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Healing Addictions & Emotional Incest ... The Emergence of YOUR SOUL

healing Sep 29, 2023
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Healing Addictions & Emotional Incest ... The Emergence of YOUR SOUL

Big TOPIC here... becoming a surrogate parent within your family system as a child can leave lasting damage & rupture... and it's VERY very common. Emotional incest is abuse. How do we heal & integrate the fragmented parts of self to wholeness and the parts of ourselves we abandon in order to survive a highly dysfunctional family system? 

If we don't integrate these parts they just play out in repeating cycles in ALL of your relationships. My awakening I see as reflections everywhere and in everyone all the time, no separation anymore. 

My healing journey to awakening... this is what I share with you here in this audio. 

Healing toxic masculine shield, creating solid boundaries, meeting your own needs, finding the courage to set new standards and move into serenity, the death of the old to birth the new, shadow work, healing the contradicting PARTS we disassociate and repress, how to INTEGRATE these parts within the self, balancing masculine & feminine parts, dream analysis and diving into the UNCONSCIOUS, facing your fears and taking your power back NOW, unleashing nuclear creative energy ...

What is birthed is this NEXT Evolution of You with soul is a deep and rich meaningful life where the mundane becomes the mystical. Unity consciousness a VERY symbolic deep rich and meaningful life. Hard to put into words but I am taking a stab at it.

The collective midlife crisis the planet has been forced into during this scamdemic. I realize this individuation & maturation of the Psyche = SOUL Carl Jung's work where you individuate from your parents unconscious projections and evolve your consciousness & awaken is something the whole planet is going through. And awakening happens through despair, grief and loss. So the whole planet is awakening. Not just a midlife crisis, I see people going through this in their 30's, that's not midlife.

It is an expression of the SOUL. THIS... to know thyself, healing, awakening. Radical reinvention, radical time lovers to take your power back now and EVOLVE consciousness... welcome to the Next Evolution of YOU!

I always look to share my experiences in an authentic way to inspire others to growth, expansion & FREEDOM. 

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Vanessa xx




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