Deep Surrender Into Your Feminine, PLEASURE, Relaxation, Rejuvenation ... With Like Mindset Women SOUL SISTER time... 

Daily embodiment practices & dance, yoga, healing shadow workshops, fun photo shoots, soul sister time ... you deserve it! Best x-mas gift you can give yourself and others is your PLEASURE. Now that's a FREQUENCY that is simply DIVINE & irresistible. 


Spiritual Vortexes, The Best Beaches, Waterfall Pool, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub, A Private Chef... 

We got you covered... let me show you how I roll lover. You're gonna love this retreat space, just get your plane ticket we got the rest covered... ahhh


Experience the Magic & Enchantment of this POWERFUL Island Magic ... Rest, Relax, Heal & Rejuvenate Goddess 

Kauai is the ultimate MANIFESTATION portal, the most beautiful luscious place on earth. It's a place to birth new beginnings, expand your creativity and FEEL FABULOUS. #ALOHA


THE Napali Coast North Shore Kauai Hawaii

Welcome to Paradise Lover...


Jungle QUEENS Share About the Soul Sister Rockstar Support On This Retreat ... Safe Space, Nourishment, FUN in The Sun... 

The ultimate take your power back now journey I have been on and love sharing with my clients is the journey of SURRENDER. To have access to real POWER you must also have access to surrender. Welcome to the Goddess Gateway ...

Hear from myself and Jeanne Marie Russell who helped me bring this amazing vision to life ... we shot this video on the last day... it captures the energy perfectly... divine feminine, playful, open, real n raw, heart full of love without fear expressing in the moment .... and the magic of Kauai's caress. Priceless.

Why Did You Say Yes? What Attracted You to THIS Retreat? Why Did You Come? 

The magic, synchronicity and manifesting starts before you even arrive. I love inviting, initiating and guiding women into the EXPERIENCE of Kauai's healing feminine wisdom.


Who Is Vanessa? How Did You Meet Her?

Who is she as a woman, SOUL SISTER safe space holder, as retreat leader, spiritual business coach, healer & manifesting mentor? Give us the details... inquiring minds wanna know!


Kauai Hawaii North Shore

Jan 29th - Feb 4th 2023

7 Days & 6 Nights in Paradise Goddess ... You In?

Experience The Magic of Kauai's Feminine Luscious Island Vibe… 

Kick Off 2023 With The Frequency You Want to Embody Forever


WHEN: January 29th - Feb 4th 2023. 7 Days & 6 Nights of Pure MAGIC, Relaxation, ENCHANTMENT  


Kauai Hawaii the most FEMININE portal of creativity, healing, ascension on the planet 7 days, 6 nights in a beautiful luxury retreat setting with waterfall pool, jacuzzi, me and some of my healer rockstar colleagues and soul sister friends in paradise.

Can you see yourself here?
Leave the kids, hubby, chores, never ending to do lists trade all that in for some fun in the sun, dance, nourishing food, soul connection, fab photo shoots, poolside, fav beaches, relaxing massages, magical vortex nature excursions...
Are you drooling yet? Let's GOOOO!
You know I lived on Kauai for 2 years and travel there pre covid 3-4 times a year right? My soul tribe is there and I CAN NOT wait to share the magic and enchantment of this island with you - it's a birthing portal of epic proportions.
Here are the details....

Be sure to check out the video's at the bottom of this page.


What's Included In This Magical PORTAL The Goddess Gateway Retreat?

A lot of MAGIC …. Bet on that lover!
  • Rad daily transformational workshops, private chef, delicious organic SOUL nourishing food, SOUL SISTER time in luxury, POWERFUL feminine vortex transformations 


  •  2 meals a day ( we usually go out for 1 meal on your own maybe lunch) 


  •  1 x 90 minute massage or cranio sacral dolphin touch ascension activation in the ocean - your choice sooo powerful! We have a FULL roster of energy and body workers for you only the BEST of the BEST if you want more. #Relax #Renew #Pleasure #Goddess #Ascension #Spirituality


  • Daily Workshops, Yoga & fitness, healing embodiment, dance, sensuality, immerse yourself in pleasure, the art of feminine surrender, how to navigate & embrace the natural cycles of death and rebirth, raising your FREQUENCY for magic manifestation, ascension, human design readings to KNOW thyself how you receive downloads, how you learn how you digest life how you manifest this is KEY so that nobody and nothing can fuck with you or condition you KNOW thyself POWER right here. #DivineFeminine #Creativity #Intuition



  • Relaxing by the Poolside, Daily HOT TUB soaks… YEAH!


  • Workshops on fully embracing your shadows, deep inner work, shadow parts work…. to access nuclear levels of creativity & intuition, the recipe for creative wealth mastery is your ability to SEE and love all of YOU, especially the reflections and parts if you that are in pain or hiding calling for your grace, reverence and to be seen held with tenderness and love. When you take time for this work you will experience the most delicious expansion and a red carpet roll out of LOVE reflecting back to you in every moment. #MagicCarpetRideForLife



  • Letting go of the OLD, Birthing New Possibilities, Rad Awakening conversations with awakening women.


  • Transport on any excursions we do to fab beaches and special energy vortexes ( I can not wait to share these with you OMG!)


  • Transport to and from the airport


  • ASK me anything - biz, breakthrough blocks, embodiment now's your chance to get up close and personal!


  • Soul sister time…. Sooo nourishing, connections, soul sister friends for LIFE! It’s been SO amazing to witness the DEEP transformational connections women make at my events and watch them evolve grow and expand on this magic caret ride of expansion throughout the years.#WorthTheInvestmentAloneRightHere


  • BONUS: Sacred Soul Sister community container post retreat to continue integrating your transformation. I'll put you rockstars in a special FB messenger thread to stay connected and offer 3 group checkin calls post retreat through the next 12 months to support you in your expansion.
COME rockstar!! Let’s Goooooo on a magic carpet ride!
Your life will never be the same after experiencing Kauai’s luscious feminine magic, enchantment and soul activation …. A SOUL opening experience I AM SO freaking blessed to be able to guide and offer women. My all time favorite place on the planet! ALL time.

Nothing compares to Kauai’s magic mystery opening …. It’s PURE magic and I can’t wait for you to experience it yourself!


Kick Your Retreat off Right With a 90 Minute Massage 

Yeah we're gonna Goddess you out rockstar, you deserve some R & R unwind, arrive and let goooo! We have some of the BEST bodyworkers and massage therapists, energy workers on island. You don't have to go anywhere Monday is hang out by the pool and get a massage ARRIVE the right way.

Cranio Sacral Dolphin Activation In The Ocean

You could also choose to experience this incredible connection with Dolphin consciousness activation a 90 minute water ocean immersion done with Jeanne Marie on THURSDAY instead of your massage. Or you could just say FUCK it I want it all and have extra bodywork done. You get 1 x 90 treatment included in the retreat your choice. Many women want to get several massages and extra bodywork sessions its sooooo gooooo! Best best healers on island. 

What Were Your Biggest Takeaways? Breakthroughs, AH HA's?

Hear from the Goddesses about their experience ... this footage is from the April 2022 Goddess Gateway retreat at Oasis Kauai Hawaii.


Rad Soulful Organic Delicious Food & Private Chef... We Got ALL the Important Things Covered

I'm a food snob, I love nourishing my body with delicious yumminess. Leea is a rockstar when it comes to stoking everyone out with home cooked goodness! We provide 2 meals per day - 1 meal is on you usually a lunch when we blast out on our daily adventures.

Some days we just stay on property too so we'll cover meals on those days. We shoot out a google form to get all of your food sensitivities, restrictions and fun quirks. Food is SO important ...  you'll love being Goddesses out so nice not to have to cook!

Meet Leea ... Pure LOVE

This rockstar Goddess will be preparing your meals and supporting on site, air port pick ups and making sure all you Goddesses are feeling rad. Heart of GOLD ... I Love this woman SOOO MUCH! I know you will too. 

  Fun Photo Shoots on Island and Right in the Waterfall Pool...

Can You See Yourself Here? 


I love doing embodiment work and branding shoots with women, the instant state change, new identity. I get so inspired by the beauty the natural beauty on the island, the colors, the hot wind, it's ALIVE n wild n FREE just like you Goddess! We have SO much fun in the pool, many of my clients still use the branding shots they did on retreat w me years later.


We have a rad location for photo shoots, if you want to dive in and unleash your creativity and let yourself have fun and capture the moment you'll be inspired too! The island attracts so many artists, musicians, healers and creatives. Let yourself indulge in creativity...  I know I do!


I've done some of my BEST work here, best selling books, transformational programs, photo's...


The island is nuclear creativity unleashed, inescapable beauty everywhere, let it unravel, unwind you and nourish your SOUL... soooo divine!

Tell Us About The Workshops ...

The Embodiment Work, Dance & Yoga, Inner Shadow Work, Manifesting Rituals, Deep Dive Into the Divine Feminine ... The Island Magic?

  • A lot of my work is about Death & Rebirth, new beginnings, explosive growth, the cycles honoring ALL the seasons processes of transformation, deep healing and celebration. They are ALL necessary.


  • Together we'll look at questions and deep dive into....


  • What is your relationship to PLEASURE? 


  • How about INTIMACY? 


  • Creativity? Intuition.... we're gonna dive into all of these topics and how OUR bodies carry the wisdom of the Goddess. If there is armoring, pain in the body, fatigue, or blocks to accessing awareness, growth and ascension really HIGH frequency of LOVE and transformation we want to go find what that is about and bring kindness care compassion and grace to those stories, armor, protective mechanisms that keep love, connection and intimacy at bay. If we can't or aren't willing to access the body's pain or emotional pain we also can't access it's fullest light. Shadow work... very powerful.


  • Healing TRAUMA & Inflammation which lives in the body and in the GUT where we RECEIVE! If you want to MANIFEST like a rockstar you're going to have to feel comfortable with being in the unknown and doing new things and the only thing you can TRUST is your intuition. So let's get you clear on how to access it ALL the time. For real...


  • TRUST ... so many women I work with have had divorces, broken heart shattering relationships or are not being MET or fully seen in relationships. When YOU SEE you - the parts of you - all parts of you then others can too. We'll do some shadow work inner child reparenting work and you will begin to SEE your outer reflections mirror this new found acceptance, deep love and devotion. Wild magic carpet ride LOVE in it's full expression with nothing to ARMOR itself against. Game changer lovers. Fucking game changer.


  • Daily YOGA, DANCE, embodiment practices ... dancing saved may life on more than one occasion.  Everything is optional if you feel like joining great, if you feel like chilling at the pool great, you wanna have 3 margaritas in the hot tub? GREAT go do that. Get coomfortable following your BLISS, get back in touch with you - with YOUR SOUL, your pleasure it will lead you everywhere you need to go and then the widest things happens... you start trusting it. Yeah.


  • Feminine ... oh the feminine, the FLOW, the ocean, the emotions, the fun, the rage, ALL of it... when we fully surrender to our feminine it's out of control its scary as fuck, she could just sleep for a week, cry her eyeballs off, be depressed - GREAT do that! Go do that FEEL IT ALL because what comes in that space of cleared out emotion is the opposite HIGH emotions you're after only you can't access them because.... because of all kinds of stories judgements and bullshit. You know what happens when we TRUST being in the feminine? When we indulge our deepest desires?


  • The masculine part of US sees us honors us and so does the masculine outside of us because we've acknowledged HER. Surrender & Trust... it was a 2 year fucking battle for me... a fucking battle to surrender, a glorious death a fucking glorious death. Come celebrate it with me and let me guide you in claiming and unleashing your RADIANCE, your divine feminine UNNAPOLOGETICALLY and burn down all the stories that keep her zipped up n locked in a box. Time to let her out lovers. It's WAY more fun being FREE and LOVING. It's the most incredible experience of my life and I can't wait to share this ENERGY, activation, healing, opening, surrender with you in safe space with soul sister in luscious paradise of mama Kauai's healing caress. 


  • Were gonna go on daily adventures dont worry nothing you need like hiking boots for, no not like that kind of adventure. The spiritual kind, a ceremony on the my fav beach, as many of my fav beaches as wen fit into 7 days... I love the water here the color of my toe nails in the green water with the mountains in front of me and the hot wind and the sounds of the birds and the fruit and and and and... so many things I want to share with you Goddess. Come. You won't regret it. 
  • I'll be sharing some insights on your HUMAN DESIGN chart, incredibly useful and powerful information to KNOW thyself. 


One Time Pay In Full Option


Total $5000

  • 7 days and 6 nights accommodation in paradise at Oasis retreat house North shore Kauai Jan 29th - Feb 4th 2023
  • PAY IN FULL is a great way to get first dibs on your selection of the rooms.
  • 1 x 90 massage upon arrival we kick off Monday with massages for you Goddesses.. yeahhhh. Or choose a craniotomy sacral dolphin touch 90 minute activation done IN THE OCEAN pure magic. 
  • 2 meals per day, private chef, nourishing organic yumminess  
  • Daily workshops, fitness yoga dance embodiment, spiritual vortex activations, fav beaches, daily adventures on island.
  • Pick up and drop off at the airport, daily transport during your stay when we go on our adventures on island.
  • Access to the waterfall pool, jacuzzi, tiki pool bar for lounging & relaxing. We're gonna have a GOOOD time!
  • BONUS: Sacred Soul Sister community & follow up after the retreat to continue integrating your transformation.

Non Refundable Deposit


Total $5000

  • Reserve your space for this retreat.
  • Full payment is due by Jan 13th 2023
  • Get access to all of the same amenities & activities this just secures your spot.
  • I understand the room selection is done on a first come first serve basis with pay in full members getting first dibs on the rooms.
YES! I Wanna Come Pls Reserve My Spot With A Non Refundable Deposit!

You Ready Goddess? Got some Questions ... Obviously you do a retreat is a very personal experience... Check Out the Stories Here ...


Fun Shots n Videos Of the Retreat House, Kauai Adventures, Dancing & Fun Shenanigans: Tap this LINK to Watch


Catch a livestream in the FB Group here I did it on the frequency of LOVE in it's NUCLEAR expression #MagicCarpetRideForLife ... Life in the fast lane ...ALL kinds of fun manifestations taking place in my life #FREQUENCY I shot it at the airport... you'll catch the vibe that's the whole point right? Right. Tap HERE to watch


Catch a recent livestream I did from the Pool in LA about ALL the things ... Human Design, Raising Your Frequency, Healing, Manifesting... kind of embarrassing I thought it was going live in the FB group but no it went live everywhere ll it's fun: Tap HERE to watch


Then Send me a DM and Let's Chat. See if you're a right fit for this retreat 


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