Welcome Soul Sister...

A Community and Safe Space Online Container  ( Check out the GOLD & VIP Access Below) for Awakening Women to DO the Scary Things... Aligned Business Growth & Expansion, Radical Reinvention, Awakening & Ascension Of Consciousness, Claim & OWN Your Unique GIFTS & Wisdom Unapologetically, Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow On YOUR TERMS!

Where Harmony, Peace, Compassion & Creative Self Expression MEET in Vibrant Radiance & Wholeness. 

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Are You Ready To Share Your Story & Launch a Movement?

A SOUL Sister Ready To Shine Your Truth & Light Into the World, Live Your Purpose & Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow WITHOUT abandoning Your Feminine Radiance, Flow & Creative Self Expression?

  • You'r ready for Growth & Expansion WITHOUT compromising your health, peace & inner KNOWING
  • ¬†You're looking for a safe space of support & guidance to start or grow an existing business and up level your skill sets
  • You're ready to dial in a sales attraction system, marketing & offers that work and that really LIGHT you up and are SIMPLE to start generating sales with or radically reinvent the current business you've got
  • MORE peaceful profits, less hustle ... this is the mantra!¬†
  • You want to collaborate in a community of conscious women WITHOUT competition
  • You're ready to Take Your Power Back NOW as a conscious creator & manifest some RAD intentions in the world!
  • You're looking to impact others with your TRUTH, wisdom, creativity and inspiration, healing & transformation.
  • You're ready to breakthrough all the dang visibility blocks, fear, shame and unworthiness that holds you back from doing the scary things.
This is EXACTLY What I Need!

Welcome Soul Sister...

A Community and 90 Day Online Container For Awakening Women to DO the Scary Things... Aligned Business Growth & Expansion, Radical Reinvention, Awakening & Ascension Of Consciousness, Claim & OWN Your Unique GIFTS & Wisdom Unapologetically, Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow On YOUR TERMS!

Where Harmony, Peace, Compassion & Creative Self Expression MEET in Vibrant Radiance & Wholeness. 

Are You Ready To Share Your Story & Launch a MovementSoul Sister!?

Ready To Shine Your Truth & Light Into the World, Live Your Purpose & Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow WITHOUT abandoning Your Feminine Radiance, Flow & Creative Self Expression?

  • You'r ready for Growth & Expansion WITHOUT compromising your health, peace & inner KNOWING
  • ¬†You're looking for a safe space of support & guidance to start or grow an existing business and up level your skill sets
  • You want to collaborate in a community of conscious women WITHOUT competition
  • You're ready to Take Your Power Back NOW as a conscious creator & manifest some RAD SHIT in the world!
  • You're looking to impact others with your TRUTH, wisdom, creativity and inspiration.
  • You're ready to breakthrough all the dang visibility blocks, fear, shame and unworthiness that holds you back from doing the scary things.
This is EXACTLY What I Need!

Master Your Mindset & Build an Unshakable Foundation For Your Business Success & Growth & Expansion

The laws that govern reality don't change. The trick to success and explosive growth is uncovering the mechanisms that drive your self doubt, overwhelm, fear, and ultimately your action or inaction.  What is behind the visibility blocks?

Uncovering what limiting beliefs are under the hood, what trauma, what ancestral karma lurks in the shadows, how that prevents you from taking ACTION in the world and how to lovingly close these energy leaks is ONE of my many specialties. Helping women overcome FEAR & THRIVE is the cornerstone upon which I built my empire. Reinventing yourself, new beginnings, taking action in the unknown... all scary things!

All visibility blocks, lack of clarity, not owning your worth... all this stems from unconscious patterning and old trauma in the body / mind that needs to be cleared, heal n deal so you can formulate your NOW vision for success and back it up NEW FOUND confidence to take CREATIVE action in the unknown.

It ALL starts with your mindset lover! Let's build a ROCK solid foundation for explosive growth & expansion together!

I AM WILDLY WORTHY!  OWN Your SUPER POWERS, Gifts, Feminine Radiance & INTUITION. Unapologetically.

Risking being VULNERABLE, sharing your story, turning your lemons into lemonade is what MOVEMENTS are made of. Still totally scary, every turn around your brand has a new story, a new level of depth and sharing the STORY is what allows us to CONNECT & inspire an ideal audience. 

Breaking through visibility blocks, going after a NEW goal, can feel terrifying. 

AND it brings up ALL of that stuff, the attachment wounds, the failures, the self doubt, the "who am I" to call myself an expert in this area. 

The INITIATION journey, the DEEP inner KNOWING & calling that calls you forward and at the same time scares the SHIT out of you. 

Guess what, learning new technology, setting up your social media, launching a YouTube channel or a podcast or a website ... all New tech can be really scary and overwhelming too.

I love supporting women who are willing to learn new things. AND KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Ask me anything ... I'm happy to share with you perspectives, strategies, healing, mindset & confidence growth hacks, funnels, sales, marketing tips & tricks that have made my clients millions.

I am a GIFTED linguist, story teller, healer & SALES Queen all wrapped up into one.

I love showing women how to turn their lemons into lemonade and radically reinvent their lives. I LOVE supporting women to build STRONG foundations, grow big businesses, grow their consciousness and EXPAND from the ground up!

Start BEGIN, there is MAGIC in new beginnings!

Find Support, Get Your Most Pressing Questions Answered & Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cashflow


You've got to feel REALLY REALLY good about yourself and your programs and service offerings if you're going to get out there and market them for sale.

Confidence, the inner self esteem, this is where the rubber meets the road right here. There's healing involved, mindset mastery and then the follow through on an action plan. That's how it's done. The confidence comes from the DOING not the thinking about doing. This and REALLY honoring your intuition!

We'll work together on online and offline strategies starting with the skills you have and up-leveling from there. 

Grow an existing business or start a whole new one. Find support, inspiration, clarity and guidance on your journey with your SOUL SISTERS!

You don't need a website to start, you don't need to be some big guru or even have a big email list. You need the willingness to show up where you are at, be coachable and ready to implement. 

Do it scared but you don't have to do it alone. I've helped thousands of women JUST LIKE YOU ... start!

You'll meet AMAZING women in my programs, women you will be so happy to consider SOUL SISTERS for life!

And that is simply not something you can ever put a price tag on.

If You're READY For BIG Breakthroughs,

You're In the Right Place!

With over 15 years mentoring women business owners I've developed an uncanny set of mastered skills... one of them is the ability to laser in from a perspective of things "I've been there n done that" angle to help you make sure you make it to the top of the mountain in the shortest amount of time without getting stuck on a ledge in the middle of the night without enough water food or right gear for the terrain.

You want to build a funnel that generates sales while you sleep?

You want to fill your transformational retreats?

You want to speak on stages, launch a podcast, fill your mastermind?

Skyrocket Your Confidence & Cash Flow Let's GO!

I'm a Capricorn, we love climbing mountains! Entrepreneurship is like climbing mountains. TONS of different ways to get the the top.

Which way up will be most enjoyable for you, delightful, and easy for you?

What are your natural TALENTS & GIFTS and how can we apply that to a UNIQUE marketing & sales strategy for you in your business, one that WON'T burn you out, one that WILL ALLOW YOU TO SHINE your authentic gifts & story & wisdom for others to see.

That's the WISDOM I am here to impart with you AT THIS stage of the game of life.

You're a Rockstar & GENIUS at certain things, we all are. Isn't it time you OWNWED IT?

I love sharing my RADICAL intuition with women. It's unearthed old patterns, blocks around deep seated worthiness issues, helped women STEP out and try NEW THINGS build their confidence and resulted in millions of dollars of sales for my clients who develop a newfound SOLID foundation in their mindset, beliefs & ability to take action in the UNKNOWN. 

You ready Rockstar? Let's GOOOOO!!! 


Biz Coach

My whole business has completely changed, before working with you I was working 50 hours a week, too many one on ones, launching every month I was earning good money but to the expense of my sanity. I hated my business and I hated my life.

I was in a miserable marriage I mean everything has changed. Everything has changed for me EVERYTHING.
So far this month we've closed $28,597 in business ( and it's only the 7th of the month). Oh and I've been on vacation with my kids.... going for 60k this month.


Soul Activation & Alignment Coach 

Now after a year out of the program I have manifested a house with 5 acres of property for my company's retreats and my own joy.

I have manifested recurring revenue and clients that are incredible.
I have now been on several high end podcasts and hosted my first retreat... manifested the partner of my dreams and it doesn't stop there.
I am getting into my power more every day, your programs projected and quantum leaped me into the highest timelines. I truly wish I could have the words to thank you and your team for changing my life.
I would not be where I am today if I took that money and invested in college instead of joining your programs. Thank you for what you have created! 


Nim Stant

Global Influencer & Speaker, Former Yoga Teacher

I just wanted to thank you for teaching us all that we can all be successful. 

Without attending your program seriously I would not do what I am now doing. It is so life changing, I hope you keep going and keep doing what you do! We love you Vanessa.
I am now hosting my own television show and interviews on ABC television, launched my brand in a big way and empowering my clients to be visible with their own books and speaking events.

When You Are Cut Off From Your Creativity You Are Also Cut Off From Your INTUITION


Have you ever felt like you COULDN'T Indulge in creative pursuits because... well it just doesn't make you money... it's not productive... I can't because I have to work!!


A lot of the success I have empowered women with is the ability to EMBODY, CLIAM & UNLEASH their creative self expression. Weather it is on social media, on podcast or video, on stages or retreats it doesn't really matter.


What matters is that your creativity is a HIGH frequency, a channel for feminine power and ALSO the very first thing that goes out the window when women are too stressed out, hustling or not honoring their rhythms. That's WHY it's critical to PLAY to create space for FUN, vacations, simple pleasure the NOT business stuff! Kind of a weird paradox right?


Your business in physical expression IS your creative expression. Do you like where it's at? Do you like how it FEELS? If not, we have some work to do.


All of the ways we were NOT allowed to express ourselves, weren't allowed to PLAY, grew up too quickly, had to care take addicts, had to prove ourselves worthy of love or perform for love and belonging, people please and abandon self to fit in,  ways it wasn't safe to be fully embodied in your feminine essence, wasn't safe to EXPRESS or be seen and heard, or not respected, or taken advantage of or betrayed... all of these are clues to where we dive in and do the inner work because your success in business is directly related to your creative output and expression.




In the online coaching / expert / leadership world people need to see,  feel & understand that you have been to the burning BUSH that you GET their journey in order to feel safe to INVEST in your guidance & gifts.


Doing the inner work to express our truth, OPENS up our creative POWER of self expression, our truth, connects us to beauty, activates our manifesting mojo, the divine and especially our INTUITION!


When we are CREATIVE we open up RADICAL channels of very HIGH frequency.


Unmatched HIGH vibe frequency that says ... hey I feel so rad so connected so SAFE I am here to ENJOY & CREATE.


And then this "law of attraction" kicks in and matches that high frequency. It's a magic carpet ride!

Your INTUITION Is A Super Power & The Divine Guidance That Will Take You EVERYWHERE You Want to Go!



After people experience failure, a failed relationship, a divorce, a trauma, a big life change, an abrupt ending ... we can feel chaotic, filled with self doubt and untrusting our best efforts WON'T lead to more failure and pain in the future.


A lot of my work in the last 15 years has been focused on helping women take their power back NOW, overcome FEAR & THRIVE.


It starts with healing the energy leaks within the self, healing shame, the ways we unknowingly sabotage ourselves to stay SAFE, the dissociated and fragmented parts of the self that are in protection mode, the parts of ourselves that are caught up on toxic shame, self doubt and want to hide. Yeah those parts we love into wholeness. 


The feminine part of us is a BEINGESS, a flow, and a DEEP KNOWING wisdom.


The masculine part of us is the discernment, the presence, the actual CREATIVE ACTION. 


We need BOTH in balance. Harmony between the being the knowing and the doing. Not abandoning or over functioning in one or the other.


Balance and Harmony


Those are like the themes words for the rest of my creative career.


I can tell you that WOMEN who honor their intuition are unstoppable forces of Nature. Unfuckwithable. Force of Nature.


Yes, this is the POWER. Make no mistake. When we trust and surrender to it, take action on it you will go on a magic carpet ride! You'll manifest the most outrageous freaking things. Money pfff who cares will be just ONE of the amazing things you can create!


Who you become in the process, the level of self confidence you regain or BIRTH for the first time, the CELEBRATIONS you get to enjoy from stepping outside your comfort zone and achieving a long standing goal to fruition... WHO YOU BECOME in that process... priceless!

Let's Talk About MONEY & IMPACT...


You know what my BIGGEST win is after 15 years as an online coach, Womens empowerment leader? It's not the money.


12 million in sales, turning more house wives into millionaires than I can count on my hands and toes so what, it's not the money.


Guess again...


It's following a client after 8 years or 6 years or 10 years after STARTING starting in one of my programs and ...


  • Celebrating their NEW best selling book launch,


  • Celebrating their new ABC television show platform,


  • Celebrating find love again after heartbreak, getting engaged or married or in a brand new relationship because they developed a NEW relationship with themselves


  • Celebrate them running their own highly impactful live events for the first time,


  • Celebrating buying the new house,


  • Celabrating taking their family on an outrageous all expense paid trip to Italy,


  • Celebrating women who meet in my programs become best friends and launch a successful business together,


  • Celebrating women who find such kindred spirited friends they continue to ¬†meet up at the beach for shits n giggles ...


  • the LIFE CHANGING thank you letters, notes and emails over a decade a freaking decade... of doing this work, NEVER GETS OLD! Never!


Celebrating Women's Big Breakthroughs!


The IMPACT the legacy of seeing what your work has EXPANDED and TRANSFORMED & INSPIRED in the lives of others....


What living your purpose, stepping out of your comfort zone and STARTING actually brings back to you in TRANSFORMATION ... that my friend is just freaking priceless.




I hope it is something everyone who feels the call gets to experience. The initiation, the trials, the pitfalls the failures... ppppffttt all part of the game.


But that is what makes it all worth it. You will have all kinds of trials and shit falls pitfalls divorces, tragedies, loss, grief in your life and maybe just maybe you having the BALLS to share your STORY and it helps someone.


Who you become along the way, who you inspire and transform & impact, priceless.


Because here's the truth.


Making money gets boring.


It does.


There is really no amount that one can satisfy. Don't fall into the trap of more is better. It's not.


It's how really satisfied, connected and harmonious peaceful your life is, are you living in alignment with your values, do you feel like you have INTEGRITY with yourself.


Are you happy with your life, with your own EVOLUTION?


Helping others brings so much fulfillment. Celebrating others achievements, icing on top of the cake.


I love carrot cake by the way. I could eat it every day of my life. And when I eat it, I ALWAYS eat it with icing!


Let me tell you something else about MONEY.


It is an exchange of value that comes flying into your life at warp speed when you TRANSFORM your level of SELF WORTH & deservingness.


Many many of my clients have noticed not only their bank accounts grow but also their ability to RECEIVE more love in their lives because they learnt how to finally love themselves. It's totally radical. Totally true.


So if you wanna make more money, learn to love yourself. It's everything... AND you deserve it!


I can help. 

Fuck What is "Realistic" There is NOTHING Realistic About Your Dreams & Purpose... That's Why They Call it A DREAM!


I never let anyone tell me I can't do something. Lord help whomever it is that puts a cap on me or doubts my ability. I have discovered I can DO ANYTHING I set my mind to. ANYTHING. ok


That's it. The end. There's no more to say about that. I know that already. I also get bored really easily. Life, love & business is one never ending adventure.


I've been challenging life since the day I was born. Really. My first big adventure was in my 20's. I took off to teach English in Japan solo for a year and a half and ended up back packing around south east Asia and living in a beach hut bungalow doing Yoga before breakfast for 3 hours everyday with a guy that looks like Osama Bin Laden.


Massive spiritual awakening. I've had 2 more since then. I might look YOUNG but I'm 45 years WISE. And I'm a Capricorn the DEEPEST, most enduring stubborn as FUCK sign out there. I can pick out another Capricorn in a room in a heartbeat. Great heights don't scare us, shallow living well thats just like hell.


Anyways ... my TEST on that trip in my 20's was that if I had FAITH in the day or in the Universe, that it would take me everywhere I needed to go, to become who I was supposed to become. I had my backpack and my intuition and GOD.


No other plans. THAT was the test, every day just me and GOD. A real test ok.


I mean who does that in their 20's? What kind of parents let their 20 year old kid take off by themselves on an adventure like that? I mean really think about that. But then again, they knew they couldn't stop me! HA! I was WILD. I am still wild & FREE in my SOUL.


It's ALL About FREEDOM ... Inner and Outer FREEDOM


Never let anyone or anything take that POWER away from you. Ever!


You got GOD or SOURCE or spirit whatever you want to call that on your side nothing can stop you. Maybe death but I don't think our soul ever really dies so.... think about that. Death always puts things into radical perspective for me.


My father died when I was 28 years old. I thought to myself... shit man I am 33 half the age he was when he passed at 66 and I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED living my purpose WTF!


That got me STARTED investing in myself, learning, taking risks, betting on myself and surrendering to my purpose.


I started my coaching career and had invested $26,000 on ALL kinds of courses and programs and expensive websitesLthat never brought me sales I MADE ALL kinds of mistakes, burp I mean experienced ways NOT to do things because let's be real failure is a lesson success is that same lesson applied.


LEARNING without earning mode I was there for YEARS, without ever returning a DIME in real profits when I first launched my business so I know ALL about it!


NOW at that point I could have given up.


Anybody would have sided with me that this entire on-line coaching industry is a big waste of time and money.


But I continued, I figured some things out and I didn't give up.


Then I just taught a bunch of really inspired women what I discovered and made it rain 12 million dollars along the way CELEBRATING supporting women taking in their power back NOW overcoming fear & THRIVING together!


Good thing I didn't quit right?


Good thing I didn't let perfectionism, self doubt or comparison take me out of living my purpose & inspiring thousands of women along the way.


The truth is we are often just ONE idea, one decision, one nugget of wisdom, one piece of clarity & action step away from really seeing everything come together BETTER than we thought possible!


That's why the MINDSET developing a SOLID foundation is SO freaking important to success in anything.


Failure is a Lesson, Success is a Lesson Applied. Remember That!


DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. Don't listen to the silly naysayers. Don't even listen to your own self doubt & fear. Take Your Power BACK NOW! 


That's being a VISIONARY leader, it's going after a vision only you can see and feel sometimes and it doesn't make sense to other people you just KNOW it in your bones.


I remember meeting this dude in Thailand that was 26 at the time traveling around the world with a tiny computer with 6 of his best friends just having the time of their lives.


AND I was CONVINCED this guy was part of the CIA because we just didn't have little tiny pocket computers back then in 2001. But this guy did.


His name was Peter Woodford. That guy changed my life forever!


I decided right then and there I was going to have one of these online businesses and galavant around the world living life on my own terms FREE.


Best dang decision I ever made.


It's been 25 years and I'm STILL loving my freedom as an entrepreneur.


Still impacting others, still believing in myself, still sharing that INSPIRATION with other rockstars & love leaders who BET on themselves, invest in themselves and take FLYING leaps of courage into the UNKNOWN & transform their lives & the lives of others along the way too :)


Why not you?


YOU NEVER KNOW WHO'S Life you are goin to change, who's life you are going to INSPIRE with your story and courage and bravery. Your story of what you've overcome, learnt from and are feeling called to share & inspire others with.


Don't ever let anyone, any naysayer, any doubt, any drama or trauma, FEAR or unworthiness, failure, AGE limit OR FEELING even steal your DREAMS!


Not what the government is up to, or the media, or your family or friends, I don't care WHO it is! Take Your Power Back NOW and go live your dreams!


The truth is we ALL get to DECIDE how we want to really live our lives while we are here.


Yeah you might go through a few shit storms. Shit makes for really really really GREAT manure for growing BIG ASS flowers.


BIG ASS FLOWERS come from LOTS and lots of SHIT! I love growing BIG flowers. I really do.


So if you find yourself in a shit storm guess what?


You've GOT What it Takes!


The end, and the beginning. 


I nearly died in a hotel room from a drunken shit storm toxic relationship gone south over a decade ago. I decided after 5 years of hanging onto that shame and that story to take a RISK and start sharing it.


Turned into a #1 Best Selling Book & global Womens empowerment movement. Who knew?!


I also remember back in 2016  my very first business manager I hired her to come to my house to teach me google docs like I'm a 2 year old "show me what to click" because I didn't understand the new technology.


I learn new things and I learnt how to ask for HELP everyday & RECEIVE IT.


So she would come over every Tuesday for 4 hours and teach me, like a 2 year old. So humbling.


She said to me "Vanessa you'll NEVER make 100k a month, your website has a bunch of broken links your book is FILLED with typing errors and grammar errors".


Well guess what.


My company and my amazing team DID hit 100k per month, and 200k per month and then 300k per month and then 400k per month.


I left the spelling mistakes in the book just as a FUCK YOU. I'm still great friends with this woman by the way. Love her dearly.


Point is...


Don't ever tell me I can't do it. Just don't. And BEING perfect has NOTHING to do with success.


Be willing to get in the game with all your mess and imperfection and take action anyways!


That's how you learn & build confidence and NO ONE can EVER take that away from you. Your own dang EXPERIENCE & growth.




Now I've learnt some things along the way about life, love & business and I STILL wouldn't do anything differently.


I don't regret any of the shit storms I've lived through and guess what... I'm also not afraid of sharing THE STORIES and inspiring people with what I have experienced.


I love supporting BRAVE & COURAGEOUS women who are READY to bet on themselves and LEARN NEW THINGS!


Sometimes we JUST need to remember who the heck we really ARE and what we are here to DO & BE in this world. Take our power back NOW, then we get to shine the light for others.


Living your dreams, impacting others transforming lives and rocking your SOUL purpose ...I don't think there is a bigger high in life than that. 


Oh and none of it by the way is convenient, totally worth it but never convenient.


And none of it is ever "realistic". That's why they call it a dream.

Claim Unleash & Embody Your Divine Feminine.

Let's Go Goddess!

After I got divorced and went through another relatationship right afterwards I noticed I just wasn't willing to compromise my needs anymore. My needs or requirements for intimacy, adventure, sensuality, touch, CREATIVITY, peace, rest, SPACE, nurturance, nature ... the divine on a more SOUL nourishing and authentic level.


And so I just said FUCK it, I'm going to SURRENDER to that now and everyone else can bite me if they don't like it.


I make it sound easy but it really wasn't easy feeling like if I CHOSE myself I was letting everyone else down.


I wanted to be FREE to express my creativity and NOT have to manage a HUGE monstrous team of 30 people and a $200,000 a month running cost to do business. Sure I could do it, but I didn't want to anymore.


Let me tell you something about making millions of dollars because I can, I've been there I did it ok.


It's like you are a fish climbing a tree. You've never been in that environment before so you trust people to guide you. Turns out the #1 you need to TRUST above anything or anyone else is your INTUITION. 


It saved my life. And so I took my power back now 7.0! Nope not interested in paying $4500 for a designer I'll learn Kajabi and re-structure my entire company the way I want to and offer self study courses with systems that sell my RAD life changing content while I sleep.


Steep fucking learning curve AND I keep my creativity. Never going to outsource that no matter WHAT the fucking GURU's or CFO's say.


I wasn't going backwards I was going forwards into a really scary new territory called the unknown.


Every round of EVOLUTION requires we enter the unknown... and get comfortable in the uncomfortable and TRY NEW THINGS!


I really liked this NEXT EVOLUTION of me. I didn't care if people didn't like me. I cared if I liked me.


The end and the beginning of an epic inner adventure to real peace and freedom which I discovered is priceless.


I began doing the creative photoshoots I loved, I began leading Women's retreats on claiming unleashing and embodying the divine feminine in Hawaii & mount Shasta California and living life on my OWN terms. #NextEvolutionOfYou


Your BODY has incredible WISDOM to share with you. Your body is a gateway ... if you can tune in and honor what it has to share with you.


My body was screaming for rest, creativity and peace. Those NEW standards I set for myself well, that meant everything else had to TRANSFORM.


I let my creativity ROAR, let it out of the teeny tiny box it was in. No more of that folks.


I really enjoyed CREATING this sales page because it's MY DESIGNS, my photos and images and words and expression. It took me 4 years because I honored my own rythms and cycles and peace, harmony and balance.




I began PLAYING again and I began inviting women into a safe space to heal, surrender honor themselves and EXPRESS their creativity, their pain and suffering and fear and and and ALL of their desires, of the the yearning and hopes and dreams as well.


I began RISKING actual intimacy everyday with everyone.


The good girl pffff went right out the window and it wasn't just the good girl it was the "socially accepted" parts of me that repressed negated and denied my sensuality, shamanistic nature witchy woman and uber creative essence. Bye Felisha!


I stopped growing food in my garden because of the "end of the world fear propaganda" and started ONLY GROWING what I loved, FLOWERS... lots and lots of flowers. That's it. Beauty everywhere around me.


I came to discover the process of INDIVIDUATION or maturation of the SOUL Carl Jung's work connected to archetypes and dream analysis the PULLING back and maturing of the projections of mother father onto the external world OUT there.


It is something every adult goes through in mid life the midlife crisis but my theories and conversations with women proved something different, everyone was going through this individuation process because of the separation we all endured through the pandemic.


It kicked off an initiation a mass collective midlife crisis. These are the 3 stages of initiation. The separation, liminal in between stage and finally integration rebirth where we are all at post pandemic creating this new earth, doing what we love, being the frequency of love & joy, ease & grace. Not the doom n gloom we seen the media. Fuck that noise!


My initiation journey became about embracing and embodying integrating and LOVING all parts of myself with more compassion care grace and kindness than I ever knew existed.


It has been a RADICAL journey of discovery, curiosity, embracing the unknown, nuclear creativity, awakening, DEPTH, peace, and pleasure beyond the patriarchal conditioning culture of HUSTLE. Fuck that noise too!


And guess what? You can have this AND run a business on your own terms that works for YOU without abandoning your needs too! If you have the courage to reinvent yourself.


I think... I think I can call myself an expert at that! HA!


Some people might not like it when you take your power back now & set new standards for yourself... BUT YOU WILL LIKE YOU!


And you will meet new people who are really aligned with your values and become part of your NEW TRIBE.


People who GET YOU and SEE YOU and HONOR you because YOU HONOR YOU!


That's how it works!


I hope every woman gets to live this and experience this wisdom and freedom within her own body and psyche and SOUL, dares to EXPRESS the truth of her SOUL.


A truly RICH and meaningful, authentic life. Only way to roll lover. Only way to roll :)

You Will Be Amazed At What The Next Evolution of YOU Looks & Feels Like

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  • Private 1-1 calls with me throughout the year on your expansive leadership, sales funnels creation, copywriting, branding, offers, launches, workshops, retreat offerings & collaborations.
  • ¬†2 x 5 day Group retreats in Mount Shasta during the year small intimate gatherings, lots of time with me to go over your strategy & sales funnels. Lots of creative fun & magical vortex adventure too!
  • Expansive Leadership Design:¬†I support your business systems, set up, funnel creation, sales team, build out your online structures or expansion, numbers to track, emails copywriting & promotions a deep dive on the SYSTEMS set up for how to create a business you love without wanting to burn it to the ground~
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I do NOT offer any free strategy calls. The Soul Sister Mastermind is by invite only. 

Your business is unique and so are you! The best way I can support you in awakening & Ascension, reaching your goals, breaking through visibility blocks, healing trauma, radically reinventing your relationship to SELF LOVE, feminine essence, know thyself to LOVE thyself, healing addictions, business growth & CREATIVE expansion, dialing in your authentic sales attraction systems is to give you the opportunity to work closely with me and get your most pressing questions answered.

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