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Perfect LOVE Drives Out Fear

Uncategorized Jun 06, 2024

This latest podcast episode I recorded called "Perfect Love Drives out Fear" ... I decided to start with a bible verse from John "There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives our fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love".

I shared this verse in a recent community call this week and the discussion that followed was so powerful I thought to share it here on a podcast. I also share some of the things I AM confronting in my own life & business and relationships where FEAR has been keeping me from taking action.

I teach about overcoming fear because I face it and confront it a lot. Doesn't mean I don't experience fear when doing new things, we all do and we are all human after all.

I also share some of the radical celebrations some of my clients are having on the inside of the soul sister mastermind and inside the take your power back now community relating to...

  • following our intuition ( it's a super power)
  • NOT getting stuck...
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What's Your Relationship With Your Father? With GOD ...

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2024

A friend of mine proposed a FAR out concept about how our relationship with our father shapes our perception of God, mirrors our relationship with God.


Been chewing on that one for a few weeks and a friend of mine sent me a reel about it last night. Too good not to share ...


My dad was an artist he loved color and the beauty in nature. Here's to you pops! This photo was taken in Maui last winter. Oh the colors of Hawaii! 


Also in this podcast episode a read from one of my fav books on how we create concepts of self, manifesting, the relationship between our subconscious and conscious mind, imagination and the recipe for conscious creation.


A goodie filled with lots to contemplate in this one!



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Thank you!


PPS: To work with me closely...

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Feeling the Most ME & The Most FREE | Accessing FLOW States of Creativity That Defy TIME | Jumping Timelines | Harmony The Gateway That OPENS us to the ALL

Uncategorized Mar 13, 2024

Good morning lovers,


How do we open the floodgates on creativity and reflections on the gateway to FLOW states, the times in our lives that defy TIME where everything gets done... you know what I'm talking about. 


Yesterday was an electrifying day I am still chewing on…. the mechanism of taking ourselves like a BOW pulling it back to LAUNCH forth with precision, accuracy as a force of nature.


Whether it be with your business, or with love or with creativity or even simply just getting things done.


To LAUNCH forth as a force of nature.


Think about that.


What IS that?


Where does it come from?


How can we access it consistently?


I experienced something WILD the other day skiing. Athletes break the mile under a minute, extreme athletes defy what’s possible all the time.


HOW do they do that?! 


In this podcast episode I explore HARMONY, the integration of the feminine & masculine...

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Death & New Beginnings | Birthing New Bodies of Work Or Self Expression | The Paradox of Strength & Flexibility | Reflections on DEATH & How it INSPIRES Life

Uncategorized Mar 11, 2024

Good morning lovers,


Hope you had a fantastic weekend. I had the most incredible experience on the ski hill the other day I had to capture it here in a podcast episode.


  Reflections on where strength comes from and how it allows for flexibility.


  Thoughts on how facing death opens us up to really LIVE.   


  People talk to me about death every day. It's a thing. Perhaps an uncomfortable conversation to many ... a fascination of mine.


  Women share their stories with me, it's an every day occurrence, deep transformation occurs when we can turn the pain into purpose ... they write books, create outrageously authentic movements, transformational courses. It starts when something ENDS.





PS: If you feel inspired by my podcast, pls do give it a like, leave a review and share it with someone who might need a little inspiration. Pass this blog post...

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What to do With an OLD Story? Tell it, Alchemize it, Transform it... BUT FIRST You Gotta GET it OUT of the BODY So You Can Transform it!

Uncategorized Mar 01, 2024

I had this post on my website for a while ... about a year. It's real n raw and I love it. So I wanted to save it as like a benchmark so I'm posting it here on the blog. 

How Did You Become A Women's Empowerment Leader,  Transformational Healer, Spiritual Mentor & Artist? 

That's a long ass answer, involving NOVELS not just chapters.

I started Take Your  Power Back NOW because I never wanted anther woman to suffer in a lousy relationship or job because of FEAR or MONEY... because that's WHY THEY STAY, that's why women settle.

I do what I do so that women  can make their own money and then be in relationship because of CHOICE and not FEAR.

That's WHY I started my company. 

I too was once stuck in a bad relationship ... one that nearly killed me in a hotel room one night. I sat on that story for 5 years... why? Because I didn't want to deal with sharing the shame about addiction, my crazy ass childhood filled with emotional abuse, mental illness,...

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The Soft Feminine Blossoms & Expresses & Expands in Safety. We Get to Protect and Create That Space Within Ourselves.

Being feminine, expressing the Goddess within, allowing the soft parts of ourselves to be seen, risking vulnerability and intimacy, having the courage to share our feelings with others happens in safety.

I love this picture with the horse. I liken it to having a soft pink tether to my inner masculine, the black horse the symbolizing power.

The horse is happy to be there his ears are perked up and the feminine me is smiling and radiant happy to be there too. What a beautiful merging when both feminine and masculine parts of ourselves are honored, CLAIMED, seen and cherished... for their individuality, strengths and gifts.

Man did I ever bomb fail at that one far too many times than I can remember. Creating safety within myself has been war, a battle that went on for years. No judgement just the truth.

I discovered this maturation & individuation, the harmony and balance and re-integration, rebirth, re-emergence doesn't happen in stress.

In my own inner journey of awakening,...

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Healing Addictions & Emotional Incest ... The Emergence of YOUR SOUL

healing Sep 29, 2023
Take Your Power Back Now LLC
Healing Addictions & Emotional Incest ... The Emergence of YOUR SOUL

Big TOPIC here... becoming a surrogate parent within your family system as a child can leave lasting damage & rupture... and it's VERY very common. Emotional incest is abuse. How do we heal & integrate the fragmented parts of self to wholeness and the parts of ourselves we abandon in order to survive a highly dysfunctional family system? 

If we don't integrate these parts they just play out in repeating cycles in ALL of your relationships. My awakening I see as reflections everywhere and in everyone all the time, no separation anymore. 

My healing journey to awakening... this is what I share with you here in this audio. 

Healing toxic masculine shield, creating solid boundaries, meeting your own needs, finding the courage to set new standards and move into serenity, the death of the old to birth the new, shadow work, healing the contradicting PARTS we disassociate and repress, how to INTEGRATE these parts within the self, balancing masculine & feminine...

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Toxic Shame & Your Visibility

Ever wonder WHY some coaches take off like a freaking rocket ship while YOU’RE still plugging along taking courses and watching YOUTUBE video’s and reading ALL the books doing all this MANIFESTING stuff but STILL not putting your work out into the world in a big way?




Let’s talk about where it comes from, how to heal it and how it is affecting your ability to be visible, share your story and inspire others with your radical gifts and purpose based movement.


But FIRST a vulnerable share. 


I TOO have experienced toxic shame. YUP. You can be a baller make millions and STILLL uncover another layer of the onion to peel back, own and transmute. 


My healing journey has taught me that you can manifest all you want but unless you work on sitting with the PAIN of trauma, facing it, understanding it, where it comes from and what its here to GIFT you with and integrate it… you will:



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Stuck With Your Marketing? Unleash Your Authenticity With THIS...

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2022

What if I told you that YOU being correct with your energy is all that you needed to rock out ANY marketing… for ANYTHING, any niche, any program?

Here’s the deal… WHEN YOU CAN SEE YOU… ALL of you then others can too. Imagine what that can do for your relationships and business? To BE Seen authentically for who and what you truly are your unique talents and gifts… your super powers, your purpose EMBODIED. When YOUR MARKETING is simply YOU being YOU… the end.

THROW ALL YOUR COURSES AWAY… you don’t need them. Most of them are designed to teach you things that work for other people but not specific to who YOU are and HOW YOU operate and digest, transmute energy and information best.

Are YOU READY to find out how you operate? It’s like getting the road map to your absolutely favorite most exquisite beach.

For a limited time while I have availability I am offering and inviting you to book a one on one 90 minute human design...

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