansion & FREEDOM


Important to look at your Feminine / Masculine energy dynamics in your life, love & business.


When you can accept and balance the contradicting parts within the self of masculine & feminine so they WORK together in HARMONY... WOW! Amazing things manifest.


This power packed transformation session is ALL about loving yourself and creating BIG breakthroughs for you in ALL of your relationships.


My clients are business leaders, light workers, love leaders navigating new feminine leadership with more natural radiance, intuition & wisdom. 


#FeminineEmbodied #NuclearCreativity #Intuition #ExplosiveGrowth #LoveYourselfYouAreWorthIt


Book Your BIG Breakthrough Session Today

Working With Vanessa Will CHANGE Your Life!

“I’ve worked with Vanessa for MANY years and keep coming back for more of her soulful timeless wisdom. In her 10k in 30 day mastermind I launched a speaking career and was able to bring to life my aging care business, something that was deeply knocking on my heart. My business grew to over a million dollars a year with several locations and a team! 


I often revisit the radical mindset & big breakthrough teachings Vanessa shared with me because they are timeless. More recently I decided to to a persona retreat in Mount Shasta with Vanessa it was so nourishing! Just what I needed.

She always amazes me with the cutting edge INNER work she is into with SELF LOVE and how generous she is with what she learns and shares with her clients so freely.


I loved the Human Design KNOW thyself work we did together too. It impacted the way I see my kids and my relationship with my husband. She even got me to do a cleanse and I dropped 10lbs pounds and have never felt better in my body.


Working with Vanessa will CHANGE YOUR LIFE." - Tina

Breaking Through Limitations on ALL Levels Allowed Me To Just Freaking Go For it!

“I originally met Vanessa through working for her on her team as a high ticket sales person. My didn’t know it then just how RADICALLY my life was about to be transformed. What I learnt about heart centered sales from her allowed me to generate MORE MONEY than I had ever made in my entire LIFE! I was the highest enroller some months earning $18,000 in commissions. 

Her inspiration and BIG BREAKTHROUGH attitude rubs off on you and you can’t help but EXAPND into the highest version of yourself around Vanessa.

I took that money and took a HUGE LEAP of faith and invested in recording my own professional music video’s, a BIG DREAM I had always wanted to do but didn’t believe you could succeed in the music business at my age and well breaking through these limitations on ALL levels allowed me to just freaking go for it!"

Start begin there’s magic in new beginnings as she says. I am so happy I did! Her friendship, guidance and intuitive insights and conversations around health always encourage and inspire me to solve problems, trust my intuition, and just go for it.


I'm creating a course on natural anti aging therapies that I just LOVE. At 44 yrs old I have never felt more happy, satisfied and at peace in my SELF, in my SOUL in my BODY.


If you have a chance to work closely with Vanessa, get READY to radically transform every part of your life, from the inside out! Love yourself you’re worth it! - Amanda 

I Believe ... Women Should Be In Relationship Because of CHOICE and Not Because of NEED ...

A lot of my work in the early years was motivated to give women more FREEDOM. Women classically stay in lousy soul sucking jobs and lousy toxic relationships because of FEAR... that's what makes women settle.

You CAN Create More TIME Freedom, Abundance, Ease & Flow in YOUR Life & Business. BELIEVE IT and you are half way there!

What must die in order for something NEW to be born? An old strategy, an old system, an old belief structure, an old way of doing things, an old way of BEING in the world... isn't it time you took your POWER Back NOW as a Conscious Creator? 

Let's Go Goddess All The Magic in Already WITHIN YOU!


Claim & Unleash Your Divine Feminine,  Creative Embodiment, Dance, Nourishment & Sacred Sites, Activations & Where Magical Portals of Possibility Awaken


I LOVE inviting women to experience the MAGIC of their WILD NATURE in powerful natural vortexes around the world. The frequency of NATURE is where you will find not only REAL power but also magic! 


Kauai Hawaii is my LOVE. Sacred magical island, my SOUL tribe for over 15 years I continue to be blessed to guide women to experience divine feminine CREATIVE energy here. I lead private & group retreats. More customized 1-1 retreats these days.


Mount Shasta Northern California is also my playground where I invite women into personalized retreats, customized Goddess Getaways for those walking the path of ascension & awakening... the priestess path there's no place like this Mystical Mountain. Simply Enchanting. 


A deep exploration & initiation into INTIMACY, self love, compassion, safety in sensuality & CREATIVITY.

Give Yourself Permission. You're Just One Decision Away From a Completley Different Life!


Fun In The Sun Meets Biz Building & Women's Empowerment ... 


Some rad client shares about our work together in my 1-1 and Soul Sister Mastermind Containers, Bikini Business Coach Program & Live Events Throughout the Years.


Such a Blessing to IMPACT Women's Lives in Such a Powerful Way.


I LOVE Holding Safe Space For Women To Heal, Learn & Grow Together


It starts with a DECISION to bet on yourself because YOU ARE the lottery ticket!


You can learn new things, you can start at any age. 

Turn Your Lemons Into Lemonade!

I love inspiring women to heal & transform & share their story. That's what movements are made of... your story. I believe sometimes life throws us into a shit storm. How we get out of it becomes our message of inspiration, light and empowerment to the world.

The Book That Launched a Global Women's Empowerment Movement

Take Your Power Back Now: The Ultimate Confidence Guide for Women.

This is the #1 Best Selling Book that I published in 2014 and was featured on FOX, NBC, CBS & NBC television. A story that I NEVER wanted to tell about leaving a toxic relationship that nearly killed me in a hotel room one night & the healing journey of radical honesty, radical responsibility & radical self love that followed.

That story has inspired thousands of women around the world to heal, to speak & there their truth, to live their God given purpose and help others, to overcome fear & THRIVE!

Movements are made when we can turn those lemons into lemonade. Let's go Goddess!

Ready to Share YOUR Story? Book Your Big Breakthrough Session With Me Today & Let's GOOOO!

I'm READY To Take My Power Back NOW!

15 Years Of RAD Client Celebrations ...

I LOVE my SOUL SISTER Clients Who Show Up Like ROCKSTARS. Spiritual ROCKSTARS, Light workers & Love Leaders Who Take Flying Leaps Into The Unknown, Invest In Themselves, Learn New Skills & Apply It. 

Miranda Love

Biz Coach

$26,000 this month while our skiing! How does it get any better than that!

Thank you 


Travel Biz & Coach

$85,000 this month and I'm closing in on my dream home in Florida! It all started with your 10k in 30 day program. You Really do change lives!  


Leadership Consultant

I packaged my services and booked a client for $12,000, next time I’m going to double it!

 Nim Stant

Influencer & Speaker, Former Yoga Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for teaching us all that we can all be successful. 

Without attending your program seriously I would not do what I am now doing. It is so life changing, I hope you keep going and keep doing what you do! We love you Vanessa.
I am now hosting my own television show and interviews on ABC television, launched my brand in a big way and empowering my clients to be visible with their own books and speaking events.

Vanessa Simpson

Soul Alchemist & Alignment Coach

"Now after a year out of the program I have manifested a house with 5 acres of property for my company's retreats and my own joy.

I have manifested recurring revenue and clients that are incredible.
I have now been on several high end podcasts and hosted my first retreat... manifested the partner of my dreams and it doesn't stop there.
I am getting into my power more every day, your programs projected and quantum leaped me into the highest timelines. I truly wish I could have the words to thank you and your team for changing my life.
I would not be where I am today if I took that money and invested in college instead of joining your programs. Thank you for what you have created! "


Soul Biz Coach

"My whole business has completely changed, before working with you I was working 50 hours a week, too many one on ones, launching every month I was earning good money but to the expense of my sanity. I hated my business and I hated my life.

I was in a miserable marriage I mean everything has changed. Everything has changed for me EVERYTHING.
So far this month we've closed $28,597 in business ( and it's only the 7th of the month). Oh and I've been on vacation with my kids.... going for 60k this month."

I Hired Vanessa Because I Wanted a Feminine Embodied Business Coach 

My Best Month in Business Yet $73,000


Tapping Into & Trusting Your Intuition Will Get You Everywhere You Want to Go...

When you aren't being ripped around, conditioned by fear or influenced by others... then you become unstoppable, perfectly ALIGNED and unstoppable ...

This is EXACTLY What I Need ... Let's GO!

#1 Clearing Ancestral Karma & Trauma in our energy field. Mindset Reframes: How our Minds OPEN us up or Close us Down From Expansion in the Unknown... 


Are the stories we tell ourselves keeping us from avoiding feeling pain from the past or are we showing up OPEN aware and willing to RECEIVE what we really really want.


Most people can’t see their own blind spots. I love tuning in and listening to my intuition… I pick up all the sticky areas and help my clients reframe their ENERGY blueprint, our karmic make up and the stories and patterns that keep repeating.


Deep healing can and does happen quickly when we address the separation, and put an end to the tyranny the EGO produces with its decisions to keep us SAFE from pain, all the suffering to keep you SAFE ... safe from what? Safe from failure, safe from success, safe from experiencing the PAIN you endured in the past.




The pain from the past, is it smeared onto money, love, relationships... the healing happens when we bring it from the unconscious to the conscious.


I help you do that. Point out where you are stuck and how to move through the story and REFRAME your frequency and limiting beliefs, vows, agreements and ancestral karmic VOWS. 


Got your titles strapped on tight rockstar?


It's time to TAKE YOUR POWER BACK NOW and unify your vibration with GOD source, LOVE, abundance, creativity, and let THAT lead your life. Powerful.




#2 Healing Trauma, Healing Shame & Triggers in the Body and Nervous System... Through the Body the Goddess Gateway


To get to a REALLY HIGH frequency where you can MANIFEST regularly and INSTANTLY requires that you don’t have RESISTANCE. An open heart and LOVING field manifest love as its reflection.


When we need to learn STILL from trauma, life is hard.


I love diving into shadow work, owning projections radical honesty, radical responsibility and radical self love to bring safety in the body and nervous system and rewire all the pathways / attachments.


How to BE and FEEL safe in our bodies, and its creative expression, magic happens.


When we are CALM in our body & nervous system we are an OPEN invitation for our intentions…. We are in receptive open receiving of them WITHOUT resistance.


If you’re having trouble in your relationships… look here lover, we are only ever seeing ourselves reflected in others.

And everyone has trauma! Everyone alive has experienced something in their family dynamics and it's being replayed over and over again in our relationships relationships to creativity, our relationship to money, our capacity to receive love and give love without abandoning ourselves ... wholeness.




When we heal trauma, emotionally, physically from the body we open up to hear & TRUST our INTUITION & deep inner WISDOM.


This is SO key… all of our wisdom lives in the body. But you can’t access it if you’re not in touch with the body. People avoid connecting with the body because of all the PAIN in the body. It’s trauma.


Emotional trauma becomes physical to get our loving attention and awareness. When we heal the past trauma we also open up incredible levels of intuition and creativity and man oh man does life become a magic caret ride! 


In all the 15+ years of deep healing and inner transformation work I’ve done with women one thing is blazingly clear.


ANY kind of transformation, any kind, big breakthroughs in relationships, new love, BIG breakthroughs in money, business career, or travel starting something NEW requires us to enter the unknown.


And the only thing the only real thing you can TRUST to guide you in the unknown ( where all the magic happens) is your intuition. 


I love inviting women to process and express trauma OUT of the body through art as a healing technology.


Trauma has to come out of the BODY or it turns in on itself.


Addiction is a common form of coping mechanisms the psyche uses to prevent feeling the trauma.


Art, journaling, dance, photography have been my modes of expression for getting trauma out of the BODY it has been a fascinating journey of meeting the unknown in healthy new ways.


 #TheGoddessGateway #LoveYourelfYouAreWorthIt  


#3 Human Design, Gene Keys & Astrology Chart Readings for Life & Business...


I LOVE human design & Gene Keys it's like astrology and works with your birth TIME.


The two are masculine & feminine new earth technologies.


I’ve been learning and applying this now for 3 years in my life since Jan 2020, a REAL de-conditioning process … SO DEEP… wow, we look at how:


  • your ENERGY performs or works BEST so that you understand how you make decisions,
  • the correct use of your genius and talents and skills,
  • your inner truth,
  • your purpose,
  • your marketing message,
  • where your shadows are and how to ACCEPT them so you UNLEASH ascension & awakening,
  • how you can be conditioned by the external world,
  • what you have access to consistently,
  • how you manifest,
  • how you receive guidance,
  • what’s the best learning environment for you active or passive


SO MANY NUGGETS of wisdom it will blow your mind… what you come to understand in this powerful work is to KNOW thyself 


This is what confucius said, KNOW thyself. Then nobody and nothing can FU*K with you!


Seriously. It’s the ultimate take your power back now TOOL.


I just LOVE sharing these powerful insights with my clients.


We can look into your gates in your chart, your KEYS to unlock your WISDOM.


We can look at it for personal uses and for business, we can even look into your family members too. 


I’ve done work like this with some of my clients with her husband and her sons as well, she was blown away by the accuracy. To better understand her kids and how they operate.


I just love human design, gene keys  & astrology, total game changer 


#4 Feminine & Masculine Energy Dynamics …


Are you operating in your toxic feminine or toxic masculine?


Toxic feminine is the victim kind of archetype role of being unable to manage or regulate emotions, manipulative, entitled … kind of like a wet noodle.


Toxic masculine is doing too much over-working, too much in your masculine planning, doing, in the future too these are both MASKS we wear as protection … so we dive into this in life, love and business because looking at how we are operating gives us clues to where to start the deep inner work.


We ALL have BOTH masculine and feminine energy dynamics working in our lives.


The key to INDIVIDUATION is balancing out and maturing both the ANIMA & ANIMUS the unconscious projected parts within the self, pulling back the unconscious projections of our parents so that these parts of ourselves are matured and expressed fully and working with each other not against once another.


To have a good balance of both and be able to access our energy in healthy ways that allow us to live and CREATE our best life


Opening to your feminine present state of BEING & receiving it’s WAYYY more pleasurable and fun and fulfilling I’ve noticed.


Allowing the masculine CREATIVE ACTION & discernment free range. That's what gets shit done & protects you at the same time.


When we have the toxic feminine or masculine running our lives, businesses and relationships are exhausting, unsustainable and just unnecessary.


These are coping strategies, mechanisms that trauma imprints on us from an early age. You can re-wire how you operate so life becomes much more peaceful, fulfilling and AUTHENTIC.



 #5 Access to my RAD network of influencers & EXPERTS I have built in my 15 + year career


... in online marketing, speaking, podcasting, YouTube, advertising, tech, HEALERS, mystics ... you name it.


I'm a 4/1 a NATURAL networker.


People are always asking me "who do you know who..." I've built a SOLID name for myself in business and am happy to tap into my extensive network & connect my clients.


Many of my clients have built extensive businesses JUST from the people & connections they make in my circle of influence.


COMMUNITY & CONNECTIONS Another rad way my INTUITION works :)



Welcome to the Next Evolution of You GODDESS


... this is the  GATEWAY to radical healing, awareness, acceptance, abundance, ease and flow.


This transformation is DEEP and it’s about opening up to the inherent wisdom, magic, beauty, creativity, abundance, pleasure, ease,


RADIANCE that is yours.


We've just covered it up to NOT re-experience PAIN for our light, our gifts and mmm maybe not so common everyday abilities. 


I love supporting awakening women with BIG breakthroughs! It's my ALL time FAVORITE work to do in this world.


It’s powerful deep lasting inner transformation work that I just love love love supporting and guiding women with.


It is all levels, spiritual, karmic, emotional and physical transformation that leads to beautiful reflections in the physical world. We are ALWAYS only seeing our reflections out there. 



Vanessa xx

Let's Go on a Magic Carpet Ride Of ReInvention!

5 New High Paying Clients & 3 Referrals From Vanessa's Workshop Profit Secrets System!

"I just recently hosted my first full-day branding workshop for 50 entrepreneurs. What an incredible experience! In my preparations for the event I referred back to Vanessa’s Workshop Profit Secret System and applied some of her strategies. 

 I found it so helpful to have her secret formula on hand to help me structure my talk and my sales pitch. The results were amazing! I walked away with 5 new high-end clients and 3 referrals from attendees!  

The best part is that people told me it did not feel like a pushy sales pitch.

Thank you Vanessa for all your work in helping women entrepreneurs be more visible and get out of their comfort zones. Mentoring with you is what kick-started me and opened my eyes to the world of possibility. I’ve got big plans and I’ve only just started!"

Christine Joy Decarie

Branding Specialist / Graphic Designer

Lisa Lajoie

Spiritual Intuitive & Teacher

"First off Vanessa Simpkins thank you for pushing me , guiding me, challenging me because wow did I get results today. Soooooooo drum roll I made my first $9000.00 deal in my Spiritual mentorship.

Thank you Vanessa so much so so much, I feel on top of the world and i’m just getting started. I’m honoured to be an example of the brilliant work you do. Celebrations !!!!! whooot whoop whoop BAMB."

Lisa Catell

Leadership Coach

"I just signed a deal for $37,000! Hey All. Well, here I am with a celebration! I signed up to work with Vanessa around mid October last month when I was feeling very stuck and unmotivated about my business.

It was such a big decision for me to invest money in the business and myself (as I know it has been for many people in this group). However, I just signed a deal!!!!!!! I just signed off on a deal to run a yearlong leadership program  for the princely sum of £37,200!!!

Overall feels like a brilliant opportunity to get back out there and shine. Thanks so much Vanessa Simpkins for all your help!"

Nicole Longsteath

Wardrobe Designer

"Best Week Yet – $8k Following Vanessa’s simple and straightforward strategies I had the BEST week in my business yet 8k and counting!"


Transformational Speaker & Coach 

I’ve got two paid speaking engagements NOW! From here on in IM ONLY charging for my events! 
Vanessa you really helped me see my worth and that I’m capable 
Your program has given me so much confidence!!!
A big heartfelt THANK YOU to you and your amazing team!


Yoga Studio Owner & Coach 

If you combine my signature program income and my yoga studio offers I started your program in November just a few short months ago and I’ve brought in over $30,000 - simply amazing! 



Anyaa Lightheart

Transformational Coach

I signed a new client yesterday and booked not 1, but 2 conferences in FLORIDA!

I'm feeling beyond grateful as I read through the bonus section in preparation for my events!
Thanks Vanessa!

Who Wants a Copy of The 5 Sacred Wounds of Love? 22 Pages of SOLID GOLD...

We'll work on clearing the blocks to love, money, joy, ease, flow, creativity, visibility blocks in your business, blocks to ALLOWING and receiving, busting through stubborn feelings of failure, feeling cursed, doomed to repeat the past, pain and failure not only in relationships but our decisions to POWER.

The ancestral karma we can carry over from lifetimes ago. I LOVE doing this deep inner transformation work with women and listening in to use my intuitive gifts at pin pointing the sticky parts, the stories and REFRAME time.

Time to  calibrate your NEW visions for your NOW success in money, love and business. Powerful! 

Let's GO Goddess!

 My Dreams Came True!

"I was able to bring to life the Juicy Women’s Journey 1 day Womens Empowerment Event with Vanessa’s inner breakthrough work and soul savvy sales strategy’s!

It’s been a dream come true for me, to create real transformation and bring empowerment to women on a global scale.

We had over 140 women at the event and I’ve been asked to host it all over the country!

Hiring Vanessa was a HUGE turning point in my career and I am so grateful!"


Sharon Cohen

Naturopath, Women's Empowerment Leader & Speaker

Vanessa Simpson

Spiritual Transformation Coach

"Now after a year out of the program I have manifested a house with 5 acres of property for my company's retreats and my own joy.

I have manifested recurring revenue and clients that are incredible.
I have now been on several high end podcasts and hosted my first retreat... manifested the partner of my dreams and it doesn't stop there.
I am getting into my power more every day, your programs projected and quantum leaped me into the highest timelines. I truly wish I could have the words to thank you and your team for changing my life.
I would not be where I am today if I took that money and invested in college instead of joining your programs. Thank you for what you have crested! "


Michelle Moore

Former Hairdresser Now Transformational Coach
"I gained clarity with the mindset which was phenomenal! I got clear on what I wanted and it came to me. 
I enrolled my first high paying clients at my highest price point ever $4500! 
I made offers and I have results. I NOW am charging what I feel I deserve which is amazing! THANK YOU!"


Trisha Condo

Spiritual Medium & Intuitive Coach 

"I was a teacher before working with you and your team. I made 24k in your 10k in 30 day program and quit my job!

I did all the lead generation courses, funnels courses, business building courses before working with you and none of it worked. I was told my all the Guru's my brand would never stand out.
I've created my intuitive mastermind program and built a team and generated 40k months in sales. 
Your programs are truly life changing I can't thank you and your team enough! "


Vanessa Simpkins

CEO & Founder of Take Your Power Back Now Women's Empowerment 

Tanya Clark Marinelli

Women's Empowerment & Fitness

"After signing up with Vanessa and implementing a few things I literally went from owning thousands of dollars having my hydro electricity cut off … into making 10k in 30 days, freaking mind blowing! 

I’m making money in my business I get to be home with my kids, I get to be present with them, she teaches you exactly how to dodo that. 
I took my kids traveling, bought a new car I mean the results have been incredible. And one more important thing… Vanessa is really about collaboration not competition." 


Inner Transformation Coach

"My income more than doubled the month I joined your program. 

As a matter of fact I was so on fire after the first call I packaged up my services like you suggested and made 4 new high ticket sales within 24 hours JUST by offering it on social media to my exciting tribe. 
It was THAT FAST! "


Therapist & Coach

"I overcame my barriers to making offers and signed up 3 new clients! I doubled my income, it all happened very very fast it was phenomenal!

Your program has given me so much confidence!!!
One of those wonderful value packages you advise me to design - which I did … and before hand I would have never DARED asking for so much money in advance and actually they like it, and they are happy and they are willing to pay. 
Women out there really undersell themselves, it’s a really BIG issue and I’m a therapist and I know my value but even that made it difficult to ask for money. 
What I loved about your program is that you are this spiritual person, you totally understand the subconscious mind, but at the same time you are this business woman and its that combination which is wonderful."

 Tina Buchanan

Aging Care Specialist

"Rocking it in Nashville now, we have expanded and have an office set up here.
I'm on track to make my first million this year. 
Not without your powerful work, it changed my perspective on money and the world. Gratitude always."


 Founder of Mystic Mama & Biz Coach

"The support that I receive in the program and surrounding yourself with other high vibe women, feeding your brain that this is normal is so important.

I did so much inner work but never replaced  something in there after all the inner work.
Now the price of my mastermind is doubling! 
I've earned 30k per month after doing your programs and I can't thank you enough. 
Even my husband is blown away at the changes he's seen in me. He's always believed in me. 
We have 3 young kids and doing this work I am able to work from home. I can't thank you enough!"



Fitness Coach

Not only have I mastered the techniques to bring in leads like…making video’s and Facebook and social media, all that stuff that Vanessa teaches you, how to have sales calls and actually sign people up for my program. 
It’s been amazing! 
I now have a thriving coaching business. I definitely made my investment back 3 fold. 
This has been a truly life changing experience for me!


I Tripled my Income in 28 Days From Just One Simple Strategy

I tripled my income in 28 days - from just one simple strategy from Vanessa. She is street-wise, worldly-wise and business way beyond her years! 

Vanessa has a big heart that guides her to give all she can to help her clients succeed - and they do! 
You will most certainly make a big leap in your business by working with her.


Kala H Kos

Become Magnetic to Money & Love Coach

Your Business is a DIRECT Reflection of Your Embodiment, Beingness, Thoughts and Concepts of Self...

When You KNOW THYSELF... nothing can fuck with you. Now that's POWER #TakeYourPowerBackNow #NextEvolutionOfYou

Take Your Power Back Now Lover...

Jessie Payne

Total Life Make Over Coach

"I was waiting for Vanessa’s program for years trying to launch my business and put it all together. 
AS SOON as I launched my 30 day video challenge I picked up 12 new cliens! Incredible results and the best part is it’s structured in a way where I can maintain and deliver the highest quality of service instead of struggling the way that I did before.
I can not say enough about Vanessa’s 10k in 30 day program! You absolutely HAVE to do it! 
Take the plunge and just GO FO IT! Her guidance, her energy, her feedback, her wisdom … it is just packaged perfectly. I needed a system to get me to where I needed to be and it catapulted me and my business even further than what I would have assumed." 


 Leadership Coach

"I used to charge $497 for 4 private one hour sessions with me. It didn't matter if people were working on there personal lives or business with me.

Since joining Vanessa's program Im mainly working with CEO's and entrepreneurs I'm charging $8000 for my 90 day program and have a higher level $13,000 program as well!
This is the most money I've ever made in my entire life! Thank you God and Thank you Vanessa Simpkins!"


Transformation Coach

"I've signed two clients into my mastermind program for the tune of $12,000 in the last 30 days! HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT?!

Thank you for your guidance soul sister. I finally decided to just go for it!
I also have seeking engagements lined up. Fabulous xx HUGS "



Biz Coach

"Before working with you, my webinar wasn't converting... and now $32,000 is a SLOW month!
I have FINALLY an amazing sales rep and things are lining up with ease and flow the more I tap into my feminine!

Jeanne Marie

CEO Dolphin wellness Touch Center Kauai Hawaii 

"I have really expanded my business and taken it to a whole new level that I was shaking and trembling to move forward with. 
Vanessa has just been a wonderful guide she’s helped me start my private retreats and asking thousands of dollars that have already paid for her program ten fold. It’s just been incredible to work with her.
Vanessa is spot on with what you’re issues are, with there people who dance around it she just cuts to the chase and she’s very gentle though and loving in guiding you through your fears, and through your trepidations and clearing your beliefs that are standing in the way and she just walks you through it with a gentle guiding hand. 
She takes you by the hand and says you can do it - cheers you on, a great cheerleader, a great confidant and a great CHANNEL, for amazing inspirational guidance. She’s just tuned in, tapped in and gets this inspired message and just helps you get the word out there about who you are and what you’re here to do in the world and expand your business."


Sarah Evan Clutter

Relationship Coach

"I was trying to do the business thing but it really was absolutely not happening for me before I did this program. 

And now it’s amazing I set up my website got my Facebook group going, I have two high paying clients t’s so exciting Im so happy I did the 10k program it’s so great! 
 It’s totally working and Im booking sales calls to get new clients every week - your system is just spot on!"

Vanessa Over-Delivered on Her Promise

"I'm a Soul Evolution Accelerator and have been leading transformational retreats for women for several years. I hired Vanessa because my own Spirit was calling me to serve at a higher and more personal level, but I didn't know how to do that. 
Before working with Vanessa, all the marketing methods thats worked well in the past, stopped working. 
And I needed an instant make-over that could up-level my sacred service and bring me a quick and consistent cash flow.
Following Vanessa's simple sales attraction system and savvy sales guidance, within a week I put out an offer to my tribe, booked 75 appointments and have a waiting list of 50 people who want to talk to me about my sevices! Wow!
Vanessa helped me breakthrough my aversion to sales and helped me realize that sales is really helping people breakthrough their fear of change.
Vanessa's challenge is 10K in 30 days, but my results have been DOUBLE that. 
Her sales training is called Skyrocket Your Confidence and Cashflow and that isa exactly what she does. 
Hiring Vanessa was the VERY best thing I have ever done for my business. Don't try and reinvent the wheel, I just follow Vanessa's recipe and you're sure to get results you will be happy with!"

Suzannah Kennedy

Soul Activation Coach

I Got To Travel For 3 Months in Panama With My Husband And Vanessa Helped Make That Possible.

She Asked me How Much I Wanted to Make But To Tell You The Truth I Didn't Care About That. What I Wanted Was The Lifestyle... and to Not Have to Be in a Fixed Location To Earn Money.











Vanessa is the founder of Take Your Power Back Now a 7 figure women's empowerment company and the name of her #1 Best selling book - the book that launched a global movement sharing the story she never wanted to tell about healing from a toxic relationship, overcoming FEAR and THRIVING. 


Her work has been featured on FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC television & the Huffington post as a spiritual business coach, skyrocket your confidence & cash flow expert. In a past life she’s been known as the “Bikini Business Coach” for guiding women entrepreneurs, other healers, light workers and mystics on how to create a portable profitable online coaching businesses they can rock in their bikini if they want to. You'll find her WILD FREE spirit in the jungle or beaches in Kauai Hawaii or in the MYSTICAL mountain landscape of Mount Shasta Northern California. Two very stunningly beautiful, WILD, untamed and Awakening portals on the planet. 


Vanessa is as an intuitive healing artist, and artist with CONSCIOUSNESS. Her latest study and practices are an investigation and experience of awakening … the Next Evolution of YOU…  expanding consciousness, the individuation & maturation process of the PSYCHE or SOUL. Using art as a healing technology of expression, she helps her clients with healing trauma in the body, unlocking our DEEP and natural inherent wisdom, diving into the deep unconscious and looking at dream analysis, astrology, human design and other tools to KNOW thy self to allow the NATURAL unfolding of our SOULS expression. This awakening process leads to a life with DEEP and rich with symbolic meaning, creative self expression, very mystical and divinely peaceful.


She loves to CHANNEL and her GIFT has set thousands of her clients online MOVEMENTS into action. #PeacefulProfitsWithoutTheHustle


Vanessa is passionate about FREEDOM, connecting with NATURE, embodying your feminine essence and sensuality without SHAME, creative self expression, OWNING your gifts and trusting the magic of new beginnings which leads to explosive & creative growth.

Vanessa is the founder of Take Your Power Back Now a 7 figure women's empowerment company and the name of her #1 best selling book - the book that launched a global movement sharing the story she never wanted to tell about healing from a toxic relationship, overcoming FEAR and THRIVING.


Her work has been featured on FOX ABC CBS and NBC television & the huffington post as a spiritual business coach, skyrocket your confidence & cash flow expert. She’s known as the “Bikini Business Coach” for teaching women how to create a portable profitable online coaching businesses they can rock in their bikini if they want to.


Vanessa is as an intuitive healing artist, mindset mastery coach and sales mentor helping other healers, authors, coaches, speakers and other women’s empowerment leaders breakthrough their inner resistance, visibility blocks, intimacy blocks, heal shame, and get the clarity, confidence & cash flow that comes from owning their value and getting their important work out into the world with simple and effective marketing strategies that work.


She's passionate about letting love lead, embodying your feminine essence, healing trauma, and trusting the magic of new beginnings which leads to explosive & creative growth.

You And Me ... Let's Go!

Bring All Your WILD Ideas, Your Big Bold Dreams, Questions, Fears & Hesitations, an OPEN mind to new beginnings and a willingness to love in the unknown... because that's where the magic happens.

TOGETHER We'll look at:


#1 Your Mindset, Decisions you made and new ones you are making to OPEN up BIG BOLD WILD possibility

...and all your dreams happening in ACTUALITY. How to unlock, unleash & ALLOW the things you REALLY WANT to manifest WITHOUT all the dang suffering & resistance.

#2 Identifying & Healing Trauma in the Body, Shadow Work and the Beautiful Journey to WHOLENESS

...where the the universal laws MUST reflect back to you YOU. And how to apply simple practices this to reach any and every goal you set for yourself.

#3 Understand Your HUMAN DESIGN & Astrology

... how it relates to your beingness, your purpose, your marketing message, how you receive information and energy, your natural talents and strengths, the areas you are most susceptible to conditioning #KnowThyselfAndLoveThyself #GameChanger

#4 Feminine Embodiment Practices to Unlock Your Magic

... INTUITION & creative expression. Creative self expression without the self doubt, hang ups or perfectionism!

Life is meant to be JUICY lover, ecstatic rapture, unleash that nuclear creativity, wisdom & grace. Super abundance it all springs from THIS RIGHT HERE.

#5 Get Access To My RAD Network of Professionals, Influencers & Experts ... Other Like Minded SOUL SISTER Women!

Worth it's weight in SOLID GOLD. You're just one connection away from really anything you want. I love connecting my clients with the WORLDWIDE GLOBAL network of ROCKSTARS I have cultivated over 15+ years of being in business. 

Women are meant to THRIVE together!