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Toxic Shame & Your Visibility

Ever wonder WHY some coaches take off like a freaking rocket ship while YOU’RE still plugging along taking courses and watching YOUTUBE video’s and reading ALL the books doing all this MANIFESTING stuff but STILL not putting your work out into the world in a big way?




Let’s talk about where it comes from, how to heal it and how it is affecting your ability to be visible, share your story and inspire others with your radical gifts and purpose based movement.


But FIRST a vulnerable share. 


I TOO have experienced toxic shame. YUP. You can be a baller make millions and STILLL uncover another layer of the onion to peel back, own and transmute. 


My healing journey has taught me that you can manifest all you want but unless you work on sitting with the PAIN of trauma, facing it, understanding it, where it comes from and what its here to GIFT you with and integrate it… you will:




You see TOXIC shame is a bi product of attachment wounds and trauma from childhood. 


Not your fault, but left unchecked wrecks havoc in every area of your life, business, money, relationships... everything is rooted here.


And nobody teaches this stuff in school. Doctors give you pills and bandaids instead of getting at the root cause. On an on it goes traveling through your family system. It's SO narly!


It affects and infects and informs… our identity, our relationship to self and others, our capacity to make and hold money AND our willingness to be visible and share our story, our ability to take action on our creativity, TRUST and take action on our intuition. 


Shame can and DOES smear and tarnish and over shadow your entire IDENTITY... if you let it!


Transmuting shame leads to freedom, peace, connection and abundance.  



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