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Stuck With Your Marketing? Unleash Your Authenticity With THIS...

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2022

What if I told you that YOU being correct with your energy is all that you needed to rock out ANY marketing… for ANYTHING, any niche, any program?

Here’s the deal… WHEN YOU CAN SEE YOU… ALL of you then others can too. Imagine what that can do for your relationships and business? To BE Seen authentically for who and what you truly are your unique talents and gifts… your super powers, your purpose EMBODIED. When YOUR MARKETING is simply YOU being YOU… the end.

THROW ALL YOUR COURSES AWAY… you don’t need them. Most of them are designed to teach you things that work for other people but not specific to who YOU are and HOW YOU operate and digest, transmute energy and information best.

Are YOU READY to find out how you operate? It’s like getting the road map to your absolutely favorite most exquisite beach.

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The picture in this post is of some of the latest creative work I am thrilled to be putting out into the world. The journey to SURRENDERING to my creativity... oh boy talk about a battle... I am warrior you know, it's been a 2 year battle of surrender. Worth it!

The journey to get to paradise though oufff … letting go of your not self and all the bullshit conditioning you picked up along the way by this guru and that marketing coach and this is the best way to do business… this is the best way to success, this is how to be a great CEO.... let me tell you something... how an artist operates is NOT THE SAME as how everyone else operates!

So important to know... don't ya think?

Letting go of the old trauma’s in your body that trigger NOT FEELING safe to be ALL of you… yeah those ones, the fear of being seen, the judgements of other people, fear and self doubt, not feeling enough, feeling like you have to prove yourself, the unworthiness … they gotta go too, you don’t need those for your trip.

And the limiting beliefs and decisions that are keeping you from avoiding potential PAIN from the past again in the future. All that’s gotta go!

Confucius said KNOW THYSELF.

This isn’t a mental mind thing… it’s an embodiment, an experiment of deep deconditioning/ healing that you go on to. Try it out and experience for yourself this magic carpet ride.

The one thing I can guarantee if that it WILL blow your mind, you will lose it and you won’t be upset about that. In it’s place you will have reverence, peace, creativity unleashed, intuition, synchronicity, your manifesting mojo on hyper drive, super abundance, fulfillment, satisfaction, sweetness, surprise, delight… PRESENCE, stillness, and awe.

  • How do YOU process energy?

  • How does your energetic make up receive downloads and information BEST?

  • What are you SPECIFICALLY Designed here to express as your effortless embodied purpose?

  • What kind if program are YOU actually best suited to offer for your energetic make up?

  • Which ways of doing business which models will deplete you? This is IMPORTANT stuff to know…

  • Are you READY to love yourself in a WHOLE NEW way? See yourself in a whole new way?

I’ve been experimenting with HUMAN DESIGN for 2 years now, how it relates to purpose, freedom, self love, abundance… it’s been a RADICAL journey.

And I’ve been working with it with my clients kind of under the radar upgrading my skills, getting confident in it and I’m letting ya’ll know now that it’s a RADICAL tool for self empowerment and transformation that I want to share with you.

You can book a 90 min BREAKTHROUGH session with me here.

I am a 4/1 sacral Generator born on the cross of ambition 54/53 32/43 Juxtoposition ( Fixed Destiny)

What that means… what I’ve discovered about myself through human design is a lot of confirmation… and the ability to BE MYSELF unapologetically, and not be governed by the fear of the collective or the conditioning of others or let me give you some examples of just how POWERFUL this information put into practice really is.

All my life the closest people to me let’s say my mom or my sister would tell you “Oh it’s Vanessa’s way or the highway” and I would doubt myself and think …. Shit am I just an uncompromising BITCH?

Man maybe I need to learn how to compromise and play nice with other people more.

A juxtaposition is a fixed destiny. It’s like a freight train line 4’s the 4/1 and 4/6 can be juxtaposed.

We are here to influence the tribe. If I can’t influence you that’s cool but I’m still going there - we all are the ones who resonate with me - I’m brining you all on the train ride or the magic carpet ride what I like to call it.

4th lines are here to bring heart to business, to the community. We are natural networkers. It’s a natural GIFT of the 4th line. And it’s awesome.

Left angles are here for transpersonal destiny they need others to fulfill their vision to raise humanity. 

Right angles are here for personal destiny they trial and error their way through life and create karma that left angles clean up and they don’t necessarily need other to fulfill their destiny.

Juxtapositions ( only 3% of the population) play with both left and right angles. We are the the joker in the deck of cards.

If you have me in your hand you have a winning hand. I enhance anybody’s hand like a wild card.

I play nice with both left and right angles almost like a chameleon. That’s WHY I been able to empower so many women throughout the years.

Now … everyone is awesome in their own way, nobody is better or worse. Everyone is awesome!

  • But do you know PRECISELY HOW you’re awesome?

  • What makes you awesome?

  • What your super powers are?

  • What you’re designed to do?

  • What you are NOT designed to do?


There are only really 2 things you need to know about me.

#1 I always do what I say I am going to do.

That’s called integrity, only thing you got in this world is your word. This is how confidence is built within the self, you do the things you say you’re going to do and commit to. NOW I do these things because I get visions from God, I always have and God knows he’s got me for life. Just show me what you want me to do and I will do it I surrender. I might burp fart, digest complain n whine about what a BIG ASS job it’s going to be but eventually I surrender and I do the hard things.

And because of that #2 I ALWAYS get what I want.

Only … always.

One way or another and I’m not attached to how it happens I am not. I just know that vision is happening I know it, it’s inevitable.

And I get what I want because of number 1 in place, I surrender GOD I will do it just show me what you want me to do, make the signs crystal clear.

And because I am juxtaposition … that insight was very confirming almost revelatory.

Now other people can FLING their judgements and criticisms ALL they want onto me. I don’t care. People can say “oh Vanessa is uncompromising” sure they can say that all they want.

But have they made movements happen for themselves and supported thousands of other women in the world to do the same thing? Fixed destiny, freight train, visionary leader… wild card the juxtaposition.

I know who I am and how I operate and I really don’t have anything left to prove. I’ve already done that journey. You are worthy and lovable JUST because.

There’s NOTHING you or anyone needs to do to be worthy or loved. You just are. The end.

No amount of money make you a better person, sure you get to feel rad about helping others, you get to be in service and change lives, money can give you more freedom, but it’s NOT freedom, money is not real inner freedom.

It’s a natural progression of living your purpose and feeling really good about yourself, being in alignment, showing up and living your purpose. Been there done that too.

Made millions of dollars living my purpose empowering women. My clients have made million of dollars too. I am still showing up and living my purpose only ALL of it!

And money is not the ONLY thing in this world.

What about having money and peace and power and creativity and intuition and feminine wisdom? It’s a piece not the whole enchilada. Remember that.

I won’t abandon any part of myself for any external validation, money, fame, love outside of myself. I did that trip too, in full color.

Your identity if it is rooted in how others perceive or validate you will crumble. If you’re chasing external validation love outside the self can you really BE love, BE loving or are you doing to GET love? Two very different things.

The 54 is the marrying maiden, it’s drive, ambition and instinct… it’s the transmutation of the shadow of greed towards higher aspiration and ascension. It is the achiever / philanthropist.

Do you want to know what SHADOWS you are up against? I invite you to learn more about your human design and business with me here.

It’s also enlightenment and endarkenment the highest spiritual MYSTICAL gate in all of human design and it’s in my conscious sun, my purpose. It’s the ALPHA and OMEGA the ALL. There’s no good or bad it just is. No wonder I live in the most mystical places in the world, MOUNT SHASTA California and Kauai Hawaii. Makes perfect sense.

53 is about death and re-birth… new beginnings. What must die in order for something new to be reborn? It’s super abundance.

The 32/42 is about endurance, correct timing the ability to finish what I start and cycles those 4 things make up the incarnation cross 54/53/32/42 the 4 top unconscious and conscious gates in your chart. I’d love to help open you up to this world of human design so you can KNOW thyself… it’s fascinating work.

And the ULTIMATE take your power back now experience… when you KNOW thyself, nothing and nobody can condition you, influence you or fuck with you.

And when YOU see all of you... so can everyone else. NO FEAR, no doubt.... just beingness... ALL of it.

And THAT is the most effortless and powerful marketing in my opinion.

The 1 is creative it’s creativity without caring about how that creativity gets managed, it’s also foundational, builds solid foundations. There is SO much I want to share with you.

Are you a Generator? ( 70% of the population)

A Projector? ( 20% of the population)

A Manifestor ( 9%) or Manifesting generator?

A Reflector? ( 1% of the population)

For a limited time while I have availability I am offering and inviting you to book a one on one 90 minute human design & business big breakthrough session with me here $300 USD. It will be recorded, I’ll send you some detailed homework and important info to continue diving into and exploring.

Tap here for this BLACK FRIDAY sale and let’s go on a magic carpet ride of transformation, POWER, super abundance, creativity unleashed, intuition, peace and fulfillment while living your purpose…. follow this link.


Here’s to Your Love, Expansion & Freedom

Vanessa xx


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